Work/Life 2: be in the book!

illustration by Marc Martin

Work/Life 2: the UPPERCASE directory of international illustration, is shaping up nicely. It is over 75% full! (Click here to see a partial list of our participants so far. These are the keeners who have filled in their community profile info already. I hope to have the complete lineup online as soon as possible.)

If you'd like us to consider your work for inclusion, please fill in the submission form. Please note that this is a fee-based project of $500, but there are many great benefits:


• You will be personally interviewed about your work.

• The publication will be well-designed with high production values.

• The Work/Life iPhone app expands the reach of the project.

• You will receive a complimentary profile on UPPERCASE’s community website with links to your portfolio, blog, twitter and other social media and the ability to post news and images to directly to the UPPERCASE reader news feed. ($200 value)

• At least one participant will be commissioned (and paid) for the cover of UPPERCASE magazine.

• At least one participant will be commissioned (and paid) for spot illustrations in each issue of UPPERCASE magazine in 2011.

• One participant is guaranteed a personal portfolio evaluation with an artist representative.

• We do the work for you! We send the book to the potential client list. If there’s a specific target that you want us to include, just let us know.

• We will promote the book and our artists to the appropriate publications and websites through advertisements and editorial submissions.

• Compare our rates with the cost to do a typical mailer: Postcard printing (1000 full colour postcards, purchased mailing list, plus postage can be over $900.) (source: Work/Life is a reference book that will be used repeatedly.

• Companion exhibition in UPPERCASE gallery with the opportunity to sell prints of your work.

*All participants will receive a free subscription to UPPERCASE magazine.


More felt

Lots of you were wondering where I got the felt that I'm using to make Finley's letter blocks. I purchased them from Sue Eggen aka Giant Dwarf at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. She had sets of felt that were curated by special guests. This set was selected by Something's Hiding in Here. A brilliant and colourful idea!

Here are some before pictures. I should have bought 2 rolls: one to look at, and one to use.

Tasty stuff!


Sneak Peek: The Elegant Cockroach

It's a book!

Yesterday I received some preview copies of The Elegant Cockroach! Congratulations and thanks to Deidre Anne Martin (writer) and Stefanie Augustine (illustrator). I designed and published the book. We will be celebrating this publication the First Thursday of October with an exhibition of the artwork and Deidre will be in attendance to sign copies. A story about finding love in the big city, I call it "a picture book for whimsical adults and sophisticated children." And it's the perfect book to set the tone for October. (see more pictures here.)

Pre-orders are available; The Elegant Cockroach book orders will ship later in October once we receive the full shipment from the printer. (This one was printed in China, so it will take some time to cross in ocean freight.) This book can also be purchased as part of our book bundle, so you would receive this book in October, followed by Work/Life 2 in February, A Collection a Day by Lisa Congdon in March and The Suitcase Series: Dottie Angel in June.

Stock UPPERCASE magazine in your shop!

We're very grateful for our nice stockists who regularly carry the magazine in their bricks and mortor stores and online shops. As I prepare the shipment data for the forthcoming issue 7, I thought I'd invite any potential new stockists who read this blog to try our magazine.

You can make your purchases of the forthcoming and back issues through our wholesale shop and/or sign up for a standing order and you will receive each following issue directly from the printer, which saves time and postage.

Do you know of a store that would be a good fit for UPPERCASE? Please leave the store name and url in the comments: your recommendations are greatly appreciated. thanks!

Type Tuesday: Felt

Here's my crafty work-in-progress: I'm sewing some felt cubes for Finley to play with.


The Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco was great: an excellent top notch selection of sellers and, as you can see from my video above, packed with people (and some pets, too.)

Renegade is accepting applicants for their holiday shows. For more info, go here.


Hello Jenuine

Maybe someone could bake a cake for me? I seem to have my hands full!

A new print from Hello Jenuine's Jen Collins, whose workspace drawing we featured in issue 6.

Bee Things

Another print to covet, by Bee Things.


Love these prints by Inaluxe (Kristina Sostarko). We featured one of Kristina's beautiful fox paintings on the table of contents page of issue 5. Wouldn't these make great fabrics or applied to tea cups and dinnerware?

Fine handmade clothing


Our fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine has traditionally been the "gentleman's issue" (if you can base tradition on one previous issue!) The upcoming issue (at the printer in pre-press stage) continues that direction, covering a collection of a grandfather's clocks, a Portland distillery, jeans and canvas, scotch, suspenders and other manly pursuits. The other grand theme is the love of books: living, designing, creating, making, remaking books with the occasional crush on a librarian. It is a handsome issue and I look forward to sharing more images and content.

In the meantime, these two videos set the mood. {via A Continuous Lean: a great website that provided a lot of inspiration and links to explore during the making of issue 7.}

More book beauties

Coralie Bickford-Smith: imagine if she designed an entire library of books, how gorgeous that would be. I'm pleased to report that Coralie accepted my invitation to be part of our recent call "Feeling Bookish" and we can look forward to her design in issue 7!

Type Tuesday: Twitface

"Designed by Marcus Leis Allion, ‘Twitface’ is a typographic system that employs a number of Twitter users icons to generate words. A new Twitter account was created from which the corresponidng users were retweeted in alphabetic order. The unwittingly collective aspect is integral to the design. Twitface only exists by accumulating the Twitter users and their icons."

