10 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 10 Years

“I love the magazine and I appreciate your work as editor of UPPERCASE,” writes Sahily Tallet Yip, an illustrator from Madrid. “My illustration was inspired by your journey with the magazine up to issue 40. The path will not always have been easy but it has been worth it.”

10 Things I’ve Learned
in the Past 10 Years

1. Small is Good 

We all have to start somewhere, so begin with making things you love. Not sure what that is? Think back to when you were a small child. What did you love? 

2. Create Community 

Finding personal connections while supporting one other leads to a strong and authentic community. 

3. Don’t be Trendy 

Evaluate trends practically whether it is in tech, social media, fashion or aesthetics. UPPERCASE is a magazine for people who love paper, it is hands-on and tactile and so creating a digital iPad version is contrary to its core values. Quality and consistency are more important than the latest fad. 

4. Stay True 

Focus on what inspires you. Inspiration is nurtured in a way of living based on making, not acquiring. 

5. Technology Can Help 

The day-to-day running of UPPERCASE remains mostly a solo operation but I make technology work for me. Systems and apps and integrations are important in keeping everything running, so it is important to understand how things work on a practical level. 

6. Train Hard 

Organization and concentration can be acquired skills, learned through repetition and persistence. Being creative on demand or under pressure is also trained through practice. 

7. Be Yourself 

When you’re a creative entrepreneur, you’re often the face of the endeavour. But it is important to develop yourself as a well-rounded and thoughtful person, not as a brand. Accepting yourself for who you are at your core is the beginning; then grow from the centre out. 

8. Stay Inspired 

Explore your side interests. Learn, make and do! Wider interests will make your focussed work more enjoyable and lead to discoveries and creative tangents. 

9. Value Independence 

Be authentic to your vision; don’t be persuaded or influenced by others. Define success in a way that works for you. 

10. Slow and Steady 

Have big dreams, but break them into smaller short-term goals. Every project, no matter how daunting, is the accomplishment of innumerable smaller tasks. Don’t get overwhelmed, just start! 

This article was originally published in ink on paper within issue #40 of UPPERCASE magazine.