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Issue 3 is on a truck from our printer in Winnipeg, so here's a little digital preview to tide us over until we can hold its marvelous printedness in our hands. I'm really happy with this issue—it's our best one yet! Once again, there's an amazing amount of content, inspiration and eye candy. Flip through this low res preview and I'm sure you'll agree. If you're not a subscriber, you can secure your copy of this issue over here. Join us October 1 from 5-9pm for First Thursday festivities including the opening of the Bonfire show and the launch of the fall edition of UPPERCASE magazine.

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Issue 3: Bonfire video

UPPERCASE magazine 3, Fall 09 from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo.

Our local contributors gathered round the fire for a celebration of the fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine.

Special thanks to Mark Hamilton of Woodpigeon for leading the group in song; Deidre Martin for her contributions to this issue and in helping organize the get-together; and to Glen Dresser for his expert bonfiremanship.

More eye candy

Thanks to Words & Eggs (great blog!) who commented below about a post they did about the love of Kit Kat. There's an excellent link to a huge flickr set of candy packaging and imagery.


Candy wrapper inspiration

Participate in our next exhibition: details here.

Click on the image to go to its source.


Call for Submissions

Confections: Design a candy wrapper!

Now accepting submissions for our November/December exhibition!

Clever designs, pretty packaging, zany wrappers, colourful names and elegant detailing have as much appeal as the tasty treats tucked inside. The Confections show celebrates the fine art of candy packaging. We invite artists to illustrate and design their own wrappers. Come up with an irresistible cover for a novel treat or create a new design for an old favourite. Send us your eye candy!

The best designs will be featured in the winter issue of the magazine. Submit your artwork file via email info–at– (images should be at least 6 to 8 inches wide at 300dpi).

Also accepting candy-related artwork, photography and suggestions.


October 23 (for inclusion in the exhibition, Nov 5 - Dec 31)
November 1, 2009 (for possible inclusion in the magazine)

It's all good...

Throughout breakfast I've been joyously scrolling through Cartolleria (surprised and happy to see a few of my images in there!) Enjoy.

Such as this:


Take a tumble here...

Cartolleria: so many good things.


Sink your claws into it

Maija, friend of UPPERCASE, has a t-shirt design in the running at Threadless. Please vote for it!

"As I was doing the dishes one winter's day, I saw an orange tabby in the tree outside the kitchen window, stalking a magpie. Just as he was doing his pre-pounce butt-wiggle, another magpie swooped down and grabbed the cat's tail. The cat whipped around (nearly falling off of the narrow branch), but the tail-squeezing magpie had already retreated to a higher branch. So the cat began stalking the second magpie, while the first magpie hopped along the branch behind the cat, waiting for the butt-wiggle-- squeeze, spin, escape, bird snickers, rising feline fury. Rinse, repeat."

Missed Connections

A charming blog of illustrated "missed connections" by illustrator Sophie Blackall:

"Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless, poetic posts on Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I'm trying to pin a few of them down." {via All the Mountains}

Type Tuesday: Bela Borsodi

Photography and typography series by Bela Borsodi.

Type Tuesday: photographer Trevor Dixon

Trevor Dixon shows an appreciation for letterforms in his still life photographs.

Type Tuesday: Dirty Genius

"A poster the recipient completes by revealing spot-varnished type with hands made dirty by handling the poster." A genius concept by Roland Reiner Tiangco.

Type Tuesday: House Posters

House Industries has released an interesting collection of typographic posters, printed with the serigraphic process: "Serigraphic genius David Dodde explains that the modifier "hand-" (as in hand-printed, hand-pulled, etc.) has become a loosely defined term in the poster printing trade that may designate that a human being's upper distal extremity has touched the poster stock at some point before, during or after its manufacturing process. With this and all of our screen-printed posters, David's hands load the paper in the frame, pull the squeegee, hold it up to carefully examine his work and place it into a drying rack. This process allows him to use richly pigmented inks that must be air dried to maintain the deep flatness that truly define his craftsmanship."

Friday's Fire

On Friday evening, we invited the local contributors of issue 3 down to Sandy Beach Park for a bonfire (weenies! s'mores!) and to film a little magazine movie. Thanks to all who came; it was a lovely evening. I'm working on editing the video, which will be posted here later in the week. A few more pics are over here.


In last night's season opener of Fringe, a typewriter once again played a pivotal role in the plot development. The model IBM Selectric 251 (not available in our reality) is a device that can communicate between alternate universes.

In the first season, an old typewriter held a clue to the authorship of an important manifesto.

"A New Day in the Old Town" was an exciting episode right from the start, but of course the visit to the typewriter repair shop with the darkly lit back room took it to another level!

I can't wait until next week. (Hopefully nice guy Charlie isn't lost for good.)

Things to do this weekend

The first Box Social Artist's Market happens this Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm at the Carpenter's Union Hall in Kensington.

Calgary Art Walk is Saturday and Sunday and UPPERCASE will be open both days. On Sunday afternoon, we'll have drop-in button making: make a 1-inch pin using collage, typewriters, dry transfer lettering, markers and more. $1 per button. This Sunday only, we're open from noon until 4pm.

And Portobello West runs from Friday through Sunday.

Alfred Hitchcock Dioramas at Bird Dog Video

Attention local Calgarians: Don't miss the 3rd Annual Bird Dog Video  Art Show/Silent Auction! Each year a selection of artists, musicians and all round creative people graciously donate their time and efforts to help raise money for a local charity.
This year artists pay homage to the master of cinematic suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.  Drawing from Hitchcock's extensive film ouevre, each artist started with an empty shadow box and could produce a Hitchcock diorama to their liking - recreating a specific scene, creating a new scene or simply using Hitchcock as the theme for their idea. 

The event will be held Thursday September 17, 2009 (7-10 pm), all proceeds go to the Elephant Artist Relief.

Bird Dog Video is located at 1333 16 AVE SW Calgary, AB. For more information, please contact Jolie Bird at: 399-2615 email:

Mixing Watercolours

We featured Heather Smith Jones in issue 2's Blog Beautiful article, written by the gals at Perfectbound. Heather's recent post about mixing watercolour paints by hand is certainly a beauty. Heather contributes to the upcoming issue by revealing her pick for favourite blog.