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February 23, 2022 update:
It may take a few days for Bonnie and her team to sort through the registrations. I will be in touch via email when that information is shared with me. (I only have first names and the last initial at this point.) Thank you so much! -Janine

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Immersion 2022

The Surface Design Immersion Course is an intensive 8-week online training program for those who want to learn Adobe Illustrator, the art of surface pattern design, how to become a licensing artist and create a sustainable business as a creative entrepreneur. 

Over 6 comprehensive modules, Bonnie takes you through what you need to know to get setup for success in surface pattern. Students begin with an introduction to Adobe Illustrator (you'll learn tips and workflows even if you've been using Illustrator for awhile!) In the second Module, you'll learn how to use the program to turn your ideas and drawings into art. By Module 3, you'll learn how to make repeat patterns, from simple to complex and begin to develop your signature style.

By Module 4, you'll be learning about designing collections of patterns, by incorporating story and personality into your work—original and heartfelt artwork that others will want to license and purchase... which you'll learn all about in Module 5: Licensing Your Art. The final Module is all about Creative Entrepreneurship, providing the foundation for a fulfilling and sustainable career in surface pattern design.

Sign up through my links for UPPERCASE bonuses!

*If you want these UPPERCASE bonuses, make sure you sign up with my links, thank you! This year, all Immersion affiliates are offering the same bonus: 20 one-on-one spots and one group coaching session.

The First 10 students who sign up get a one-on-one consultation with Janine Vangool
(portfolio reviews, ask me anything) and an additional 10 spots will be drawn from everyone else.

Plus: there will be one group coaching session for everyone!

As editor and designer of UPPERCASE magazine, I have seen the amazing difference that Bonnie's course can make on students' portfolios, careers and self-confidence! As a designer of four collections with Windham Fabrics, I've know the value that Bonnie provides other aspiring designers—and I've got a lot to share from my own experiences as well.

Here's what a few students said about their experience with Bonnie Christine's Immersion program, and the video portfolio reviews I offered to students who signed up through my links:

I was unsure if I wanted to sign up for Immersion, but knew its value and was considering it. When paired with what UPPERCASE offered, I knew it was something I had to do. I challenged myself to take action in the course, in part so I'd have work to share with Janine in a portfolio review. Her thoughtfulness and insights both encouraged and motivated me to keep pushing myself further and pursue surface design. And of course, I was happy to have UPPERCASE Magazine as my companion this past year, reading others' stories and ideas and getting inspired by the beautiful work within. I truly loved all the value UPPERCASE added to my Immersion experience!

Nikkita Cohoon

Last spring I was introduced to Bonnie Christine and her Immersion course. It was a privilege to say the least. Bonnie not only taught the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator pertinent to surface design but she shared so much more. Her expertise in designing an entire collection, finding your signature style, pitching for licensing and understanding contracts is more than generous. Bonnie does regular live videos answering your questions throughout the course as well as offer interviews with industry experts. This course is well worth the investment and will set you on a profitable path. Just say yes!

Cindy Backstrom

Immersion by Bonnie Christine, the UPPERCASE package 😉 was a big leap forward in my design career. At the start of the course I opened Adobe Illustrator for the first time in my life, and four months later I was discussing my first surface pattern design collection on video with Janine Vangool. She had a lot of good advice and this moment was also a fine deadline for me to finish my collection, during pandemic and homeschooling times.

Marjolijn de Winter

Bonnie's class is a must for anyone just starting out and also new to illustrator! I have used illustrator for many years and her class was the perfect way to refresh and strength my knowledge of illustrator. The class is well organized, easy to follow and well presented. I have achieved her final level which involves getting my work out there, and after the encouragement provided in her class, I will be just doing it.

Janine’s gracious gift of a portfolio review was a wonderful extra. Her tips helped direct fine tuning my web portfolio. Getting to know her a bit more with the zoom call review was fun and professional!

Marti Betz

Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course is an amazing deep dive into the world of surface pattern design. From the basics of repeat pattern creation right down to the world of licensing and multiple revenue steams, she offers practical, real world info as an industry insider, all while creating a fun and supportive SPD community. 

It was a real honour and such a highlight to have the opportunity to discuss my portfolio with Janine Vangool. She is such an inspiration to so many of us in the design and creative community - her insight and feedback was an invaluable part of this experience.

Melissa Bartman

When I signed up for Immersion, through UPPERCASE, I had no idea how many holes in my surface pattern design knowledge would be filled by the Immersion course—or how Janine’s portfolio review would change everything for me.

It is said that your life can change direction with a few spoken words. That’s exactly what happened when Janine, during my review, pointed out one of my designs and said “This one is very strong.” That may not sound like much, but I was aware I had drawn that one differently—with less precise control of my hands, and more of an oh-look-at-the way-my hand-wants-to-draw-this perspective. Those words, within the rest of Janine’s refreshingly honest critique, set me on what feels like MY path. 

I am so grateful for that portfolio review and the other extra perks I received from UPPERCASE when signing up.

Fern Leslie

Immersion was an amazing experience and a fantastic investment. Since completing the course I’ve made my first full collection and am working on my second. Bonnie not only taught me how to make patterns, she introduced me to tools and systems to streamline my work and set big achievable goals. Janine’s portfolio review helped me see how little tweaks can make a big impact in pattern design and her kind critique really helped me see my work with new eyes.

Kristi Westberg

The combination of Bonnie Christine’s Immersion and Janine’s portfolio review has given my career a tremendous boost! I learned so much about Illustrator, repeat patterns, and surface pattern design from Bonnie. The course was paced really well and the resources were invaluable. When Janine reviewed my portfolio, her insights and suggestions allowed me to look at my work in a new light, and I reworked some of my collections. I now have a contract with my dream fabric company!

Deborah Fisher

I was on the fence about taking the Immersion course, due to the price. I had been telling myself I needed to learn how to create repeat patterns for years. I had even taken a continuing ed class which did not provide enough depth. When a friend forwarded me the UPPERCASE link, which included the portfolio review, I couldn't resist. Not only was Janine's feedback super helpful & she was generous with her time, but the deadline I gave myself with the portfolio review appointment, helped me to finish all the lessons in the class. Nothing like a date in the calendar to help you stay on track. Bonnie's class came at the beginning of the pandemic & gave me purpose every morning waking to a new lesson. Her bite sized videos were easy to follow & very well organized. It really upped my Illustrator skills.

Georgia Florena Shaban

Enrollment closes on February 22, 2022 at 11:59pm EST

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