alice chiang's lunchbox

I received a very memorable illustration promo by Alice Chiang. This paper lunchbox was full of cute drawings of food, tiny booklets, an accordion-fold sandwich books and the Slim Project — a diary of what Alice is eating. Finley and I were captivated by the various components and effort put into assembling the lunchbox. See additional photos in Alice's Flickr. >>>

I am an illustrator currently living in Long Beach, CA, and I am progressing my MFA degree in illustration at Cal State Long Beach. In my home town of Taiwan, my family has a lovely dog named Soybean. Although I love him so much, I’ve spent little time with him since I left home for university 5 years ago. I like traveling and exploring the world; on the other hand, because I keep moving to another place, I feel that I always say goodbye to my friends. I want to treasure the places I’ve been to, the people, animals, things I met, because once we had spent a lovely time together. I think my art is the best way to record my memories.

Alice is also a participant in issue #14's What's in a Name feature in which we asked our readers to submit illustrated or illuminated versions of their name. See more from Alice on her website. >>>