UPPERCASE readers are a talented and generous bunch. Here are some ways that you can get involved in the magazine and our community.


UPPERCASE Creative Calendar 2016

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This unique calendar concept will be a FREE insert for subscribers of issue 28 (out in January). Subscribe before November 15 to ensure you get the calendar with your subscription!


Project description

The UPPERCASE Creative Calendar is a desk calendar where each date will have a unique creative prompt written, illustrated or handlettered by an UPPERCASE reader. Readers can submit a creative prompt or activity, an inspirational message, or a drawing, motif or pattern to be coloured in.

It will be printed in black and white so that you can colour and decorate the calendar as you like throughout the year, with the daily prompts and activities encouraging you to spend a moment each day to colour in the date or take a few minutes to feel focussed creatively. It’s not a day planner but rather a place to encourage creative thinking and dreaming. Jot down your own creative goals for the week, month or year or simply. Keep the calendar open on your desk, hang it on your inspiration wall or tuck it into your sketchbook and take it with you.

Open Call for submissions

Send in your creative prompts, inspirations, colouring patterns and motifs. The space for each date is very small, just 1.4” square at printed size, so please keep your line weights light and, if it’s something to be coloured, make sure there’s enough whitespace for that. 

Each submission will be credited to the reader with either their name or a website (there’s not room for both). The submission should not be blatantly self-promotional—make something unique, genuine and interesting.


• use hand lettering, calligraphy or design to make a mantra, inspiring word or favourite saying (remember to attribute your sources)

• draw or design a simple black and white line drawing of a favourite or UPPERCASE-y thing (keep the design simple, it will be reproduced quite small, so make it easy to colour)

• design a pattern that can be coloured in, it should fill a square. 

• Not an illustrator or lettering artist? Write a creative prompt or activity and it will be typeset for you.

You can provide seasonal motifs if you like, but that isn’t really the object of this calendar. You can indicate a preference for the date or month that you want your submission to placed, but there is no guarantee that it willappear on that date as I will arrange the submissions for the best overall design. I will attempt to publish as many of the submissions as possible but reserve the right to edit or decline submissions.


Prepare your artwork at 4 inches wide at 300dpi. It will be shrunk down to fit within a 1.4” square, so before submitting I recommend that you print it out at 35% and see how it looks. Adjust your design as required and then submit.

You can submit ONCE with a maximum of three files.

The call ended on October 20, 2015. The form is now closed, thank you.


Wire Works

Do you use wire or wire-like materials in your art, craft and design projects? Metal wire, chicken wire, jewellery wire, coat hangers, cables... lots of art and creative projects can be made with these materials. Please share your projects for possible inclusion in the January-February-March 2016 issue of UPPERCASE magazine. Submit here.

DEADLINE: october 15, 2015


Reader Connections

So much of the UPPERCASE community is online, sharing their creativity with the world. I thought it might be a fun experiment to randomly pair UPPERCASE readers with one another and have them interview each another and discover each others' stories, interests and talents. Your findings can be written or visual and I'll follow up with details on how you can submit the results of your connection. 

If you signed up, the DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR DISCOVERIES is OCTOBER 31 but I will leave the form open until november 4. I will give priority to pairs received by the deadline. 

for participants: submit here.



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Share what you make or do with the hashtag #uppercasereader on Instagram and Twitter.


We'd love to hear from you. Send us your submissions and suggestions or send a letter to the editor. Sign up for our newsletter and watch this space for more opportunities to interact.

Photo by KLTworks

Photo by KLTworks


For subscribers of UPPERCASE magazine only. I'm redesigning this feature, so check back again for new ways to be profiled in the magazine. Please so share your Instagrams with me @uppercasemag #uppercaselove and I will publish some in each issue.


UPPERCASE magazine is a richly visual magazine featuring great illustration, photography and intelligent writing. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us with sample of your work.



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Is it creative? Is it curious? We'd like to see it! Mail us postcards, letters, artwork, trinkets, photos, found objects... The most interesting things will be featured in the magazine and online. (Sorry, items will not be returned.)

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