publisher / editor / designer of UPPERCASE magazine
Windham Fabrics designer

I've always had a fondness for surface pattern design. In fact, the spine patterns for the magazine have inspired a some collections with Windham Fabrics!

In The Pattern Journal from UPPERCASE, I share tips and resources for surface design inspiration and education. 

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UPPERCASE is a promotional partner for Bonnie's Surface Design Immersion and Sarah Watts' From Paint to Pattern. Some Pattern Journal newsletters will include affiliate links for these programs.

My 60 seconds for Bonnie Christine's 60x60


UPPERCASE #57 cover by Anna Maria Horner, SPDG5 cover by Vanessa Clarke Young
background patterned papers by Pip & Lo and Ewing Klipspringer

The UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide

Published every 2 years.
The next edition will be in 2025.

You'll find the most recent edition of the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide in issue #57. If you've ever dreamed about having your own fabric, then the 5th edition of the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide offers much inspiration and information! 

Feed Sacks

Vintage pattern inspiration

At 544 pages and with extensive imagery and at-scale reproductions of vintage feed sacks fabrics, this book is an inspiring sourcebook of pattern and colour—and offer a welcome visit to a slower-paced way of life.


As editor and designer of UPPERCASE magazine, I have seen the amazing difference that taking quality online courses can make on students' portfolios, careers and self-confidence! As a designer of four collections with Windham Fabrics, I have my own experiences to share with students as well.

pattern above by Bonnie Christine

From Paint to Pattern
with Sarah Watts

Registration opens later in 2024

With over 25 fabric collections and collaborations across dozens of companies, Sarah Watts is a leader in surface pattern design—her epic knowledge of using Photoshop is on full display in her free workshop and full 10-week course, From Paint to Pattern.

Bonnie Christine's 
Surface Design Immersion

UPPERCASE is proud to be an affiliate for this comprehensive program.

Bonnie Christine's signature course is the best way to kickstart a career in surface pattern design. Make sure you're signed up to The Pattern Journal for my registration links and details about the UPPERCASE bonus.

Marie Forleo's 

Get your business in gear!

Learn everything you need to create a successful, heart-centred creative business!

pattern above by Sarah Watts