"Unboxing" Sale!

Thank you for your support of the Unboxing Sale. 
All items have been sold.

 I have more back issues, listed here.

I've got one year left on the lease of my office space and I'm trying to decide what's next. It's a beautiful office in a lovely old building, but during these pandemic years, there have been long stretches when I haven't gone in. Whether I stay or not, though, I've got too many boxes and it is time to let some things go. 

Archives of magazines, extra books for in-person book launches that never happened, the last remaining copies of books long since sold out on my website... there's a lot here that I'm sure can find happy homes. 

So as I clear my studio of extra boxes, I'm going to have an "unboxing" sale. Watch this page for listings of rare and last copies from the UPPERCASE archives.

Unboxing Sale Back Issues

Please note that these back issues were rescued from the Canadian distributor's warehouse and may have some slight imperfections or price labels that you can easily remove.

More back issues over here, too. Those ones have plenty of inventory at the moment.

Quilted is sold out at UPPERCASE. Copies are available through Central Books.

Register your interest for a reprint here.