not our puppy

At this weekend's Market Collective, I made friends with this cute little vintage puppy. I seemed to be more taken with it than Finley was, so the puppy stayed behind. (But we brought home the fabric tray.)


collage collage


Collage Collage is a space in Vancouver that inspires creativity in kids and adults, with art workshops, supplies, books, magazines, objects, and more.


Look for proprietor Erin Boniferro's article "Learning to Play" in the current issue of UPPERCASE.

photos by Dylan Doubt

photos by Dylan Doubt

clean your room


marc boutavant

French illustrator Marc Boutavant's books are part of our daily routine. Mouk's adventures around the world and Laura Lueck's For Just One Day are favourite bedtime books. These Boutavant pull-toys look ready for some pretty colourful daytime adventures though!


One evening last month, I made this elephant softie. He looks simple enough and required just a few hours from sketching out a pattern to stitching on his button eyes. Of course if I consider how long I'd been saving the fabric and that I had intended on sewing a little animal for Finley when he was first born... then this elephant took just over two years.

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choo choo chalk

I've always thought that a summer sidewalk decorated with chalk makes for a happy neighbourhood. Finley isn't adept at drawing his own sidewalk art just yet, but he certainly can art direct! (It's always a train.) The chalk was left outside in a downpour and it actually applies much easier to the sidewalk when both is a bit wet—though you go through much more chalk.


alice chiang's lunchbox

I received a very memorable illustration promo by Alice Chiang. This paper lunchbox was full of cute drawings of food, tiny booklets, an accordion-fold sandwich books and the Slim Project — a diary of what Alice is eating. Finley and I were captivated by the various components and effort put into assembling the lunchbox. See additional photos in Alice's Flickr. >>>

I am an illustrator currently living in Long Beach, CA, and I am progressing my MFA degree in illustration at Cal State Long Beach. In my home town of Taiwan, my family has a lovely dog named Soybean. Although I love him so much, I’ve spent little time with him since I left home for university 5 years ago. I like traveling and exploring the world; on the other hand, because I keep moving to another place, I feel that I always say goodbye to my friends. I want to treasure the places I’ve been to, the people, animals, things I met, because once we had spent a lovely time together. I think my art is the best way to record my memories.

Alice is also a participant in issue #14's What's in a Name feature in which we asked our readers to submit illustrated or illuminated versions of their name. See more from Alice on her website. >>>