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Please see the flickr set to preview pages from issue #10!

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On my desk right now...

Preview copies of the latest issue: Number TEN! The subscriber mailing and wholesale orders are being prepared and will be sent out soon.

(Canadian subscribers, please be patient with the postal system—I suspect that it will be backlogged and slower than usual. US and international subscribers not to worry—your magazines are sent via the United States Postal System.)

Ten (times two)!

I can hardly believe that ten issues of UPPERCASE magazine have been created. TEN! The forthcoming issue is at the printer and will be shipping in a few weeks.

Our dapper covers were photographed by Christine Edwards. I fell in love with both these fellas: Scooter, above, wearing a striped pink bowtie, and Lincoln, below, wearing a polka-dotted number. And so we have two covers! Scooter—with that perfectly curly ear!—will be sent to subscribers and both versions are available for single copy sales in our shop.

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It was an honour to have UPPERCASE magazine in this year's Magazine Library in Tokyo. Click here for more images of the event, held in a private home. Magazines were donated, to be sold as part of a fundraiser for earthquake and tsunami reconstruction funds.

The Creative Connection: looking for a helper or two!

I am excited to be a panelist at The Creative Connection this September in St. Paul, Minnesota (along with some pretty amazing women such as Heather Bailey, Lilla Rogers, Molly Wizenberg, Holly Becker and so many more!) It would be a great opportunity to have an UPPERCASE booth in the marketplace, but since I can't be everywhere at once, I am looking for a paid helper or two, local to the St. Paul area, to be UPPERCASE representatives.

Friday, September 16 1:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday, September 17 from 10am-6pm

To apply, please email janine@uppercasemagazine.com with a description about yourself (ie craft fair or retail experience and/or resume and pertinent urls). Thank you!


Work/Life: Lesley Barnes

Work/Life 2 participant Lesley Barnes has directed a new animated video for Belle and Sebastian. Check it out!

Scenes from Renegade

Hello from Renegade, Brooklyn! Here's a view of our booth and excellent helpers. Thank you to Erin, Dawn, Mark and Correy for representing UPPERCASE magazine and books and for speaking on my behalf. I've been battling a thorough cold and didn't have much of a voice today. I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow for Day 2.

Thanks to my regular team of helpers: Glen and Finley!

If you visited us today and decide you really should have subscribed... no worries: it is easy to do online! Enter the discount code "renegade" for 10% your order. And customers from far and wide can use that discount online this weekend as well!



Correy and Glen give issue 10 another look before it is sent to the printer for prepress.

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair!!

This weekend in Brooklyn, New York, McCarren Park. UPPERCASE will be there! We hope you will be too.

And if you wish you were here, enter the code "renegade" in our online shop for 10% off this weekend.


Nice people

I just wanted to thank Clare, Caitlind, Kendra and Janice for helping me out with making things these past few days. We're almost ready to pack up and leave for Renegade, but first there's the "small" matter of finishing up issue #10. And for that I would like to thank Katherine for volunteering to proofread the magazine before it is off to print.

Thank you for all your subscriber profile submissions, too! There were a lot of them and I will keep them on file for future issues. To be fair, I decided to put them in the order they were received. Doug Savage sent in his profile; he draws the cartoon Savage Chickens. This particular cartoon was inspired by the cereal theme in issue #9:

Be profiled in the next issue!

update: thanks, everyone -- I've more than enough for a few issues of profiles now!

I'm nearing the finish line for issue 10... I would like a few more subscriber profiles to round out that page. The first two submissions will be included in the next issue! Remember to include a photo, please. THANKS!

Please copy the following text and answer the following questions by email to janine@uppercasemagazine.com and attach a photograph of yourself labeled with your last name (at least 2” wide at 300dpi).




How are you creative in your daily life?

What are you most curious about?

What is your most prized possession?

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your preferred creative tool?

What is your favourite food?

website url, if applicable:

blog, if applicable:

shop, if applicable:

Help! (please)

I've got too many things on my plate right now. In fact my "plate" is more like a banquet hall of things I need to get done before we head to Renegade Brooklyn next week. Some of the to-do list is fun stuff like making swag... postcard sets and button-making. Are there any local folks who want to come by on First Thursday to help assemble things? I'll be in the studio from 3-9pm -- even if you're able to drop by for a short while and make a few things that would be so appreciated.

I am also looking for a regular team of makers and doers, to assist in these hands-on tasks like assembly, button-making, book-making and even some sewing (for the dottie angel book.) We would meet once or twice a month at UPPERCASE over iced coffee and cookies and have a good ol' fashioned making-things bee. The first bee will be this Sunday afternoon at 1pm. Please email me if you're interested (janine at uppercasemagazine dot com) thank you!!!

Covet Garden

Just spotted UPPERCASE in the latest issue of Covet Garden featuring the home of illustrator Sandra Dionisi. Thanks, Sandra!