UPPERCASE Rewards Program

Become an UPPERCASE rewards member and save store credit directly to your account. Use your credit towards your subscription, back issues, books and preorders.

You will be directed to an account creation page for the UPPERCASE webshop. Follow the prompts to create your account. You will be now be able to see and save your order history associated with this email address, but please note that magazine subscription information and address changes are not held in the online shop. 

Once you've completed the signup successfully, you will receive an email notification containing your $10 store credit. You'll also see that amount listed in your store credit. To view, click the Rewards icon in the lower right corner of the website to see your balance and find out how you can earn more credit. 

Store credits do expire (typically after 6 months or otherwise indicated—check the expiry date on the credit earned email notification). Credits can be accumulated to be used to purchase anything in the UPPERCASE shop including subscriptions, renewals, books, back issues and preorders.

Two ways to redeem:

1. Copy the credit code from the credit notification email or account and apply it in the 'Gift Card or Discount Code' window upon checkout.

2. Log in to your UPPERCASE store account and use the 'Apply Store Credit' button in the cart page or checkout.