July-August-September 2024
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cover art by Helen Swanton

Dear Reader,

Make yourself at home! Settle in to enjoy this edition of UPPERCASE magazine, inspired by the domestic arts. Our interpretation of the term is purposely loose and playful; we embrace it, reinterpret it, rebel against it and express ourselves in new, unexpected and traditional ways. 

We also have a wonderful gallery of still lifes influenced by our homes and gardens. These compositions act as a proxy self-portrait; what we surround ourselves with reflects who we are.

From the front cover mosaic by artist Helen Swanton to the back, a paper plate painted by Elizabeth Hamilton, you’ll notice a theme of plates, saucers and dinnerware throughout these pages. Coincidentally, while creating this issue, I found eight plates discarded in alleyways and parks near my home! I’m encouraged to reuse them creatively—as paint palettes, under garden pots and even a mosaic. 

Smash the plates! I’m not going to make dinner, I’m going to make art instead!

Janine Vangool
publisher / editor / designer

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