Featured Stockist: Article Dublin

I'm thrilled that UPPERCASE is stocked in Article, this gorgeous shop in Dublin. Oh, to be everywhere my magazine gets to be!

featured stockist: Matchbox


We're happy to call Matchbox, in Wellington, New Zealand a stockist. They opened their doors in May 2012 and have become a hub for artists and designers to exhibit and sell their work. They operate as a gallery, photography studio, workshop space and a retail store. This eclectic mix is also echoed in their online shop


small is mighty


Visit our stockists this holiday season.

These hard-working shopkeepers will welcome your support. Small businesses actively participate in their communities and make your neighbourhood a more colourful place to live. If there isn't a stockist near you, recommend a shop we should be in.


We're a small business too.

Team UPPERCASE consists of only three full-time staff. Your support is vital to ensure that we're able to keep producing the magazines, books and papergoods you've come to love. 


Our sale continues.

This weekend only! 10% off store-wide plus FREE SHIPPING in North America! Use the code "freeshipusa" or "freeshipcanada" at checkout.

featured stockist: sérendipité


Celine Debray founded the Swiss-based company Sérendipité in early 2013, with a vision for a traveling bookstore that offers foreign magazines at creative events, such as antique fairs and design events.  


In less than a year, Sérendipité's clientele has grown beyond events to include boutiques as well as individual customers who subscribe to their imported offerings. 


This past fall, Celine moved the business from her home office into a large coworking space called Carbu that is shared with architects, photographers and other creative companies. (The current issue of UPPERCASE has a lot of inspiring content about the emerging trend of coworking.)

For customers in Europe, Sérendipité's sophisticated online shop is a reliable source of UPPERCASE and many other creative magazines. 

Frankfurt Book Fair

Presserundgang 2013.jpg

The Frankfurt Book Fair is on from October 9 through 13. UPPERCASE magazine and Work/Life 3 will be on display thanks to our UK distributor, Central BooksWe would love to expand our European stockists. Stockists in the UK and Europe are welcome to contact Central Books directly for your UPPERCASE orders. 

featured stockist: paramour bungalow


If you're the type of person whose day is improved by things like antler art, modern bird houses, or a even a mug that celebrates the love of squirrels, then make a point to visit Paramour Bungalow the next time you're in Evanston, Illinois.  

'lover of the home',  Paramour Bungalow is the sister business to a successful boutique hair salon called RED 7 SALON. The store was born out of a desire to share the aesthetic that made the salon such a pleasant place to be. The result is a shop that is full of the unique, charming and quirky details that can inject personality into your home.  

Here are a few things from Paramour Bungalow that show a kinship with UPPERCASE's aesthetics:

A charming fox-shaped book-end in the same orange as the UPPERCASE office decor.  

A charming fox-shaped book-end in the same orange as the UPPERCASE office decor.  

This serving platter is reminiscent of the cover of UPPERCASE #13.

This serving platter is reminiscent of the cover of UPPERCASE #13.

My philosophy is buy what is unique, creative, not everywhere and has something that people would/should love in their homes. there has to be a great STORY behind a product that makes it stand out.
— Jason Hall, Paramour Bungalow co-founder.
Winged letters

Winged letters

Source: http://paramourbungalow.com/more-winged-le...

featured stockist: urbanic paper boutique

Even the cars that part outside Urbanic are beautiful.

Even the cars that part outside Urbanic are beautiful.

In addition to their store and online shop, Venice Beach's Urbanic Paper Boutique has a blog where they share lovely thematic collages and generally pretty things. We're honoured to call Urbanic a stockist!

Photo by Jessie Webster 

Photo by Jessie Webster 

Urbanic 013high_edit.jpeg

featured stockist: kid icarus

We had a terrific time at our Show and Tell in Kid Icarus, a wonderful card and gift store slash printmaking studio. It had been a while since I visited Bianca and Mike's Kid Icarus—their previous studio shop was a tiny one with barely enough room to silkscreen let alone do retail. Their new venue is spacious and full of wonderful things to look at (and buy!) They also host workshops in the basement. 

Above is a small gallery of instagrams I took this evening. We hosted a Show and Tell where creative Torontonians could take a minute or two to introduce themselves and present an idea or example of their work. I look forward to sharing some of those highlights on the blog soon.