Wish i was there...

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Can't make it to Renegade? Enter the code "wishiwasthere" for 10% off subscriptions, renewals and books this weekend in the online shop.

See you there!

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At last, after 6 nights on the road, here we are in lovely San Francisco. Me, Glen, little Finley plus Deidre and Jenny (who flew down today, lucky gals) are all looking forward to seeing you from 11am - 7pm Saturday and Sunday at the Renegade Craft Fair. Details here.


On the Road to Renegade

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We've been driving since Sunday and arrived in California today. We'll spend some time in Monterey and then head up to San Francisco. {see the Flickr set so far}

See you at the Renegade Craft Fair, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco this Saturday and Sunday!

Make Ready

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Here's a snapshot of some goodies for Renegade: special edition hand-assembled Eclecto notebooks made with print make-ready from issue 6!

Jing Wei

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Jing Wei created this illustration for Glen's "Creature" article in the current issue. An amazing amount of work goes into her illustrations!

Thanks, Jing.

Read Jing's UPPERCASE Community profile.

Greetings from...

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Some inspiration reference for the Greetings from UPPERCASE event graphics. {source} Thanks, Deidre, for the idea.

Getting ready for Renegade

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A promotional giveaway for the event... (the words are backwards on purpose, these are iron-on transfers for some book bags.)

My little guy

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...is four months old today!

He's the best and so is his dad.

And in those four months, two magazines were printed and distributed, a third's content is being gathered now and an Elegant new book was sent to foreign lands for production. So much for "maternity leave"!

Emily Dumas

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Emily Dumas is a new subscriber who sent an email to introduce us to her work. Very nicely done.

Visit her site Flowers in May for stationery, prints and her blog. Thanks, Emily!

Featured Stockist: Purl Soho

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Purl Soho has a new website to go with their new store. Their physical store stocks UPPERCASE magazine (thank you!) and they have a beautiful full page ad in the current issue (thank you!)

The Purl Bee blog is a never-ending source of inspiring projects, how-to and gorgeous photography.

Fine Little Day's inspiration books

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Visit Elisabeth's site and shop. Always wonderful.

Type Tuesday: Gorgeous Numbers

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More goodness from Friends of Type.

Type Tuesday: Bob's Your Uncle

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As a follow up to the typographic seating featured last week, Martin Yeele, cofounder with his wife Michele of the stationery company Bob's Your Uncle, sent me pictures of SIT benches designed for a recent exhibition in Boston.

Bob's Your Uncle's products are distinctly typographic and bold. How fun to design a notebook and just plaster a big A on the cover!

Dramatic murals by Remed

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LondonRemed's wall art

Stunning street art animation

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an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life ... and how it could probably end.

direction and animation by BLU

On the wall

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Matte StephensKate Bingaman-BurtAmanda Woodward

Gemma Corell

Murals created by UPPERCASE contributors and friends

Let's colour

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You might have already seen this video/commercial by Dulux paints on other blogs recently, but it is well worth finding out more about the Let's Color Project. There are so many inspiring images on their Flickr site as well. It goes well beyond a nice idea for a television commercial into a program that truly affects positive change in places around the world.

LondonPainters' feet from around the world (set)Such a joyous project!

Small Caps

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I'm enjoying the Small Caps blog from Berlin. Thanks for visiting, Sabrina!

In the pages: Andrew Bannecker

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I am very happy that Andrew Bannecker accepted an assignment for the current issue. This is his illustration for Mark Hamilton's article "Colour Coding the Movies: Blue" which explores films with an underwater theme. Here's a snapshot of the magazine from Andrew's blog:

Thanks, Andrew!

Your Secret

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