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At one time, encyclopedias were venerated as ultimate sources of knowledge. People saw the value in investing in these massive multi-volume sets, ordered through the post or from a door-to-door salesman, and they enjoyed the convenience and status of having a reference section in the comfort of their living room. Acquiring an encyclopedia was a commitment to education and learning. 

These days, we have an overload of information at our fingertips. Certainly, with Pinterest and Instagram and blog posts and podcasts, there is no shortage of visual inspiration for creatives. But as makers, we appreciate—we yearn—for the tangible. And we crave high-quality content that is lovingly curated instead of coming to us in random or algorithmic bits. 

Coveting, owning and holding a beautiful and informative ink-on-paper inspiring tome… now that’s something that can’t be experienced virtually. 

Since 2016, UPPERCASE has produced 7 gorgeous volumes, totalling 2,992 pages.

Overwhelmed with beauty!

An overview of the first 7 volumes:


The Next 2 Volumes!


(September/October release)

Ceramics will highlight the work, studio, processes and inspirations of an interesting variety of artists who work in the field of ceramics, pottery and related creative endeavours. The book will be curated by UPPERCASE publisher Janine Vangool along with co-authors Carole Epp and Julia Krueger. 

Our focus will be on independent, working artists and we aim to present a diversity of objects, styles, backgrounds and cultures—curated with the optimistic and eclectic eye that makes UPPERCASE publications so unique. 

With profiles of 40 to 50 contemporary studio potters and ceramicists, illustrated with beautiful photography of their work and studio, Volume C: Ceramics will be a gorgeous and informative addition to your Encyclopedia of Inspiration library.


(November/December release)

So much of what we make is created by using various fibres. Knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, embroidery, rug-making, macramé and many more crafts are made possible with yarn, thread and string. 

This book gets up close and personal with fibre, telling the stories and processes from venerated traditional thread companies to individual artisans raising sheep to make their own wool. We'll look at natural fibres and how they are made, and how design plays a part in the visual appeal of fibre brands. We'll also explore innovative fibres that repurpose and recycle our valuable resources. 

Yarn-Thread-String will also highlight artists, craftspeople and creative entrepreneurs who use these fibres in unique and inspiring ways. Through this book, you'll gain a new and exciting perspective on what fibre is—and how we can use it to express our individuality, creativity and humanity.

Carole Epp

Carole Epp is a ceramic artist, curator, researcher and writer based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Known internationally through exhibitions of her work, she has also contributed to the critical writing of craft through numerous publications. Respected as a curator, she has been involved with curating and organizing a number of ceramic and craft-based exhibitions. She has travelled extensively to teach workshops and to engage with communities of craft practice internationally. In 2017 she received the Artist of the Year award from Ceramics Monthly in recognition of her years of advocating for the ceramic community through such projects as Musing About Mud and Make and Do Ceramics.

Julia Krueger

Julia Krueger maintains an active teaching, writing, curatorial and research practice grounded in material culture and craft theory. She studied art history (BA), ceramics (BFA), and Canadian art history (MA) and is currently completing a PhD at the University of Western Ontario. Julia has taught at the University of Western Ontario, Luther College, University of Regina and Alberta College of Art + Design. Her writing has been published in various exhibition catalogues and in the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan and Studio Magazine. She has co-curated the exhibitions Hansen-Ross Pottery: Pioneering Fine Craft on the Canadian Prairies; Tactile Desires: The Work of Jack Sures; and Victor Cicansky: The Gardener’s Universe.

Janine Vangool

Hi, I'm Janine—the publisher, editor and designer of UPPERCASE. My publications celebrate the process of making, the commitment to craft and the art of living creatively. My desire to create books from concept to design to production is born from my complete love of books. Holding and admiring them as objects, and writing, reading and learning—I love stepping into the worlds created within their pages. Prior to founding UPPERCASE, I worked as a freelance graphic designer for arts and culture clients. I also owned a gallery and papergoods shop, sold a line of greeting cards wholesale, handmade 10,000 books (with lots of help!), taught typography at a college level and did so many other things!


Making beautiful books and magazines is what I do. 

Every day.

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All previous books in this series were crowdfunded successfully through pre-orders and the generous support of enthusiastic readers. (UPPERCASE has the best readers in the world!) Please show your support of independent publishing by pre-ordering Ceramics and Yarn-Thread-String today.

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Books in the Encyclopedia are hefty and substantial! Ceramics is planned to be 448 pages and Yarn-Thread-String will be at least 368 pages. The estimated print run for each is 6,000 copies. With author payments, copy editing, print production, packaging, mailing and fulfillment costs, it will take approximately $90,000 Canadian to cover the costs of Ceramics and $70,000 for Yarn-Thread-String. (You'll note that this does not include the value of my time as curator, editor and designer while I work on these books for the next 10 to 12 months.) 

$160,000 Canadian is our crowdfunding goal. In order to meet that goal, I need to sell 1,230 pre-orders of the 2020 Encyclopedia Set. With your enthusiasm and help in spreading the word, I think this is attainable! Unlike a Kickstarter campaign, there is no short time limit on this crowdfunding initiative. Pre-orders for the 2020 Encyclopedia Set will remain open for your support through to the publication of the first book. 

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Books in the Encyclopedia of Inspiration are beautifully printed in Canada on 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock (interior pages). They come with a bellyband and a dust jacket that can be folded to reveal one of four different designs—a feature that has become a signature of this book series.


UPPERCASE is an independent publisher. Our books are not available in big box stores or on Amazon. We do not have a book distributor in North America and the majority of our book sales are made directly via our online shop. Pre-ordering is the best way to support this project and quickest way for you to receive the books directly from the printer when they're completed in 2020.


By pre-ordering the next 2 books, you're supporting the many months of work required to make these books: curating, writing, editing, designing, prepress, printing—each of these stages is a vital part of the process. Your pre-order helps fund these stages along the way and ensures that the book has an appreciative audience waiting for the books' release!


Janine and UPPERCASE have a great track record for creating quality books and magazines. The magazine has been published consistently every quarter since 2009. The first seven Encyclopedia volumes were all completed and delivered as scheduled. UPPERCASE has a proven track record of getting things done, beautifully and as promised!


The ethos of the Encyclopedia of Inspiration series is that all volumes are of interest to creative and curious people—we are multi-passionate and find inspiration in all variety of topics, artistic mediums and creative expressions. It is precisely this diversity of topics, eclectic content and interesting juxtapositions that make the series so inspiring! You'll definitely want them all in your creative library!

Individual books will be available for pre-order closer to their release. For now, the focus is on the pre-order of the 2020 Encyclopedia Set of Ceramics and Yarn-Thread-String, funded together. Thank you.

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