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I've extended the deadline for Peep submissions for issue #13: get them in by Friday to be published in lucky issue #13 (released in April). Thanks for the Peeps so far!

Happy Leap day!

Foul-mouthed typewriter

Typewriter exhibit

A project by Exit Creative.

Colourful typewriters

via Curiosity Counts


Poketo seems to have grown by leaps and bounds this past year. We last featured Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung in the Beginnings column back in issue #8.

There's so much to covet on their site! Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Little Studio Nordic Happy Design

I received a very nice introductory email letter from Little Studio (Sweden) with these lovely pictures of their wares attached.

Marit Lissdaniels and Angelica Utterberg are the names behind Little Studio. We offer playful and cheerful design, which is supposed to fit equally well to adults as to children. We opened up our shop in 2010, and we got a really good response. At first we only offered graphic prints, now we have expanded our collection with pillowcases, trays and cutting boards. Children's ability to see things for more than what they really are, is a great inspiration to us. For example, a triangle could just be a triangle—but it can also be a mountain. Or a circle, a circular symbol, can with other circles turn into soap bubbles.

We try to avoid the traditional gender roles, we want everything to fit all. It's so much more fun we think, when you erase these boundaries and get to choose freely. Instead, we try to create designs that with the aid of imagination, color and shape conveys a special feeling.

I quite like these bubbles!


type tuesday: Metal type (madness!)

Another successful project funded with many days left!

type tuesday: Vernacular Typography

Molly Woodward wrote in to share her Kickstarter project (happily funded, but a couple days to go!)

"I started Vernacular Typography as a community-based initiative and digital archive to encourage the documentation, preservation, and promotion of local visual communication. The goal of the project is to document, map, and archive as many examples of vernacular typography before it disappears altogether. Right now, the project exists as a website and has over 5,000 images of found lettering from all over the world."

Girl Crush tea party with Tif Fussell (dottie angel)

The Jealous Curator has a great series of Girl Crush tea parties planned. We have crushes on the same amazing ladies such as Tif Fussell and Lisa Congdon and Shauna Alterio. (The Jealous Curator has even more crushes than me!) Tif's tea party will be held at Seattle's Assemble Gallery & Studio—the same lovely gallery where Tif and I had the book launch for The Suitcase Series: Dottie Angel

A trip down memory lane...

Three springs and a lifetime ago, Glen and I went to Scandinavia to meet Camilla and exlore Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Posts from that trip are here. We'll return someday...

Creative Adventure with Camilla Engman

illustration by Camilla EngmanAngela Ritchie's Ace Camp is heading back to visit Camilla Engman (Gothenburg, Sweden) for the third time!

"The group will be staying at Hotel Flora and will have time to explore Gothenburg together and on their own. Camilla will lead a 4 day workshop and take us to her inspirational places in Gothenburg. This Ace Camp will include an excursion to the west coast archipelago and the town of Marstand where you will collect your imagery in sketchbooks and transform them into a painting in the studio. Artists of all levels, from beginner to experienced are encouraged to participate. May 13-20, 2012" For full details and registration, click here.


(Please note that the 2-colour art print is sold out.)



If you can't make the trip, the The Suitcase Series: Camilla Engman that Camilla and I made a few years ago will immerse you in her art, craft and culture. The book is available for purchase here.

The Aesthetic of Funk

Handmade Portraits: Xenobia Bailey from Etsy on Vimeo.


Thank you to Jeremiah Glazer at Etsy for sending me a link to their latest Handmade Portraits video feature about Xenobia Bailey. Jeremiah writes:

"Her work, which has been featured in museums, television (The Cosby Show), and film (Do The Right Thing), is extraordinarily imaginative and diverse — crowns, mandalas, dresses, sculptures, even teas — but they’re all an articulation of what she calls the “aesthetic of funk.” Xenobia says that she learned to “funk it together” by watching the women in her community beautify their environments with limited resources. She has continued to preserve and extend that tradition in her extraordinarily diverse art pieces and clothing."

w.i.p.s wednesday: Andrea D'Aquino

final illustration by Andrea D'Aquino

When you work with illustrator Andrea D'Aquino, be prepared for her enthusiasm, generosity and amazing talent! Andrea illustrated the cover of issue #9 (which is one of my favourite covers) and so I asked her to illustrate an article in the current issue about quilting and community. She outdid herself with so many great images to choose from. She called these "roughs" but they're all publishable quality, that's for sure! Look at this abundance of riches:

Thank you, Andrea. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

You can read more about Andrea in Work/Life 2: the UPPERCASE directory of illustration, international edition.

Blog Beautiful

photo by Elisabeth DunkerThe Blog Beautiful column in the magazine is one that is somewhat out of my control when it comes to editorial content. You see, it is the currently profiled Blog Beautiful blogger who picks their favourite blog and writes about it in the next issue. Much like clicking on one link and then another and another, each is somehow related but also offers interesting surprises and new content. The pairing depicted above is about Lena Sjöberg profiled by Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day, two very talented Swedes!

illustration by Lena Sjöberg

Lena is a successful illustrator and popular in Sweden. Her recent self-published book has been selected by the Swedish National Library as one of 25 notable publications.

type tuesday: 3dG

type tuesday: the original kind of 3d

type tuesday: playdough

type tuesday: 3d prototyping

Dimensional prototyping of new letterforms based on old designs.

type tuesday:

An experiment in 3D letterforms by Letters are my Friends. Read more about it on the Co.Design blog.

Eva Franco

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Eva Franco in her amazing studio in Los Angeles. Eva has been an UPPERCASE subscriber for quite a while and she came to visit our booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. Eva and her studio will be featured in the spring issue of UPPERCASE that is currently in progress. (A primary themes I'm exploring in the next issue is indie fashion as well as luck/superstition and how weather influences creativity). 

Eva's just posted this video on her blog. It offers a glimpse at her creative process and will whet your appetite for more!


Source: via Janine on Pinterest



A selection of Eva's clothes are available through ModCloth. More of my favourites on Pinterest.