Featured Stockist: Paperchase, London!

please click on the photo for the sourceStarting February 1st, Londoners will have another fine location to find their copy of UPPERCASE magazine: at Paperchase's Tottenham Court location! Paperchase doesn't usually stock magazines and they're doing a trial run at this central store. In addition to UPPERCASE, they'll have other indie favourites like Oh Comely, Frankie and Selvedge as well as more commonly available mags like Monocle and Wallpaper. (Check out the list on the Paperchase Facebook announcement.) They've cautiously only stocked 10 copies of issue #12. Let's knock their socks off: tell everyone you know to go get UPPERCASE at Paperchase Tottenham Court!

The reason that Paperchase is exciting is the huge potential if they decide to expand magazines to other locations. Their list of stores in the UK alone is astounding. It is a small foot in one door, which will hopefully lead to many more. UPPERCASE does not have a distributor—I do it all myself, so having a few larger chains willing to take a chance is fantastic since I would ship to one central location and they would take care of sending it on to their shops. (I have an exciting announcement about a new stockist, stay tuned over the next couple weeks!!!)

I love my loyal and long-term UK stockists, too:

Ray Stitch


Here Gallery

Much Ado Books

These are all excellent independent stores and these shops and I appreciate your patronage there as well. 

type tuesday: House industries exhibition

I'd love to see this:


Exhibition Opening: Feb. 6, 2012, 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Opening Lecture: Rich Roat of House Industries, Feb. 6, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
With on-site screen printing by Fresh Pressed!
Place: Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery, Orange, California
Exhibition runs from Feb. 6 through March 9, 2012
Open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

House Industries celebrates the craft of Photo-Lettering’s past while presenting it in the context of contemporary relevance. Prodigious hand-printed panels and substantial scrims mingle with custom lithographic layers and fascinating alphabetic fixtures by fanatical fabricators. Sprinkled throughout the exhibit are carefully excavated and curated historical Photo-Lettering components including original films, rare specimen books and ceramic artifacts.

type tuesday: Linotype the Film

The Linotype film will premiere this Friday, February 3rd at the SVA Theatre in New York City followed by questions and answers with the film director and crew, moderated by Steven Heller. Get your tickets here!

Director Doug Wilson's film poster was one of the goodies in issue #8's Letterpress Sampler and 100 copies were randomly inserted into copies of the magazine. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones! If not, you can purchase a Linotype film poster in the film shop.

Musée des possibles

photos by Melissa Mongiat"A giant aquarium were you could swim and also see the swimmers from outside.""A forest of multicoloured balloons all year round, winter and summer."

Montréal, 30 May 2010: On a Sunday morning, the Museum of Possibilities (Musée des possibles) was created as an invitation for the public to take ownership of a new public space in the city’s Quartier des spectacles. People were asked to share what they would like to see, do, or who they would like to meet in this space—and together explore all possibilities. 

Read more incredibly interesting projects by the project conceptualizers and collaborators "Living in Our Time" here.

{discovered via Happiness Is...} (thanks, Erin, for the link that got me there)

type tuesday: inflated/deflated

I'm looking forward to featuring this project in more detail in issue #13!

type tuesday: handwritten by proxy

image by Paperfinger

If you're looking for a grand gesture on paper, this is it! Calligrapher extraordinaire Brynn Chernoff will transcribe your letter onto elegant Italian paper with a deckled edge.

type tuesday: Paperweights

Dana Tanamachi's paperweights for West ElmI have a lettering crush on Dana Tanamachi. Have you seen her work in the February issue of Oprah's magazine? I purchased the issue (first time, ever!) to read on my epic journey to Salt Lake City for the Alt Summit. {rediscovered via Papertastebuds} Click here to purchase the paperweights from West Elm.


Source: riazzoli.blogspot.com via kate spade new york on Pinterest

Since I was busy getting the mini party set up, I missed all but the keynote speaker on Friday's Alt Summit lineup. I was very disappointed to have missed so much of Friday's content. Alas. Anyway, the keynote was "How Pinterest Became The Next Game Changer" by founder Ben Silbermann. I have had a Pinterest account for some time, but I haven't used it too much. Mostly from internet overload coupled with lack of time. I also tend to keep my big inspiration files private in Evernote. (I don't want to spoil future content musings for my magazine subscribers!) However, I can see the benefit in using Pinterest as a social and promotion tool and I do like the embed feature, which makes putting things like this pretty image, above, onto the blog quick and easy.

It was amusing to hear Ben's somewhat scattered and unplanned venture into online media, though I have to admit that I'm still a bit perplexed by the standing ovation he received. The presentation also neglected to explain how the site and its staff are supported and the very first question from the floor was to that effect. (The answer? Venture capital. But he wouldn't divulge how they intend to grow the company or sustain the service.)

Here are some varying perspectives on Pinterest: Life-changing. Questioning the hype. What's the deal with Pinterest?

I think how Pinterest could be really useful and engaging for me and the UPPERCASE community of readers is if we had communal boards of inspiration. You could show me what inspires you, your interests, the trends that you're seeing and participating in, things that you think would be of interest to other UPPERCASE readers or for magazine content... I've long thought of setting up something like this in Tumblr, but perhaps Pinterest would be more appropriate...

