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Quilted (out of print)

Quilted is Volume Q in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration, an ongoing series of books released in whimsical (non-alphabetical) order on all manner of creative and curious topics. 

The world of quilting is vast, with an infinite range of aesthetics, influences, heritage and culture. Quilting reminds us of the artistry and ingenuity of our ancestors and allows us to explore our natural creativity. The craft slows us down in an ever-busy world and connects us to a welcoming community of kindred spirits. 

With in-depth profiles and stories of individual quilts (384 pages!), this book pieces together quilters from professional connections and friendships that I've made over my years of publishing UPPERCASE magazine and designing three fabric collections for Windham Fabrics.

Quilted has a dust jacket that can be folded to reveal one of four designs. Keep the jacket around your book or use it for gift wrap, collages or other creative projects.

A message from Janine Vangool

First of all, let me confess that I’m not a quilter. I have made one quilt from start to finish and that felt like a full-on disaster, which, in retrospect, I blame on my inexperience at not recognizing that the tension of my sewing machine was malfunctioning. This quilt now resides on my son’s bed, and he doesn’t mind the puckers and imprecision so I guess it wasn’t a real failure after all—the only disappointment being the gulf between my expectations and reality. 

My love for quilts is genuine and generational. My grandmother was a professional seamstress who made drapery; she was also a quilter who made beautiful quilts and blankets from old clothes and scraps. I treasure her quilts and use them often, with just one delicate one with a white background stowed away for safekeeping. My mother is a prolific quilter as well, and I am grateful for her help in making sample quilts for my fabric look books. I get my work ethic and attention to detail from her. 

I have full intentions of being a quilter, someday, when I have more free time. In the meantime, I’m fortunate to be quilty by association! Through the collections I’ve created for Windham Fabrics, I’ve had the opportunity to design many quilts and see them come to life through other people’s skills at assembly and pattern making. I’ve met many inspiring quilters in person at Quilt Markets and virtually via Instagram, many of whom are featured in this book. 

Watch the video below to see every page inside this gorgeous book!

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