Until the end of July, UPPERCASE will donate CAD$10 for every Yarn-Thread-String book purchase to Weaver House's Gofundme campaign. Rachel Snack and Weaver House, featured in Yarn-Thread-String, is endeavouring to purchase the weaving equipment from the unexpectedly closed University of the Arts in Philadelphia. By acquiring this equipment, Weaver House plans on supporting the weaving community by restoring the looms, providing accessible workshops, offering loom rentals, creating a residency program and more.


So much of what we make is created by using various fibres. Knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, embroidery, rug-making, macramé and many more crafts are made possible with yarn, thread and string. 

This book gets up close and personal with fibre, telling the stories and processes from fibre farmers, thread and yarn companies to individual artisans. We'll look at natural fibres and how they are made, and how design plays a part in the visual appeal of fibre brands. We'll explore innovative fibres that repurpose and recycle our valuable resources. 

Yarn-Thread-String highlights artists, craftspeople and creative entrepreneurs who use these fibres in unique and inspiring ways. You'll gain a new and exciting perspective on what fibre is—and how we can use it to express our individuality, creativity and humanity.

65 profiles, 496 pages

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$65.00 CAD

A. Zarinah Nuri 

Aimee Betts

Amanda McCavour

Andrea Revoy

Anna Husemann

Betz White

Blue Sky Fibers 

Briggs & Little

Brooklyn Tweed

Bureau Baggerman

Carmen Bohn

Carolina Reis

Coco Knits

Crafting the Harvest

Custom Woolen Mills

Drew McKevitt

Elizabeth Ashdown

Fibre Evolution

Freckle & Knot

Hannah Burnworth 


Huston Textile Co

ITO Yarn

Jeremy R. Brooks

June Cashmere

Kelly Wright

Kim McCollum

Liz Sofield

Maine Thread Company

Marina Dempster

Mata Aho Collective

Millpost Merino

Modern Macrame

Nadia Nizamudin

Nadine Flagel

Natalie Ciccoricco

Nine Lives Twine



Purl Soho

Rachel Parker

Roving Textiles

Ruth Miller

Ruth Woods

Sabrina Sachiko Niebler

Sayan Chanda

Second Ascent Designs

Secret Wool Society

Shawn O’Hagan

Shenequa Brooks

Simone Elizabeth Textiles

Simone Post


The Endery

The Wondermakers Collective

Tim Eads

Tuija Heikkinen

Ulla Stina Wikander



Weaver House

Whitehall Studio

Wild Fibers


WonderFil Specialty Threads

Yarn-Thread-String has a dust jacket that can be folded to reveal one of four designs. Keep the jacket around your book or use it for gift wrap, collages or other creative projects.

Dust jackets photos by Purl Soho, Rachel Snack, Purl Soho and Sayan Chanda. Web banner image by Rachel Snack / Weaver House.

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