Letters are fun!

This morning I had some fun hand-setting some vintage letters to be used in one of the magazine's upcoming articles. We're still accepting submissions for The Lost Art of The End: click here for more details.

Space Odyssey

All these floating figures have inspired me to re-watch Stanley Kubrick's epic science fiction adventure, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). The future never looked so good, or so scary, in any language.

To watch the original trailer for Kubrick's cinematic masterpiece, click here.


Perspective and imagination

Jan von Holleben

Sorry I'm Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

Two similar techniques noticed in the past day.

Room 6

We're happy to report that a stack of magazines is on its way to Room 6 in North Vancouver. If the mailman is quick, they should arrive on Friday!

Type Tuesday: Truck Gallery

Here are some shots of a client design project I completed just before my Scandinavian holiday. Resonant Dialogues is a five book box set in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Truck gallery (aka Second Story art Society). Thanks Renato and Linda, it was a pleasure to work with you on this. The book was printed by Printcrafters (they print UPPERCASE magazines and books). Check out the alignment of the Truck logos on the book spines. nice!

Would you like one of these sets? On Friday, I'll draw names from everyone who answers this question for the magazine (leave your comments in the Pantone post). The sets are also available at Truck for $25.

Boxes of Jen

Pardon the boxes in the gallery, but the Jen11 show has arrived! I'm not sure how I'll fit it all in, but that's this weekend's challenge. The Jen11 show opens next Thursday, June 4.

Type Tuesday: play

Working on something for issue #2!

Type Tuesday: Lead

This borrowed lead type is on my desk today.

Survey says...

The beauty about being small is that we can connect directly with our readers. Our subscribers are already an integral part of the magazine's content: in the second issue you'll be able to meet some of them in our subscriber profiles. We've also commissioned illustration and photography by people we've recently discovered through the suggestion form and from peeking at our subscribers' website. (Yes, we google you!)

For those of you who've had the chance to read issue one, we invite your comments and hope that you'll respond to this quick survey (click here).

I've been twittering lately and I must say that I'm becoming a fan. Follow us here and I'll reciprocate!

Cool Cover Art

Reading this week's New Yorker, I also came across some very cool cover art.

Jorge Colombo's iphone sketch, conducted "using Brushes, an application for the iPhone, while standing for an hour outside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square" is quite an impressive piece of techno-finger painting.

Watch the video of his work-in-progress here.

Grizzly Bear + The Red Balloon

Apparently Albert Lamorisse's 'La Ballon Rouge' is in the air. I came across this unofficial video of "Two Weeks,' a song off of Grizzly Bear's new album Veckatimest, on Sasha Frere-Jones' New Yorker music blog.

Frere-Jones calls it a "big fat ice-cream cone of a song" and I have to agree. Goes down smooth with floating balloons.

Click here to watch the newly released official video directed by Patrick Daughters.

Film Friday: letterpress impressed

KLUGE from Northern Lights on Vimeo.

Meet Nick Sambrato. He runs a print shop in Orlando, Florida called Mama's Sauce.

Nick isn't a very smart guy. At a time in history when the print industry is pouncing from one space-age technological advancement to the next, Nick has decided to take a giant leap backwards into the industrial revolution.

Meet the Kluge letterpress. An 2,000 pound, cast iron, electric powered monstrosity of vacillating rods, giant spinning wheels and pneumatic hoses. The Kluge is Nick's weapon of choice in his battle against the future.
So why does Nick use the Kluge? A clearly outdated, cumbersome and obsolete machine? The same reason any craftsman uses any tool: for the quality of the finished product. A letterpress offers a tangible, three-dimensional look and feel to the printed image that no other technology can replicate.

Let Nick take you on a trip back in time as he runs through the process of turning an ordinary piece of paper stock into work of art.


I really enjoyed this video; there are some great shots, closeups of the letterpress, one of my favourite Radiohead songs... and it's all shot on the Canon 5dmkii. (This is the kind of camera that I have and I'm hoping to learn more and more about filmmaking and shooting with the 5d.)


Pantone participation

For the magazine: What's your favourite Pantone colour and why? Let us know in the comments: Pantone #, your name, your url (optional). {image from Flickr}

English Romance

Set in the 1930s, I Capture the Castle (directed by Tim Fywell in 2003 and based on Dodie Smith's 1948 novel) has plenty to say about modern romance. The film chronicles the adventures of the Mortmains, an impoverished, eccentric writer's family living in a dilapidated English castle and looking for love and inspiration in quite a few of the wrong places.

First love and loss is captured with uncommon grace by the film's narrator, Cassandra Mortmain, the more bookish, quiet sister pictured below in a heart-to-heart with the beloved who is about to break hers.

Click here to watch a trailer for the film.

Nobody does modern english romance like Jane Austen, and while the BBC productions (and Colin Firth!) take the cake, Hollywood has offered up some fine guilty treasures.

Film stills below from Emma (1996), Becoming Jane (2007) and Pride and Prejudice (2005).


Daily details

Things I did this morning.

Better Homes & Gardens

The UPPERCASE tote bags have made their way into Better Homes & Gardens this month! Heather Lin's Eye Chart pillows are also featured. We've waited a long time for this article to be published... perhaps a year since I was first contacted? {Thank you to Heather for advertising in the launch issue.}

The Balloon Project

In the spring of 2009 under the creative direction of artist Colin Menzies and photographer Wilmer Aburto, a group of children from the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary were inspired to create a world of their own. Each child was presented with the question, “If this balloon was magical, and could fly you away to any other world - what would that world look like in your imagination?” The young artists then added their own illustrations to the photographic portraits. The project will be exhibited with the Creative Kids Museum Exhibit at the Science Centre in Calgary from May 21st to June 25, 2009.

Jennifer Sanchez

It's a grey day here, so I think I'm craving colour! Jennifer Sanchez's works on paper provide a burst of energy. If you're in Toronto, Parts Gallery has an exhibition of her work until May 31.

Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen is a local Calgary illustrator represented by Colagene in Montreal. She does beautiful work, as you can see in this spring image project for Market Mall and the Shisomiso ad that she made for issue #1 of UPPERCASE magazine. Visit Karen's blog to see some of her process for the Market Mall project.

Karen is one of the artists that we profiled in Work/Life: the UPPERCASE directory of Canadian Illustrators & Photographers. Work/Life is a great resource for art directors as well as aspiring creatives. Through interviews, studio images, sketchbook pages and personal mementos, you really get to know the artists. Click the image below to see it larger and to read the article.

UPPERCASE loves Etsy

Work on the second issue is well underway and we have a few pages reserved for advertising. I would like to feature one page of Etsy sellers since the site has been such a great resource for finding artists for the gallery, sellers for my store, illustrators and photographers for the magazine, and great inspiration and advice from Etsy's articles and emails.

Since the magazine was first announced, the vast majority of UPPERCASE magazine single issue purchases and subscriptions have been from online customers: our readership are people who do shop online, making them a the perfect audience for Etsy sellers from near and far.

The rates for these small marketplace ads, as illustrated above, are very inexpensive for print advertising. We also include a link to your site (which will become a bit more prominent as the website organization evolves over the next weeks).

Subscribers rate: $72 CAD or $62.31 USD by today's rate
For non-subscribers: $90 CAD or $77.88 USD by today's rate

Please fill in this form to apply for an ad space.