Would this interest you? Which platform would you prefer? Please put your responses in the comments like this, your preferred platform, followed by your username or Pinterest/Tumblr url:

yes, Pinterest  http://pinterest.com/uppercasemag


yes, Tumblr  http://uppercasemagazine.tumblr.com

I've also started a board where I'm pinning images taken by UPPERCASE readers and contributors of the magazine inself. Pinterest seems like a good way to collect all those instagrams and twitter pictures that I come across. The board is called "UPPERCASE, by you."


participate in 13: deadline approaching!

submission from Klara BothenIssue 13: Cloudy Days

Cloud and raindrop motifs are quite popular in craft and design. Please submit your examples to be considered for the Spring issue of UPPERCASE magazine. Files should be at least 6 inches wide at 300dpi and uploaded here with the appropriate information. DEADLINE: February 1, 2012

Textiles: Clara Vuletich at Harvest

images from the Harvest blog
There's an intriguing collaboration going on down under: Clara Vuletich (profiled on one of the early issues of the magazine) has spending time at Harvest Textiles this month.

The residency will explore the concept of 'local textiles’. Clara hopes to combine her knowledge of sustainable textile print and dye processes with her interest in new forms of design and community activity that promote ‘home-grown’ knowledge/skills and encourage well-being.

"We live in a globalised world where most of our clothing, textiles and objects are made abroad and we are disconnected to the making of most of the products in our lives," says Clara. "How can we re-connect? The idea of ‘local’ has gained prominence in most urban cities with slow food, farmers markets, the sprouting of an urban agriculture movement and the re-emergence of independent retailers and companies, who offer us trust, loyalty and a sense of community. But what does this mean for textiles?"

(I'm excited to receive a package from Harvest to feature in issue #13.)

Featured Stockist: Het Grote Avontuur, Amsterdam

This absolutely wondrous shop is located in Amsterdam. They stock Dottie Angel and the magazine, so for those of you on that side of the world, you can visit them in person or order online. Visit their blog to see more on their shelves.


photo by Lara RossignolI'm very excited that photographer Lara Rossignol is collaborating on a feature for issue 13. There's a sneak preview over here on her blog!

Weekend Reading: dottie angel

photos by Amanda at Kaleidoscope design blogHead on over to the Australian blog, Kaleidoscope for a photographic review of UPPERCASE's dottie angel book about the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell.

Weekend Reading: poolside

photo by Helen Corbett

Lisa Sonora Beam at Hacienda Mosaico, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The Creative Entrepreneur Workshop

Fogo Island residencies

Applications for 2012 are already closed, but you could definitely put this on a creative adventure wish list!

The Fogo Island Arts Corporation Residency Program aims to bring contemporary artists of international caliber to live and work on Fogo Island and Change Islands.  The program encourages the participation of artists working in a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to: visual arts, new media, design, music, dance, writing and film.  Four of six studios are already built.  We expect to have all facilities up and running by the end of 2012. 

issue 12: Tonja Torgerson

photo from Tonja's blog

photo from Tonja's blog

Issue 12's major theme is "creative adventure". Obviously a broad theme and open to interpretation, a creative adventure can be as extensive as a trip to a foreign land, embarking on a new area of study or simply looking at your immediate surroundings in a new way.

Artist Tonja Torgerson's creative adventure was an artist's residency on the Fogo Islands. I receive her email newsletters and this is how I found out about her creative adventure. I asked her to write a recap about the experience. You can read the full article in the current issue and browse her blog to read her posts from the residency.

alt: the inspiration

So how did the idea for the plexi drawing panel photobooth come about?

I have a 22 month old boy and we have watched this Sesame Street video many times! I think it had worked its way into my subconscious. During the planning stage, I also took a large poster to get framed and that's where the plexiglass notion came about. Here are some of the videos that I shared with Ryan and Elana at Squarespace to communicate my concept...

This is an animation I made quite a few years ago in my gallery.

Collaborative Doodling from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo

Drawing Techniques & Ideas -- powered by ehow



alt: Squarespace + UPPERCASE party video

alt: shop sweet lulu

photo by Jessie SeneseJessie of Shop Sweet Lulu was a tremendous help and excellent conference buddy. She provided the lovely polka dot cups that we used as tea light holders (easily and stylishly covering battery-operated candles that were scattered on the tabletops).

Candy cups

Paper straws

The photo area backdrop, made of tissue paper garlands, was also sourced by Jessie.

Looking for party decorations or something special for Valentine's Day? Look no further than Shop Sweet Lulu.

alt: handwritten by you

The party table runner graphics were made by some of the bloggers that I know who attended the conference. Squarespace had provided their handwritten slogan as a starting point, so the intent of asking more people was to have more a diversity of voices represented. Thank you:

Eva Jorgensen / Sycamore Street Press

Lisa Congdon / A Collection a Day / Today is Going to be Awesome

Erin Loechner / Design for Mankind

Alyssa Yuhas  / We like We Love

Jessie Senese / Shop Sweet Lulu

Brooke Reynolds / Inchmark 

I asked them to just scribble the theme "handmade by you" on a piece of paper and make whatever doodles came to mind. Had I had more budget for digital printouts, I would have liked to use more of the graphics, but I settled on the various interpretations of the words, making a wallpaper design out of it.