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ISSUE 31: art, design and creating as performance

Performance can be integral to the completion or experience of a creative work: when actors put on a costume or step out onto a set, when an interactive jewellery piece is worn, when music and animation come together, when an exhibition is experienced by its audience—it is not until the performance that the work is fully realized. UPPERCASE’s new open call is looking for your performance-based art and design. Theatrical design, puppetry, performance art, exhibition and event design—please submit images and a brief writeup to the open call. EXTENDED: Form closes on July 25.  Please view the submission form here.

ISSUE 31: Design / Identity

How what you make reflects who you are

In an essay up to 350 words, please respond to the following: Creating and making can be a deeply personal experience. How does what you make reflect who you are? How is your personality displayed or demonstrated by what you make or do as a creative person? How much of your self-identity is tied in with what you do or make? Form closes on July 18. View the submission for here

NEW for ISSUE 31:

Subscriber Studios

We'll be featuring tours of UPPERCASE magazine subscriber studios in the magazine and in the weekly newsletters. Share your workspace, studio or corner of the dining room... wherever it is that you create. Submit here.


Now that my collection with Windham Fabrics is available in stores, please share what you make with it #uppercasefabric. I'll include a selection in future issues. Thanks!




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Photo by KLTworks

Photo by KLTworks


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