Illustrator Pumpkin Carving

Anna Goodson Management, a Canadian illustration and photography rep, has a pumpkin-carving contest running online. The gourds are created by the artists she represents and you can vote for your favourite.



Bring technology back from the dead with these Mac-o-Lanterns in Instructibles.

The Legend of the Scarecrow

The Legend of the Scarecrow from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Read about how this was made, here.

Chiharu Shiota

Installation work by Chiharo Shiota discovered via Camilla.


Ahhhhhhhh! Scary

Fast Forward Weekly has published a review written by Andrea Williamson of our Nightmares show. You can pick up today's issue or read the review online.

The Nightmare show is not long for this world (last official day is this Sunday). Please be sure to stop in and see this great show - we promise it is all treats and no trickery! And if I may indulge in posting this again:


Capturing the spirit

Since the beginning of photography, people have manipulated the medium for artistic effect. Early spirit photography (middle image) was often the result of long exposures and darkroom trickery. Cameras, like typewriters, are thought to act as mediums between our world and the next. Even current digital technology can produce some otherworldy images (whether authentic or via manipulation, that's for you to decide!)

The final image is by Denise Grünstein, as posted earlier.

Art & Ghosts

Art & Ghosts creates digital illustrations with an incredibly light and fluid touch. Her prints are available for purchase on Etsy.

Plastic made perfect

These characters are created using recyled and repurposed plastic components. "My work is based on: collecting, gathering… of objects or parts of objects mainly made of plastic found on pavements, in bins of flee markets or brought by friends and family, members of the Recycle club. I then commit to a simple principle as I assemble; that is original colours and shapes of the collected parts may not be modified. New plastic figurative and none figurative objects are created and given a new environment." View more by artist Olivier Goko, whose studio is pictured below.

inventing Excuses: new work by Natasha Lawyer

If you live in Edmonton, Natasha Lawyer has a show of original mixed media on display at The Sugarbowl. The exhibition opens November 1 and runs until the end of November. (The Sugarbowl is at 10922 88 Ave NW, Edmonton)

Costumed trees

Ghost branches by Knitalatte / Resurrection Fern author.


Denise Grünstein photography

I love the dark fairytale world of Denise Grünstein.

Eric Dover

Art director Eric Dover has an impressive portfolio of imagery, much of it dark and elaborately staged.


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Eclectonotes: Read & Write

Available here and here.

Type Tuesday: In Memory of

I suspect that anyone who loves lettering has taken a typographic stroll through a few graveyards. Here are a few finds from some virtual visits. {  1  2  3  4  5  6  }

I recall one summer afternoon long ago, spent in the cemetary plot on my family's farm. My task was to guild the faded letters of my ancestors' monuments. I still remember my little pot of gold paint and how the brush fit into the worn recesses of the letterforms.

Type Tuesday: Ghost Writers

Ghost Types Help On Typewriter - video powered by Metacafe

Typewriters have been thought to act as a channel for pyschic experience and communication with spirits. Author Darren Wershler-Henry explores this aspect of typewriter lore in his book, The Iron Whim.

Type Tuesday: Setting the mood

Poetic Home will be posting seasonal decorating ideas this coming week and her first post caught my eye! I am fond of using my typewriters as decorative elements in my home and in UPPERCASE.

Here's a nice display found on Flickr:

Monster Ball this Saturday

The annual Monster Ball is this Saturday evening from 8pm to 1am. Monster Ball is a fundraiser, and proceeds from the event go to Studio C, a community integrated arts and resource centre. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at Studio C or on-line at “Monster Ball” (licensed event. 18 yrs. and over) UPPERCASE is all decked out in Nightmares, so be sure to stop by for some tricks or treats.


'Gothic Red' turns YELLOW

Penguin has recently released a series of 10 works of classic 'Gothic Red' literature with covers as wicked as the words inside. Featuring the fiction of Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stroker, H.P. Lovecraft among other masters of the macabre, these books are a fantastic blend of grisly nightmares and great design.

To read a taste of Poe's gothic horror go to Penguin's taster's page and you can download a free pdf version of the haunting short tale, "The Tell-Tale Heart."

To hear more about senior Penguin book designer, Coralee Bickford-Smith's creative process for Red Classics - a series 'design to get you hiding under the covers,' watch the following video interview.

Elegant eyeballs

Eyeballs are pretty awful or awful pretty, depending on  how you look at them of course. The images above demonstrate how their strange beauty sits at the crossroads of art and medical science. 

The top image is a piece from our Nightmares exhibition entitled, "Optic Macula." It's actually a polaroid image of my friend Carolyn's eyeball captured by laser.  In person Carolyn's eyes appear kind, and they are a striking shade of midnight blue in color.  Here the technological effect is haunting - to me her eye looks like the planet Mars on fire.

The second "Eyeball" is a painting by the Brooklyn-based artist Hollister Hovey which she did as part of a Healthcare campaign.  Don't eyeballs appear nude without lashes? To see more of Hovey's lovely portrait painting you can visit her website.  To take home Carolyn's otherworldly eyeball ($28, framed), please contact the gallery.