Type Tuesday: Julia Trigg

Julia Trigg makes digital collages because she can't bear to cut up her collection of papers.

Paper + Cup

Promo video for Paper + Cup Design
Thanks MinHee, Truman and Truman Jr!

This is a sweet video shot by David Land of the family behind the stationery studio Paper + Cup. I've preordered their upcoming book and look forward to it.

(I wish I could use my 5D Mark II to such effect! Love the shifting focus.)


A Homemade Life

In issue 6, Victoria introduced us to Dynamic Duo Molly and her husband Brandon. They own a little pizza restaurant in Seattle called Delancey. Molly is the author of the very popular food blog, Orangette and is a regular contributor to Bon Appetit magazine. Her book, A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table is an autobiography told through memories and recipes. (With chapter illustrations by Camilla Engman.) I'm giving away my copy: leave a comment now through the weekend and I'll draw a winner!


Lucky me (and Finley)

Jane (Memake, UK) sent me this fantastic name sign to hang on Finley's nursery door. She sure knows my favourite colour combo! And Anna-Maria (The Shopping Sherpa, Australia) knit two pairs of these great booties to keep Finley's feet warm this fall. Really so very nice of these kind and talented women. Thank you!

Lucky 7

Here's a look at the upcoming issue 7 cover, illustrated by Greg Morgan! (I'm finishing up the design files and this will be off to print shortly... but please be patient, it won't be ready for mailing until the start of next month.)

If you're a subscriber and have recently moved, please make sure you update your address here. Click here to become a subscriber, thanks!

Oh, the excitement!

Although I do love summer—gardens, blue skies and road trips—when the temperature dips and we cross the long weekend into September, my heart flutters with anticipation: back to school! I confess it has been many years since I was a student and I won't be teaching at the college this year, but I still love that feeling of starting a new "school year": a year marked by new things to learn, new projects and new friends.

And so it is with that sense of wonder and excitement that I happily announce the projects that are going to be on my syllabus for the next while:

The marvelous Lisa Congdon and I are turning A Collection a Day into a book! Wow! It is going to be a beauty. Lisa will continue to post her collections through the end of the year and we will be working on the book behind the scenes so that it can be released in March 2010. To find out more about our book project and pre-order information, visit the book's web page.

But wait, there's MORE amazing news to share...

The first volume of The Suitcase Series was all about Swedish artist Camilla Engman. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Camilla (and visit her in Sweden). Many of you have inquired (and volunteered!) to be the next featured artist. Through serendipitous connections, the next artist in the series is Tif Fussell (known for her blog, dottie angel). Although she lives in Seattle, which is a little closer to my home, she hails from ol' blighty and inhabits a mossy shed where objects such as cameras and sewing machines are named Carlos and Miss Ethel. And there are chickens! I look forward to meeting Tif and her family soon as we begin work on her book. (To be released June 2011.) So very peachy!

Early next year I am also publishing Work/Life 2: the UPPERCASE directory of international illustration. A group promotional effort, the book is a source of inspiration for creatives and a compendium of talent for hire. I'm getting the list of participants ready to publish online. In the meantime, there are a few spots left if you'd like to apply to be in the book. It'll be released next February.

And, as previously announced: The Elegant Cockroach by Deidre Anne Martin and illustrated by Stefanie Augustine is set for a book launch in October!

If you are as excited by these great books as I am, we are offering an UPPERCASE Book Bundle that includes these four titles: The Elegant Cockroach, Work/Life 2, A Collection a Day and The Suitcase Series: Dottie Angel. They will be mailed to you as they are published and you save on the cover price as well as shipping. The Book Bundle orders and pre-orders will include special touches, goodies and packaging.

I am sincerely grateful and honoured to work with such creative women such as Lisa, Tif, Deidre and Stefanie and in awe of the talent in Work/Life 2. I'm so excited that it is hard not to put an exclamation point after each sentence! (oops, there's another one.)

! ! ! !

Feeling Bookish... exhibition

Here's our wall of book cover self portraits! I'll post a few more photos soon. (But you'll have to see these reproduced in the magazine to appreciate their details!) I will email everyone next week and let you know if your work made it into the magazine feature.

It is going to be a laborious weekend, as I concentrate on finishing up issue 7 before it heads off to the printer!

It's First Thursday!

Hello there!

It's First Thursday and time to get back into a new groove. Although I haven't been in the gallery much these past summer months (our big road trip to San Francisco and the Renegade Craft Fair, working from home so that I can also take care of my baby), with the cool September air signaling the end of summer, I'm eager to return on a more regular basis to my lovely studio and gallery space in Art Central.

Due to the overwhelming success of our recent open call for submissions "Feeling Bookish", I've put together an exhibition of over 40 of the best designs sent in from both professional book designers and our readers at large. The brief was to design a cover that is a self portrait of your life, and as you can see by my design above, it has been a round the clock juggling act between being a new mom and a publisher! (Thanks to Conan O'Brien for the title phrase.)

Please join us this Thursday evening from 5-9pm for this interesting and personal exhibition and other fun activities in Art Central.

Please come by and say hello, we've missed you!

And for all our UPPERCASE friends from near and far, there are some really exciting projects that I'll be announcing in the next week, so please stay tuned to the blog. Not to mention issue 7 of the magazine is off to print this week as well!

All the best,