Art and adventure in Berlin with Stephanie Levy

Dreaming of creative adventure? Join artist and educator Stephanie Levy on her Art + Adventure Workshops in Berlin this summer. Openings are still available for June 11-15 or September 3-7, 2014. Look at that gorgeous workshop room... a beautiful blank canvas within which you can create to your heart's content!

In addition to Stephanie's art instruction, which is open to all levels, students will get to see Berlin through Stephanie's practiced eye. "We'll see world class museums and galleries, feel Berlin's vibrant culture, taste European treats, and enjoy creative studio mornings together experimenting with mixed media collage," says Stephanie. "If you've ever wanted to soak up European art and culture while having fun with a group of international friends, this is the perfect opportunity for you."

Stephanie is offering UPPERCASE readers a special discount: save $100 off registration when you use the discount code UPPERCASE upon registration.

a twitter road trip

Dale and Michelle are Calgary-based photographers Roth & Ramberg (and UPPERCASE subscribers) who have devised quite an interesting photographic road trip concept guided by the Twitter followers. I'm going to paste their project info below so that you can appreciate their language and jargon...



Breaker, breaker. 2012 marks our 20th annual Roth and Ramberg calendar. Can you believe we’ve been on the road this long?

Now if you’re old enough to remember the classic trucking movie Smokey and the Bandit then you’ll know “What’s yer 20?” is CB radio trucker-talk for “What’s your location?”


Glad you asked, Rubber Ducky. We're going truckin'. And you're at the wheel. Starting on Friday, July 6th we’re headin' on a road trip from Chicago to the world's largest truckstop in Walcott, Iowa for the Trucker's Jamboree on July 12-13th. And you’ll steer us to shoot locations along the way. 

We're calling it #tweettrucking. Just like CB radio, everyone on Twitter has a handle (ours is @rothandramberg), so we'll be asking you for directions on there and on Facebook.


Should we go right or left? Do we go through Minooka or Warrenville? How far we drive, where we eat – even random stops – you're guiding us and we follow your advice and find the photos for our Calendar. We'll post our '20' using Instamapper, so you can find us no matter how lost we get. 


To thank you for your help, we're trading tweets for treats, including t-shirts, trucker hats, and even our beautiful CB radio.  So "keep your ears on" to twitterfacebook, and our blog for updates, photos, pie, videos, coffee, pie, PRIZES, more pie, and sweet trucker swag.

And if you don’t want to drive, we still hope you’ll come along for the scenery.

See you on the open road.

Dale & Michele