Beautiful Binding

Bookmaker Dennis Yuen has some gorgeous work on his site, as well as many interesting links in his blog.


Art of McSweeney's

Type Tuesday: Ideographic

Amandine Alessandra has some very inspiring typographic experiments documented on her website.

"Amandine Alessandra is a photographer and graphic designer based in London.
After a Masters in Fine Arts & Aesthetics from the Université de Provence in 2003, she moved to the UK where she runs her own photographic practice since 2007 and graduated with a Masters in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication in 2009. She now works as a freelance graphic designer."

Type Tuesday: Chair Defined

Eric Ku goes for a literal interpretation:

"Instead of giving new definition, I redefined the concept of a chair by using alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets."

Type Tuesday: Typo Chair

I'm not sure how comfortable it would be, but I like the concept.

"Michael Bom has designed the abstract typographic Typo chair. Made from recycled billboards of Finnish Birch multiplex. Impressive, well formed and comfortable. Typo chair is a real eye catcher for a dining room or restaurant. Because each billboard is different each chair has it's unique typographic design."

Type Tuesday: Take a seat

Alexie Sommer has created a chair made from 250 sheets of cardboard.

"The a-chair was realised at the Royal College of Art. Initially inspired by a ply-wood furniture exhibition at the Design Museum, which lead to researching Frank Gehry’s cardboard furniture, typographic forms and sustainable materials." (photo of Alan Fletcher reading his book, The Art of Looking Sideways)

Type Tuesday: Sit on it

The Helevetica seat by Hastell aka Chris Jackson: "a designer living and working in the UK doing branding and publicity work, as well as photography and spacial design."

Type Tuesday: Letter Stools

Flip through issue 6

A quick look inside

Here are just a few snapshots of what awaits you in issue 6. See a few more on flickr. Read the full list of contents here.



Issue 6 has arrived!

More peeks and previews coming soon.
Cover illustration by Debbie Powell.


Mon, from the blog Weiwabo, has made some cute dolls who like a good read!

Plastic cameras, you're oh so cute

Who wouldn't love to have a collection of plastic and toy cameras? Start your addiction with Poketo's selection of beauties.

Collection a Day

I really admire Lisa's dedication to her Collection a Day project. Her arrangements make even the mundane things of beauty.

Upon a Fold in Tokyo

Justine and Matt—the folks behind one of the prettiest online shops around—visited Tokyo recently. They're sharing the paper souvenirs of the trip on their blog.


Heather Rasmussen is an artist based in Los Angeles. From viewing the selection of work on her website, it appears that much of her work explores shipping containers as graphic devices, social commentary and landscape elements.

"The series DestructConstruct is based on found photographs of shipping container accidents downloaded from the Internet. Each found image is used as a model for a sculpture that is constructed for the production of the photograph. The sculpture then exists as a photographic work, which directly relates to the original photograph, including the name, place, and date the accident happened. I abstract the scenes of the catastrophes, removing the original context and placing the damaged containers, rendered simply out of colored paper, onto a seamless background. This process transforms the containers into pristine patterns of color and shape, thereby confusing scale and altering the perception of the shipping container as an object. The paper is now seen as fragile, crushed or torn due to an unknown circumstance."

This post is for Glen who is currently reading this book.

Leah Giberson

The talented and prolific artist Leah Giberson has a new print available at Tiny Showcase this week. And we're happy to have a Work-in-Progress Society profile of Leah in the forthcoming issue. Just look at how busy she's been:

Type Tuesday: French Clarendon

A poster available on Etsy by Naomie Ross.

Type Tuesday: Clarendon Love 4

Clarendon display letters for decor.