Packing Camilla books

All of these extra print goodies must be hand-collated and put into the books!

More pics of the finished book coming soon! (I'm mailing everyone's preorders first.) See more photos, book details here (including a virtual book to flip through) and purchase it here.

It's a dream project come true. Thank you, Camilla.

Magazine renewal draw

I've been teaching one day a week at the Alberta College of Art & Design and one of the side benefits is an educational discount with Apple. When we recently bought a new laptop, we also got a complimentary iPod Touch. It is very touchable, indeed, but it remains unopened its original pristine packaging to make it first prize in a draw. If you renew your subscription before December 1, you'll be entered in a draw to with the following:

1st prize: iPod Touch

2nd prize: a full library of UPPERCASE books (or $120 coupon to spend online or in the store)

3rd prize: a complimentary subscription (either a refund for your renewal, a renewal extension by 4 issues, or a subscription that we send to a friend on your behalf.)

Renew today!

What does ten thousand look like?

For a little over a week, the team of Eclecto-makers and I have been working hard! On Saturday evening, we reached our goal: 10,250 custom-made notebooks beribboned and bound by hand. See those three pallets in the photo above? We did seven in total!

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing team of tireless staplers, collators, xyron-masters, and ribbon-cutters: Jenny, Colleen, Maija, Jen, Bonnie (thanks, Mom!) and gratitude to Glen, Janice, Amanda and Deidre. You were a pleasure to work with!

12,000 feet of ribbon (over two miles!?)
30,750 staples
4 pizzas
lots of coffee
1 batch of rice crispie squares (thanks, Colleen!)
many tired hands



Thanks, Geninne

Our current issue features an amazing look inside artist Geninne Zlatkis' Mexican home (written by Victoria Smith). It's a good thing we featured her home when we did, because she and her architect husband have moved and are embarking on another project. I look forward to following along on her blog. Thanks, Geninne for taking this beautiful photo of the magazine.

You can purchase Geninne's beautiful watercolour prints in her Etsy shop.

Weekend Special!

For loyal readers of our blog, we're offering 10% off subscriptions this weekend through Monday (you also save 10% off orders over $72, including our other books and products). Enter the code curious10 at checkout. Pass the code on to your friends and family (ask for a subscription for Christmas!) or purchase a subscription for a friend. Use it as many times as you like!

Jenny, Maija, Colleen, Jen and I are still working hard on the huge order of notebooks, but I'll be back next week with regular posting and some exciting news. Thanks, Deidre, for being the Xyron master yesterday and for posting your encouragement!

{photos by Andrea Jenkins and Heather Smith Jones, via flickr.}

Working Girl(s)

Sadly Harrison Ford is not among us... but the work continues here at UPPERCASE.

Love this 80s movie to bits and Carly Simon's theme song, 'Let the River Run' inspires.

Not open Sundays in December

This morning Art Central sent out an email containing old information. We are not going to be open Sundays in December, nor are we hosting button- and mirror-making workshops on Sundays. Sorry for the confusion; that was information from last year.

We do have pocket mirrors available for purchase in the shop and online. Thanks!

Georgy Girl

It's a film not a tv show so it's not in the running for the contest but 'Georgy Girl' (1966) starring Lynn Redgrave and Charlotte Rampling, has one of the best theme songs (by The Seekers) ever. If you haven't heard it before, click here to have a listen.

Best TV Theme Song: Vote In!


While Janine is busy making papergoods I am busy making up pop culture contests!

Which show do you think has the best TV Theme Song/Opening Sequence 'Laverne & Shirley' or 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.'?


I love the industrial factory aesthetic in 'L & S' but the rainbow lettering in 'MTM' is fabulous. And they are both super 70s sweet & sincere...

 Vote in with your thoughts and picks now!

Go Team Eclecto!

This is a special theme song dedicated to Janine & the Eclectonote Team of amazing creatives who are working around the clock to make a big batch of beautiful eclecto notebooks. 

Go team go! 


Handsome Bachelor

It looks like Bachelor No.2 wins the popular vote. Cary Grant makes a fine bachelor any way you slice it.

The Italian version of the poster pictured above retails for $1200: that's a handsome sum for a handsome gent.

Special thanks to all who voted in!

Vote In: Which movie poster do you fancy the most?

Bachelor No. 1: Original, Classic Hollywood Hitchcock

Bachelor No. 2: Subtle spin



Bachelor No. 3: Abstract gothic/German expressionist??


or, Bachelor No. 4: French romantic

Vote in now!

Robert Downey Jr. vs Cary Grant

Robert Downey Jr. is more than swell, but in my mind he's no match for Cary Grant. To see more Hitchcock Classic film re-casts, visit the 2008 Vanity Fair Hitchcock Classics Photo Portfolio.

Film Fireworks

I was out at one of those hip fusion restaurants the other day - you know, the kind with the giant flat screen tvs playing cool old movies sans sound - and was delighted to re-discover the wonders of Cary Grant & Grace Kelly in Hitchcock's fabulous 'To Catch A Thief" (1955).

The film is fantastic for its stars, its spectacular locations, and exquisite fashions. A real feast for the eyes. The film was also noteworthy for breaking taboo codes of sexual representation. Apparently Hitchcock defied the studio's mandate and opted to keep the 'overtly symbolic' fireworks scene in the final cut.


Camilla's book!

I received a preview sample copy and it looks amazing! The book will be arriving tomorrow and then we'll need some time to insert all the goodies (postcards, art print, luggage tag, stretchy band!!!) The books will begin to ship to their new homes mid next week. Thank you to all of you who have preordered the book. Click here to see more about the book, peek inside and to order. There's so much goodness to share that I had to design a big new page to accommodate the images.

New mirrors from old

I made a fresh batch of pocket mirrors using an assortment of vintage maps. Available in the store and online. Perhaps a nice stocking stuffer to go with an UPPERCASE subscription? Issue 3 ships now for Christmas delivery and we can gift wrap the magazine or include a personal note if you wish.

Type Tuesday: Ed Ruscha

Ed Rusha, via But Does it Float with more about the artist here.

Abigail Reynolds, folded photographs

I came across these and found the relationship between Francisca Prieta's work and Abigail Reynolds' quite interesting.

"I collect second hand tourist guides. Within the century of printed photographs that they contain, I search for plates that have been printed at similar scale, taken from a similar view point.

When I find a near match between book plates, I cut and fold the pages into a new single surface. The dates written on each work give the publication dates of the books I have used. Whichever has been used as the 'base' image is listed first.

The patterns I use to cut the two book pages into one single surface are such that all of both sheets of paper are preserved. If you were to fold all the flaps in or out, the entirety of each image will be seen. The act of folding one image into the other pushes them out into three dimensions in a bulging time ruffle."

More amazing work from Francisca Prieto

"Fascinated by the delicacy and diversity of the security pattern designs inside envelopes, Francisca created her latest addition to her graphic art collection: Between Folds/Envelopes is the title of the exquisite origami wall hanging artworks." Francisca Prieto will be exhibiting at 40 Medcalf 40, (N. 38-40 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE) between 16 Nov 09 and 24 Dec 09.

{Our previous posts about Francisca's typographically-inspired work: bookends and prints.}

Ex Libris

From Cori Kindred's flickr. Some sweet downloadable bookplates from illustrator Helen Dardik available here.