Issue 5 is here!

Issue 5 has sprung! It is a gorgeous issue (thanks, Matte Stephens for the lovely cover) and is bursting with content and inspirations.

Personally, it was a significant issue for me: I had to get the entire thing edited and designed before the baby arrived! In fact, I received the proofs back from the printer on a Friday, reviewed them on Saturday and got the return shipment entered with fedex so that it was waiting in my mailbox for pickup after the weekend. Good thing I did, since Finley was born that Monday afternoon.

Thank you to Chris Young and the hard-working people at Printcrafters who do a great job printing the magazine each and everytime. It was nice to know that I could send it off and not have to worry.

Here are some snapshots of some favourite spreads.

Like with previous issues, there are always images up on the blog before anything will be arriving in your mailboxes. Please allow 2 weeks for Canadian/US subscriptions to arrive, 3-4 weeks for Europe and up to a month for orders going to Australia. Subscribe or renew today!

Jazzy great Shapes!

Hats off to Eric Hamelin and his jazz ensemble 'No More Shapes' who received a smokin' review in the New York Times.

Hamelin's drumming genius and jazz experimentation was featured in the AudioVisual section of the Winter issue of UPPERCASE magazine, so if you're a subscriber, be sure to check that piece out (page 22)! 

If you are living in Calgary, the band is playing this Wednesday (March 31st) at Cafe Koi.

Their newly released album 'Creesus Crisis' is available for purchase here. *Artwork by Amber Hebert, Denis Desjardins & Eric Hamelin.


Finley Elliot Dresser
March 15, 4:11pm
8lbs 4oz

A very long labour (40 hours) followed by a c-section ended with quite a surprise: it's a boy! Finley is a healthy, cuddly and very cute baby with whom we immediately fell in love. We came home on Friday afternoon and look forward to settling into our new lives as a family. Thank you for your well-wishes!

- - - - - -

Obviously, I am happily occupied with this little bundle and recovering, but rest assured that UPPERCASE magazine continues in full swing: in fact the next issue is printed and will be shipping soon. We're expecting that big delivery within the next week. Please address any questions about your subscriptions or wholesale inquiries to Jenny ( many thanks.

Weekend reading

Proofing issue 5! {and eating cookies from Sarah and Karli of The Hot Cookie. Did you know you can purchase food from Etsy? These St. Louis Specials are delicious! You can also get a cookie "subscription" and receive different cookie flavours each month!}

Please renew!

I've just sent out a second renewal notice to our inaugural subscribers. If you started with the very first issue, then issue 4, with the bird on the cover, was the last issue included in the initial subscription.

This is an important time for the magazine: our inaugural subscribers represent almost a quarter of all subscribers so it is really vital that people continue to support the magazine by renewing. I'm not sure what a typical renewal rate is for a magazine, but then our magazine isn't typical! We're hoping for as high a renewal rate as possible since the magazine is almost entirely funded by subscriptions. From this point on, asking for renewals will become a regular necessity, along with nurturing new subscribers. Beyond the pleasure of content gathering, design and working with our collaborators, there's certainly lots to manage! (Thanks, Jenny, for your tremendous help.)

Part of the unique quality of UPPERCASE magazine is the open dialogue I have as editor/publisher/designer with our readers. Through this blog and your emails, I'm in direct contact with many subscribers and have gotten to know you through your blogs, flickr and messages of support. You offer so much inspiration, thank you!

I hope you are all equally inspired by our quarterly publishing efforts.

{We will send you renewal notices by email when your subscription is nearing an end, but you are more than welcome to renew your subscription anytime by clicking here. We'll add four (or eight) more issues on to your current subscription.}

Thank you!!!

Issue 5 preview!

Here is our next cover! Matte Stephens did a beautiful job. This issue is at the pre-press stage, so it will still be a few weeks before it begins shipping.

If you're planning on subscribing, renewing or even pre-ordering a single copy of issue 5, though, now's the time! I have to get the addresses to the mailing house by Monday, March 15. Subscribers and all orders placed before then will get the magazine in the least amount of time since they are shipped directly from the mailing house. It is still possible to start your subscription with issues 3 or 4: we will mail these out now and issue 5 will follow separately.

All subscriptions placed after March 15 (whether they start with 3, 4 or 5) will be mailed when we get the physical magazines delivered here in Calgary by early April. Subscriptions starting with back issues will be bundled with the latest issue and everything will be mailed in one package.

Speaking of bundles, Glen and I are still waiting on our bundle of joy, due March 16! Exciting times ahead...

Weekend reading

Thank you, Jane (memake), for being our featured Work-in-Progress Society member in issue 4 of UPPERCASE magazine. She took these great photos of the magazine in her workspace, above.

Jane's Etsy shop is full of an eclectic mix of handmade things. I'm particularly fond of her pillows and purses adorned with ribbon script. Each item is one of a kind.

'Pierrot le fou' on Saturday

If you're in Calgary this weekend, don't miss the chance to see Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 masterpiece, Pierrot le fou. A highwater mark of the French New Wave and the road film.

The film is presented by Calgary Cinematheque and shows Saturday, March 6 at 12pm at the Plaza theatre in Kensington.


Camilla's book in her shop

For our European friends, The Suitcase Series: Camilla Engman is back in stock in Camilla's shop. It is always available here as well.

Dice-y printing

Stukenborg on Etsy has some interesting letterpress prints in which dice were used. {via Monoscope}

The Quiet Show

Renata Liwska's new show opens Thursday! We'll be open from 5-9pm. Here's a preview (thanks, Mike and Renata for hanging the show.)


Gorgeous! Upon a Fold

A reader in Australia sent me a link to this amazing webshop, Upon a Fold, dedicated to the art of folded paper. It is such a beautiful website with a smart and inspiring selection of products, plus a great blog.

Owner/designer Justine writes: "I live in Sydney, Australia, and this paper store and blog is something I've wanted to embark on since I was a kid. And now that I’m all grown up I finally have a place where I can gleefully revel in my passion for paper and then share all my new finds with you!

I've been collecting and making things with paper for as long as I can remember. When I’m not working as a graphic designer, I’m still busy cutting, folding and finding inspiration from other paper shapers, artists and engineers. Whenever I come across a beautiful object made of paper I wish I had a place to put it on show for all to see and enjoy. So, ta-da, here it is… Upon a Fold."


Illustrative Shorthand

I came across this digitized book while researching images for the next issue. Every page is scanned and you can see the library marks, page patina and view the beautiful end papers.


Everything at once

This morning, a countertop is being installed in our new ikea-cabinetry kitchen! Soon, we'll have a working sink and we can enjoy a functional kitchen after many weeks of upheaval. (Yup, I'm 38 weeks pregnant, designing the next issue of the magazine and overseeing kitchen renos!)

Debbie Hill's found shopping lists, which she then illustrates, spoke to me when I saw her latest post to flickr. Lots of people collect and post found lists and papers, but it is fun to see her take them as inspiration for drawing and even animation.