Fairytales on Film

Finding Neverland (2004), a biopic about the family that inspired children's author J.M. Barrie (played by the dashing and ubiquitous Johnny Depp) to write Peter Pan, is another gem in the also-for-adults fairytale genre.

Name that film: 'Alice'

Beyond the famous fairytale, other fabulous films with 'Alice' in the title include:my mom's all-time favorite movie, A Town Like Alice (1956) based on Nevil Shute's wartime novel; the nearest Martin Scorsese came to making a feminist film, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974); and Woody Allen's portrait of a petulant Manhattan housewife named, you got it: Alice (1990).


Another Alice

The British painter and illustrator Peter Blake's book, Alice Through the Looking-glass: And What Alice Found There offers another stylish, modern interpretation of Carroll's classic tale of a young girl's strange journey of imagination.

Summer Theatre

If you are in Calgary and looking for some theatre to spark up your summer, check out the Mount Royal College's Shakespeare In The Park performances which run July 3 - August 22nd, evenings (7pm) and noon hours at Princess Island Park.

Click here to check the performance guide for a full schedule of plays and dates. Tickets are free or you can reserve special front row seating. This summer's roster of plays includes a street-wise production of 'Romeo & Juliet' scored by the beats of MIA and Notorius B.I.G. as well as the modern pairing of the bard's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' with the music of Queen.

To reserve advanced seating or order a picnic basket from The River Cafe, click here.

'Alice' in waiting

It's old news by now but I thought it would be remiss not to give a special mention to the much anticipated big screen adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland by the master of quirky movie macabre, Tim Burton.

For a photo essay on the making of the movie, its stars (including Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter) and unique look, see this link to the Guardian.

To watch the film's official trailer, click here. With the release date set to March 5, 2010, there is a while to wait on this film. Plenty of time to re-read the book, originally published in 1865.

Weekend Reading

Mignon Khargie emailed us to let us all know about an event happening this Saturday in San Luis Obispo, California.

"Reading In Public (RIP!) was formed to celebrate the written word by way of community performance in public spaces. The project began as a response to the shifting landscape in publishing, and the realization that more and more of us are writing in public, as bloggers and tweeters, for instance. Similarly, we seek to broadcast words in public, through the simple act of contemplative reading on a noisy street corner, or as performance, with readers directly engaging onlookers. Our readers are people of all ages and walks of life who share a passion not only for words, but for story telling. They will pick their own reading materials and craft their own performances. We hope you'll come out and join us wherever you see the Reading Chair. Do bring something to read."

Interactive Postcards

Snoop on mail from the past! Send a vintage postcard to a friend. Create art from old; make and tell new stories.

Guest Blogging at Design Work Life

Check out some posts over here today... thanks, Courtney.

Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

Click here to reminisce.



I found some nice notebooks at Paper-ya on Granville Island in Vancouver and purchased them as "research"—ideas of new papergoods and products to stock in the store.

Covet: Flair

I hope to see this book in person some day! {via Aqua-Velvet}


Merce Cunningham

Revolutionary American choreographer Merce Cunningham passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Internationally celebrated for his innovative movement studies as well as his creative collaborations with other artists including: minimalist composer (and his long-term partner) John Cage, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, Cunningham will long be remembered as a singular 20th century visionary artist.

Our dance critic, Andrea Jenkins, will be including a special profile of Cunningham's contribution to the world of modern dance in a tribute piece featured in the Fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine.

Click here to watch a glimpse of Cunningham's most recent production, 'Nearly Ninety' with musical accompaniement by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Sonic Youth.

Urban Source

Urban Source is a few blocks away from The Assembly of Text and it was a fun discovery. Offering bits and bobs from various sources such as industrial offcuts, overstock and all variety of remnants and scraps, this is the ultimate in creative recycling. I coveted the empty movie film canisters; lined with some tissue paper or fabric remnants they'd make a cool package for a gift of cookies or candies.

Happy friends

I have some more video on my camera, but I can't edit anything on my laptop so it will have to wait until I get back to Calgary. Here's a little peek inside a drawer at The Regional Assembly of Text.

Meet & Greet

The Regional Assembly of Text is a marvelous place! Brandy and Rebecca were so friendly and generous—I am completely inspired by their store, products and approach to business. I've taken dozens of pictures, but you'll have to wait until the fall issue for those!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by; it was so nice to meet you all. This trip to Vancouver was really enjoyable—thank you for the warm reception!

(Photo of one of Brandy and Rebecca's greeting cards.)

A "Regional Assembly" this Saturday!

I hope to see you this Saturday at The Regional Assembly of Text! (Our Calgary shop is open, Deidre and Jenny will be here in my absence.)

What is your Cinema Paradiso?

UPPERCASE magazine is working on a special feature to capture the aura, architectural glory and ageing wonder of movie palaces across the world.

If you have a remarkable art deco theatre, majestic movie house, or otherwise inspiring cinematheque in your town or city, please send us a photograph to help commemorate this increasingly rare form of visual culture in print.

*The photograph above is from a cinematheque in Helsinki that Janine visited on her recent travels.

Cinema Paradiso

If movies offer us a rare form of modern day magic, the spell is cast in part by the special charms of the movie theatre.

Giuseppe Tornatore's Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988) is a loving celebration of a small town cinematheque, told through the lens of a fimmaker's childhood memories. A sweet, nostalgic romance, Italian-style.

Slow and steady

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We're grateful for all the love and attention you've given our fledgling magazine. We hope to welcome many more subscribers in the weeks and months ahead.

We have just a few single copies available in our online shop and we're reserving the rest for new subscribers who sign up between now and issue 3. If you'd like to try out issue 2 before committing to a subscription, single copies are available from our fabulous stockists (across Canada, pockets of the USA plus the UK and Australia). There are also some preview images of the summer edition posted here and you can read a representational portion of the spring launch issue here. Thanks!

The Sweet Tweeds

Kevin Tweed is a talented potter and Kirstie Tweed is an amazing photographer. In the current issue, we feature Kevin's ceramics and creative process as photographed by his wife, Kirstie. It's one of my favourite articles. (Kirstie and I have a bit of a mutual admiration society going on, I think!)