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Letterpress real and virtual

The Letterpress Sampler and Matchbox Labels exhibition will be on display for another First Thursday next week if you'd like to stop by in person. In the meantime, if you wanted to enter the giveaway for the Letterpress Sampler, I will be drawing from our current subscribers as well as new subscribers at the end of February. Subscribe or renew today!

Speaking of letterpress, check out this AWESOME app in development for the iPad and other platforms. Glen and I were discussing this very concept of a virtual letterpress on an iPad and it looks like these folks have already been working on the idea, and most impressively!


Another reason to love Anthropologie!

Here's some great news: because of our Issue #7 feature of the extraordinarily talented painter Christopher Stott, the art director at commissioned Chris to paint five original works for their website. The paintings will be featured throughout the week.

Last year, the Frugal and Fancy feature on my friend Paige Smith also caught the eye of their buyer and her ring holders (below) are in stores across in the US and Canada. It's very exciting and gratifying to me that UPPERCASE magazine is inspiring such opportunities! And it just goes to show you how Anthropologie as a company embraces independent artists and designers.

I'm an avid Anthropologie fan and I know that many of my readers are enthusiastic customers as well. I would love to have my books and the magazine in their stores. Their curated selection of books is always smart, pretty and inspiring.


Finley made this arrangement of objects all on his own.

But this was my doing:

Proofing then printing

Work/Life 2 and A Collection a Day are getting down to the last stage: printing! The proofs are signed and I'll be heading to Winnipeg next week to see both projects on press.

The shot above shows how many signatures make up the 448-page A Collection a Day book! These books will literally be on press for days!

Issue 9 reader question

Photo from issue #8 by Tara O'Brady, Seven Spoons

A question for our readers: How has a love of food inspired your creativity?

Please leave your comments below. Include links if relevant, thanks!


Typewriter by Tracey Ayton

Vancouver-based photographer Tracey Ayton is having a giveaway over on her blog today, as 12" x 12" canvas print of this lovely photo.

Typewriter, deconstructed

Todd McLellan takes things apart in order to photograph them.

"In my series disassembly, I have used old items that are no longer used by the masses and often found on the street curbs heading for disposal. All of the items in the photographs were in working order. The interesting part was the fact that they were all so well built, and the parts were most likely put together by hand. I envisioned all the enjoyment these pieces had given many people for many years, all to be replaced by new technology that will be rapidly replaced with half the use." Read more here.

Typewriters advertising books

I'm not sure that people looking to purchase a laptop are really the target market for Penguin books, but it could be a welcome diversion to all the tech.

"To disseminate the Penguin classics - Companhia das Letras in POV, we created an action to draw the attention of hipsters and also the new generation. We ended up pleasing everyone." (Google translation from Portuguese)

Featured Stockist: Good Egg

Good Egg in Toronto's Kensington Market has been a regular stockist for a long time. I would love to visit their beautiful shop in person someday!

"Good Egg is a shop dedicated to those who like to eat. Come by for a kid-in-a-candy-shop experience. You’ll be among books and things devoted to the art and culture of food, and some silly stuff too. Art, eh? Consider this: if food, like sleep, is a basic human need, and we dream while we sleep, should we not dream while we eat? Good Egg thinks so."

This nicely illustrated and lettered image, below, is by regular UPPERCASE contributor Alanna Cavanagh.

Thank you to proprietor, Mika, for her kind support of UPPERCASE magazine!

A note on the postal system

My fellow Canadians, I have been receiving your queries about the status of your magazines! Even my mom is emailing, "where's my magazine?" I realize they are taking longer than usual to reach our Canadian subscribers and I have alerted the mailing house to look into it. Thanks for your patience; the Canada Post system is truly the definition of snail mail.

If you have placed a recent Canadian subscription order through our website (late January and onward) then these copies are sent from our fulfillment house per usual.

Please note that the delivery times for all orders placed in the shop are also at the mercy of the postal system here in Canada and abroad. I push the orders to the fulfillment house as soon as possible, but once in the mail I cannot know how long each shipment will take: winter storms in the eastern USA, heavy snowfall in the UK, floods in Australia... these things delay individual shipments and are beyond anyone's control.

If I could hand-deliver the magazine to each and everyone of you, I would. It causes me great stress knowing that so many people are still waiting, but I have to trust that the mailing and fulfillment houses are doing their jobs in getting orders out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Cereal Box call for submissions

Here's a teaser of some of the cereal box designs I've received. Keep them coming! The deadline is February 20. More details below and on our participate page.

Issue 9 (spring) explores how food inspires creativity. For this open call, you are invited to submit your cereal box designs and illustrations! Are you a fan of the sugary sweet cartoon-character puffs? Or perhaps a grown-up granola inspires a more typographic solution? You can redesign an existing cereal box or feel free to come up with a new name and concept for your cereal.

