A Grand Banner


Around the block from UPPERCASE's home in Art Central, Theatre Junction is getting ready to unveil the newly renovated Grand Theatre. The Theatre Junction marketing campaign by Combine uses old marquee typography to create a lively identity for the upcoming season in their new home. It is exciting to be part of the downtown arts district and all the innovative projects happening both in Art Central and in our immediate neighbourhood.

Another architectural project to look forward to: Foster and Partners will be designing the EnCana office complex to be located just across the street from Art Central (the view outside my window). Constuction likely won't be starting for a few years, but it is good to know that the project will have an outstanding architectural firm who has designed impressive structures around the world. Per their press release: "The project, located between Seventh and Fifth Avenues and spanning two city blocks, will be the first significant commercial project east of Centre Street in downtown Calgary. Locked into the fabric of the city, it will have a strong impact on the urban context. Its scope and magnitude offers a unique opportunity to set the tone of development for this emerging urban quarter - to provide a highly efficient, exemplar sustainable scheme."


Alphabets - I love you.


Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography

I'd love to have this exhibition at UPPERCASE, but based on the photographs posted on their exhibition website, it looks much too extensive for us to host in our small gallery. Perhaps a collaboration with ACAD could bring this to Calgary... 

"Focusing on an ordinary subject that we see each day, often in the hundreds of thousands, Alphabet presents 26 letters as more than just shapes for conveying information. The 48 artists and designers in this show conceive and interpret the alphabet in surprising and inventive ways, ranging from graceful and polished to witty and unconventional. The 60 alphabets featured in Alphabet were created by artists in North America, Europe, and Asia, and represent work from well-known typographers and designers as well as rising artists and design students."


Wimbledon Green

wimbledon.jpgThe Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World

by Seth

From the critically acclaimed Canadian cartoonist of Clyde Fans and It’s a Good Life comes a humorous graphic novel on the obsession of collecting comic books.

Taking a break from the serialization of his saga Clyde Fans and the design of The Complete Peanuts, Seth creates in this stand-alone piece a farcical world of people whose passion lies in the need to own comic books and only in pristine, mint condition.

Meet Wimbledon Green, the self-proclaimed world’s greatest comic book collector who brokered the world’s best comic book deal in the history of collecting. Comic book retailers, auctioneers and conventioneers from around North America, as well as Green’s collecting rivals, weigh in on the man and his vast collection of comic books. Are Green’s intentions honourable? Does he truly love comics or is he driven by the need to conquer? Finally, is he really even Wimbledon Green?

Here is a charming and amusing caper where comic book collecting is a world of intrigue and high finance. Part riotous chase, part whimsical character sketch, Wimbledon Green looks at the urge to collect and the need to reinvent oneself.

From the Raincoast Books website.