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As editor and designer of UPPERCASE magazine, I have seen the amazing difference that Bonnie's course can make on students' portfolios, careers and self-confidence! As a designer of four collections with Windham Fabrics, I've know the value that Bonnie provides other aspiring designers—and I've got a lot to share from my own experiences as well.

Immersion happens once a year!

The Immersion Course beings February 26.
I'll be taking the course again, too, as a student/alumni!

When you sign up for Immersion through my link,
you'll get these great UPPERCASE bonuses:

One-on-one half-hour consultation with Janine Vangool (portfolio reviews, ask me anything). Twenty winners will be drawn randomly from my list of students once registration closes.

One group coaching call for everyone!

As an affiliate for Bonnie Christine's Immersion, I earn a commision on each sale. Thank you.

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If you've ever dreamed about having your own fabric, Bonnie Christine's Surface Design Immersion is a great place to start!

I am honoured to be an affiliate for her excellent, comprehensive program. You'll learning everything you need about Adobe Illustrator but also about building fabric collections, marketing and the business side of the industry, too.

The Art of Business—
watch the replays!

7 Secrets to Success
in Surface Pattern Design

This free course includes four lessons of tips and strategies about surface pattern!

  • How to Build a Flourishing Career in Surface Design
  • The Essential Stages to Becoming a Licensing Artist
  • The 5 Types of Surface Designers (choose the right one for you!)
  • How to Create a Personalized Roadmap to Reach Your Goals
  • How to Create Multiple Streams of Income from Your Artwork

Download UPPERCASE + Bonnie Christine's
A Surface Pattern Designer's Guide to Mastering the Art of Learning

UPPERCASE has always had a fondness for surface pattern design.
In fact, the spine patterns for the magazine have inspired a few fabric collections with Windham Fabrics.