I plan on making mockups of the best submissions and photographing them for inclusion in the magazine. Please download a template (illustrator file or pdf file) and design the front, side and top flap. Files should be submitted as 300dpi jpgs or pdfs and named with your last name. Please include your full name, address and email in the design file. Files can be uploaded here.


Sampler winner

Thank you to all for your great comments. There are really so many deserving recipients with sincere and sweet ideas, but I was intrigued and amused by the idea of a Letterpress Gang in Nova Scotia! Though there are plenty of greeting cards in the Samplers, a lot of the samples are very design-oriented which would be most appreciated by other designers and printers. I hope the Letterpress Gang can be inspired by the sampler and in turn create more letterpressed items and continue to spread the letterpress love across the nation! We need more creative letterpress printers in Canada.

Sarah wrote: I know if I won the designer in me would be tempted to keep them all to myself, but I'd have to share them with my fellow letterpress lovers... I belong to a small group of dedicated letterpress enthusiasts (the Letterpress Gang) who meet every Monday, rain, hail or snow (we're in Nova Scotia) to create letterpress art to share with the community and raise awareness of the wonderful art of letterpress. We're always looking for, and sharing, beautiful and inspiring samples (we are anxiously awaiting delivery of our new Uppercase magazines to see which sample we get!). Maybe one of the pieces could find it's way onto my wall!


Letterpress Love - win a sampler!

Let's celebrate the love of ink on paper! I'm giving away the 10 UPPERCASE letterpress samplers. The samplers contain 50+ posters, cards and other goodies donated by some very fine printers. (see photos of a portion of the samples.) Congrats to Haley who won the first sampler on First Thursday.

Here's how you can win:

1. leave a comment below about what you would do with 50 letterpress samples. The best comment received on February 14 will win a sampler. (update: comments are now closed, thank you!)

2. twitter @uppercasemag with #letterpresslove (I'll do a random draw from the tweets at the end of the day)

3. subscribe to the magazine (I'll draw from all new subscribers in the month of February.)

4. renew your subscription (I'll draw from all renewals at the end of the month. Renew for two years and you'll get two entries.)

5. if you're already a subscriber, you are also automatically entered into a draw for 5 remaining samplers.

Heartfish Press


Where the time goes...

Woah, things are busy around here! The past week has flown by, but not without a whole lot going on:

Last Thursday celebrated the release of issue #8 and the Letterpress Sampler — more pictures posted soon, I promise!

I'm reviewing the printer proofs of A Collection a Day, I got to see the printer proofs of the Shoegazing Notecard Set published by Chronicle Books later this year and Work/Life 2 is off to the printer in a matter of days.

The Elegant Cockroach by Deidre Martin and Stefanie Augustine made it to #3 on Calgary's Bestseller list! (hey locals, let's get it to #1!!! Check the book's page for local bookstores.)

Martha Stewart Living is hosting an amazing contest on their website, called Prized Collections, in collaboration with A Collection a Day: 

"In the February 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living, we celebrated the collections of some of our favorite tastemakers. We were especially taken with Lisa Congdon, whose assortment of midcentury kitchenware only scratches the surface of her passion for collecting. An artist and illustrator, Lisa spent 2010 blogging a new collection every day; in spring 2011, Uppercase will publish her book, "A Collection a Day." Now it's your chance to share your collecting artistry with us. Upload photos of your prized possessions by March 28 for a chance to win one of three line drawings from Lisa, plus a copy of her new book. The finalists will be featured on"

Tif Fussell's blog, dottie angel, got a nice mention in the current issue of the Australian magazine Inside Out. (Also exciting: the style director of the magazine will be featured in the next issue of UPPERCASE.) Tif has some really nice notebooks for sale in her shop. We also got some great news about the foreword to her book, but we'll save that reveal for later!

And on a personal note, at nearly 11 months old Finley is finally cutting his first tooth. Which means that I barely slept a wink last night, but at least he's feeling happy right now. He also began standing by himself this week.

First Thursday this week!

Snap + Tumble

In celebration of the release of the latest issue of the magazine for the creative and curious, UPPERCASE presents "The Touchy Feely Letterpress Exhibition" and "The Perfect Match Miniature Label Montage".
The current issue features a Letterpress Sampler in which an actual letterpress item like a card, art print or other goodie is inserted randomly into each magazine. You can see (and feel) all the submissions at the exhibition in the gallery, read about all the letterpress printers in the magazine, and view their work in our online gallery.
We're giving away a dozen complete samplers, each containing over 50 amazing items. Stay tuned to the blog through the month of February for details. Come down to Art Central this Thursday to win one in person!
Also on display are vintage matchbox labels; have your own free label that comes with a purchase of the magazine or a subscription.
A must-see show for lovers of letterpress and those enamored with ephemera! Join us this Thursday, February 3 from 5-9pm for a warm reception.