TypeCon 2015: Meet Correspondent Allie McRae

TypeCon kicks off this evening, so I'd like to introduce you to the first of two UPPERCASE correspondents who will be enjoying the typographic and lettering goodness at the event in Denver August 12–16.

Hi all, I'm Allie, a graphic designer in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m just starting out my career at a small marketing and public relations firm (with some freelance lettering and design work on the side) after recently graduating from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

While in college, I spent a semester abroad in Italy, spending my days studying experimental type — needless to say, I have been in love with letterforms and type design ever since. I am so thrilled to be able to nerd out on typography for a weekend at TypeCon and I’m looking forward to sharing snippets with you guys!

Follow @uppercasemag and Allie on social media and check back here for dispatches from TypeCon. Thank you to TypeCon for the correspondents' free passes. Look for complimentary copies of UPPERCASE in the TypeCon goodie bags!


Jake Weidmann, Master Penman

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It's always a nice feeling when a new issue is printed and in the mail to subscribers. All my issue launch tasks are complete and I can relax (a bit) and see the reactions of my readers. Of course, I'm also making sure that the next issue is assigned and well underway!

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Brush Lettering workshop at UPPERCASE July 12

When I heard that UPPERCASE contributor Christopher Rouleau was planning a lettering workshop in Calgary, I offered him the use of the UPPERCASE studio if needed. Hooray! The workshop will be held in my studio! I look forward to taking the class and learning some lettering techniques from some really talented guys. The event is organized by the local chapter of the GDC. Here are the details:

Join Toronto letterers Kyle Gallant & Christopher Rouleau for a one-day intensive on the basics of brush pen lettering.

GDC Alberta South welcomes Toronto letterers Kyle Gallant & Christopher Rouleau for a one-day intensive on the basics of brush pen lettering. In addition to learning the fundamentals of letterform construction, participants will also learn tips & tricks for composition, as well as how to digitize your work. The workshop offers creative enrichment and helps participants with all backgrounds – beginners & novice letterers – develop their own unique lettering style, which can then be applied into their future artistic endeavours, at work and beyond.

This is a full-day workshop will be held Sunday, July 12 from 9am – 5pm at UPPERCASE in the Devenish building. There will be a one hour break for lunch. The cost of this full-day workshop is $165. This price includes a workbook and the supplies you will need for the workshop, all of which you get to take home at the end of the day.

Kyle is a multi-faceted designer, skilled in calligraphy, expressive lettering, and even graffiti. He is a self-described “compulsive doodler” and passionate about all things type. He has co-instructed several brush pen workshops with Christopher in Toronto, include a special workshop at the agency Sid Lee.

Christopher is a freelance graphic designer & letterer, with a love for alphabets, antique lettering guides and old hand-lettered signs. He is comfortable working in a variety of media, including pen, chalk, paint & ink. Christopher has taught workshops in Calgary, and also co-instructed his first workshop with Type Camp in New York City this past May.

Kyle & Christopher co-founded Ligatures, a Toronto-based typography interest group, in the fall of 2013. Since the club’s inception, they have hosted almost 2 dozen public events, ranging from film screenings, lectures, draft & draws, type walks, as well as their first curated gallery show, Swash & Serif, last October.

Sign up here. Space is limited!

International Typewriter Day!

June 23 is International Typewriter Day, marking this day in 1868 that the patent was granted to Christopher Latham Sholes. I'm excited to announce that I've just launched a website dedicated to The Typewriter, my forthcoming book. 

Here's an excerpt from The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine:

Christopher Latham Sholes

Christopher Latham Sholes

The Father of the Typewriter

The notion of a machine to replace handwriting had been toyed with for centuries. English engineer Henry Mill patented the concept in 1714 as “an artificial machine or method for impressing or transcribing of letters, one after another, as in writing, whereby all writing whatsoever may be engrossed in paper or parchment so neat and exact as not to be distinguished from print.”

Though there is a long list of inventors preceding him, Christopher Latham Sholes is the man history has awarded the winning title of inventor of the typewriter, patented on June 23, 1868. His machine was the first to be commercially successful and from it all other modern typewriters evolved.

“I do feel that I have done something for the women who have always had to work so hard. This will enable them more easily to earn a living.”


To read more about The Typewriter, preview content and to place a preorder, please visit the book's website.

Ongoing stamp stuffing!

This is a huge task! Thank you to Véronique, Caryl, Ronnie, Cheryl and her daughters for coming by today to help with the stamp sorting. (And Glen's sorting envelopes at home as I write this... thanks, Glen!)

We'll be sorting each afternoon this week from 1-6pm until the job is done if you'd like to stop by. Thank you!

Oh, and this happened:

UPPERCASE reached 5000 subscribers (and then some) late last night! Thank you so much for helping me get to this amazing milestone. Congratulations to Deb Craig for being #5000 and winning a set of back issues.


Sunday Stamp Sorting

I'll be sorting and packing the stamps into envelopes this Sunday afternoon 1-5pm and Monday evening 4-8pm (and possibly later in the week as well if we need to). My studio is in the Devenish building on 17th Ave SW, 2nd level above Ethos Bridal. If you're able to help, it is an easy—yet graphically pleasing—activity! Drop in or stay for a while... any extra helping hands are most welcome. There'll be refreshments and food to keep you going!