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The fifth edition of the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide, will be published inside UPPERCASE issue #57 (April-May-June 2023) and will feature the best in up-and-coming and seasoned surface pattern designers. Being part of the guide will expose your work to an engaged and active readership of art and design buyers, potential clients, collaborators and consumers. 

Entrants will also be considered for many professional licensing and learning opportunities—including a Fabric Collection with Windham Fabrics! 

Winners will be contacted in March

Enrollment opens on February 9th!

Marie Forleo's B-School will be all-new this year—new videos, new modules, new worksheets!—and I'm very excited to be back as an affiliate. I'll be sharing all the details about the course and some excellent UPPERCASE-only Bonuses soon.

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The fulfillment company I've been using for the past four years has kicked UPPERCASE out since my small business does not meet their new monthly quotas. While I transition to a new fulfillment partner and inventory is being sent to new warehouses, many products are temporarily unavailable to purchase. Don't worry; they'll be back!

Check out the Stockists page for an UPPERCASE magazine retailer near you. Issue #56 (Jan-Feb-March 2023) is available in Chapters/Indigo in Canada and independent shops in the USA and Canada. Inquire directly with the retailer regarding what they have on hand. 

Issue #56 is still in transit to Central Books, my overseas distributor in the UK, but they have lots of books and back issues and many that are unavailable in North America. Central Books typically can ship worldwide. Inquire with them directly.

The following subscriptions and book pre-orders remain available for purchase since they don't require immediate shipping. 


UPPERCASE is a quarterly magazine for the creative and curious inspired by craft, design, typography and illustration. Published since 2009, the magazine has an enthusiastic and loyal readership of designers, illustrators, craftspeople, creative entrepreneurs and paper lovers around the world. Ads-free, with high-quality production values and a unique design aesthetic, the content of each issue is eclectic and inspiring. Find a stockist near you to purchase the current issue #56 Jan-Feb-March 2023.

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New books are in progress! Please help crowdfund these forthcoming titles.

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Rag & Pulp

June 2023 release

The 11th volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration is Rag & Pulp.

Through beautiful imagery and inspiring stories and interviews, Rag & Pulp explores the diversity of contemporary papermakers, manufacturers and artists, all of whom use and elevate paper from a blank white sheet into something uniquely marvellous and expressive.

Please help crowdfund this book.


November 2023 release

The 12th volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration.

Notions will celebrate the remarkable, practical and nostalgic tools and accessories of sewing. With sewing stories and miscellany from textile artists, fabric designers, quilt pattern makers, quilt shop owners, haberdashers, inventors and entrepreneurs, Volume N in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration will be an entertaining and illuminating A to Z of sewing miscellany.

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I'm Janine, the publisher, editor, designer (and customer service, too!) of this one-woman operation. 

UPPERCASE creates beautiful and inspiring books for the creative and curious. Published since 2009, UPPERCASE has an enthusiastic and loyal readership of designers, illustrators, craftspeople, creative entrepreneurs and paper lovers around the world. Ads-free, with high-quality production values and a unique design aesthetic, the content of each issue is eclectic and inspiring. I have a wonderfully talented roster of core contributing writers, illustrators and photographers.

I'm grateful for the enthusiastic and generous readers who support my publications. I also appreciate you taking the time to read the details before placing an order. It will make your ordering experience easier—and my workload a little lighter—so that I can concentrate on creating all these lovely books and magazines!

If you have questions, please consult the Help page for more info and my contact information. Thank you for your kind attention and support!


uppercase sustainability initiatives

We all love print on paper—nothing can compare to the tactile pleasure of reading books and magazines!—but I also understand the environmental impact that producing products and selling items through e-commerce has on the environment. Please read more about our sustainability initiatives and how UPPERCASE is reducing its footprint and trying to make change for the better. 

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