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At one time, encyclopedias were venerated as ultimate sources of knowledge. People saw the value in investing in these massive multi-volume sets, ordered through the post or from a door-to-door salesman, and they enjoyed the convenience and status of having a reference section in the comfort of their living room. Acquiring an encyclopedia was a commitment to education and learning. 

These days, we have an overload of information at our fingertips. Certainly, with Pinterest and Instagram and blogs, there is no shortage of visual inspiration for creatives. But as makers, we appreciate—we yearn—for the tangible. And we crave high-quality content that is lovingly curated instead of coming to us in random or algorithmic bits. 

Coveting, owning and holding a beautiful and informative ink-on-paper inspiring tome… now that’s something that can’t be experienced virtually! 

Since 2016, UPPERCASE has produced 11 gorgeous volumes, totalling 4,800 pages.

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Released in 2023

Volume R: Rag & Pulp

$65.00 CAD

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The 11th volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration is Rag & Pulp.

For artists, crafters, designers and writers, paper is integral to everything we make—it serves as the foundation of our ideas. It's the substrate upon which our thoughts and talents are made visible. But paper is also a means of expression in itself: unique papers are made by hand with innovative and natural materials, artistic techniques like marbling paint its surface, manipulation creates texture and sculptural forms, and through manual and mechanical processes, designers create decorative papers and wallpapers that bring pattern to our daily lives.

Through beautiful imagery and inspiring stories and interviews, Rag & Pulp explores the diversity of contemporary papermakers, manufacturers and artists, all of whom use and elevate paper from a blank white sheet into something uniquely marvellous and expressive.

448 pages, 42 profiles of people, companies and products amply illustrated through photographs of the artist or company's creative process, details of equipment and techniques, studios and workspaces, and photographs of finished products. June 2023.

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Reprint: November 2023

Volume E: Ephemera

A beloved volume is back!

Reprinted October 2023


Ephemera is Volume E in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration. This 448-page book features gorgeous and inspiring collections of vintage ephemera along with profiles of 30 creatives who make art and business through their collections. Collage artists, illustrators, type designers, graphic designers, creative entrepreneurs and more! It has a dust jacket that can be folded to reveal one of four designs. Or you can use the dust jacket as gift wrap, collage or for another creative project. 

$70.00 CAD

Another volume is in progress!

Volume N: Notions

$65.00 CAD

This is a preorder—the book will be released and delivered in 2024. 

Print production in August 2024 and shipping in September. Details and updates are communicated in my weekly newsletter. Thank you for your support and patience.

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The 12th volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration is Notions.

Notions will celebrate the remarkable, practical and nostalgic tools and accessories of sewing. With sewing stories and miscellany from textile artists, fabric designers, quilt pattern makers, quilt shop owners, haberdashers, inventors and entrepreneurs, Volume N in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration will be an entertaining and illuminating A to Z of sewing miscellany.

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The ethos of the Encyclopedia of Inspiration series is that all volumes are of interest to creative and curious people—we are multi-passionate and find inspiration in all variety of topics, artistic mediums and creative expressions. It is precisely this diversity of topics, eclectic content and interesting juxtapositions that make the series so inspiring! You'll definitely want them all in your creative library!


Books in the Encyclopedia of Inspiration are beautifully printed in Canada on 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock (interior pages). They come with a bellyband and a dust jacket that can be folded to reveal one of four different designs—a feature that has become a signature of this book series.


UPPERCASE is an independent publisher. Our books are not available in big box stores or on Amazon. We do not have a book distributor in North America and the majority of our book sales are made directly via our online shop.


When you order a book, you're supporting the many months (years, sometimes!) of work required to make these books: curating, writing, editing, designing, prepress, printing—each of these stages is a vital part of the process. Pre-ordering forthcoming books helps fund these stages along the way and ensures that the book has an appreciative audience waiting for its release. Sign up for my newsletter for information about upcoming volumes.


UPPERCASE (Janine Vangool) is known for creating quality books and magazines. The magazine has been published consistently every quarter since 2009. UPPERCASE has a proven track record of getting things done, beautifully and as promised!

Previous volumes in the Encyclopedia:

Feed Sacks (2016, reissued through Martingale 2019), Botanica (2017, reprinted 2020), Stitchillo (2017, reprinted 2021), Print/Maker (2018, reprinted October 2022), Ephemera (2019, reprinted 2023), Vintage Life (2019), Quilted (2019), Ceramics (2020), Yarn-Thread-String (2021), Art Supplies (June 2022), Rag & Pulp (June 2023).