Marie Forleo's Time Genius

Janine Vangool's testimonial:

As a solo entrepreneur and the publisher, editor and designer of UPPERCASE magazine, one of the questions I'm asked the most often is "How do you get everything done!?" closely followed by "Do you ever sleep?"

While it is easy to answer the second question (by the end of the day, I'm exhausted in a good way), it is much harder to respond to the first question.

Being responsible for my own destiny, committing to a project and following through with full attention—and joy—is a skill that I have actively nurtured my entire adult life. It hasn't been easy—and there are always new challenges (like UPPERCASE's fulfillment partner kicking me out just before the holidays)—but over the years, I have developed the tools and mindset to stay focussed on what's important to me as a business person, a creative soul and as a mother.

Being curious and constantly learning while adapting and evolving my established skillset and talents has been the secret to my longevity in a creative business.

When I was faced with adding another challenge to my already full schedule, I enrolled in Marie Forleo's Time Genius. I know it seems counter-intuitive to commit to an online class when I also had to teach grade 6 every weekday to my son while juggling my online business and life during the pandemic... but that's precisely what I did.

I knew from my B-School experience that Marie Forleo's courses are always solidly informative and emotionally uplifting. Both things that I really needed.

Since 2009, my life has been dictated by the publication schedule for my quarterly magazine. I am proud to have not deviated from that schedule, ever. But there are always new ways of thinking, new attitudes and new practical tactics and Time Genius delivered that freshness and new perspective that I really needed in a particularly trying time.

Marie's approach to time management, dealing with overwhelm, time stress and distraction is both no-nonsense and science-based and yet also heartfelt, intuitive, entertaining and loving.

If you, too, could use a boost of new skills and a new attitude in your personal or business life, please invest in yourself and in Time Genius

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Marie is hosting a free class called “3 Productivity Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make.” 

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What do you get in
Time Genius?

It's an intensive and immersive video-based course with live group coaching with Marie and her team starting on January 22.

There are 5 core Modules with downloadable "fun sheets" as Marie likes to call them. With lifetime access, you can repeat the course as often as you like (or take it at a slower pace if you need to.) 

The course costs $1,497 USD (or 10 monthly payments of $169) and comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

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When you sign up for Time Genius with my registration link, you'll receive these bonuses only available through UPPERCASE.

• UPPERCASE Group Coaching Call—join me and fellow creatives for a group coaching call to discuss strategies for staying creative and productive.

• UPPERCASE Time Genius Private Group—join me and alumni in our private group in the UPPERCASE Circle.

• A behind-the-scenes tour of my organizational system—see how I manage publishing UPPERCASE magazines and books as a one-woman operation: from editorial duties to subscription management to shipping logistics, customer service and more… all while homeschooling my child.

• A free magazine subscription or renewal—Make time for yourself—and your favourite magazine! Use my links to register for Time Genius and get a free subscription or renewal (available for addresses in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ and parts of Asia only.)

As an affiliate for Time Genius, I earn a commission with each sale. Thank you for trusting my recommendation! 

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