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the THE

Having some fun for a feature article in UPPERCASE magazine!

Typewriter collector Martin Howard

There's an article in today's Globe and Mail about typewriter collecting: "Rescuing typewriters from the wild
For aficionados, spotting a Remington Standard or early Underwood is like finding a diamond in the rough."

Watch a video about Canada's prolific collector, Martin Howard on the Globe and Mail website. Visit his website for a wealth of imagery and information.

A nice photo

A nice composition

{ via poppytalk }


A nice idea

"We left two cameras on New York City Benches. What happened next?" Smitten/Cup of Jo

No spring in sight

no spring in sight from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo.

(The sound's warbly - watch it on Vimeo for HD and better sound.)


Too small for Mr. Bean

His Mini is his comedic sidekick.

You transport the car

Photo by Buttonmo0on on Flickr. (Many great images to view from this designer/photographer in Wales.)

Urkel vs Elvis

My vote goes with Urkel.


How it works

View the diagrams larger here.


Isetta Ad


These would be fun to drive down a smooth country road in Europe somewhere... It's the Isetta microcar from the mid-1950s. There's a company recreating electric versions, called the Harrington BB. "The vehicle's incredibly simple drivetrain has no transmission, relying instead on the wide power band of the wheel-mounted electric motors to provide smooth acceleration. There's a simple "forward/reverse" lever to choose your direction. They've clocked about 800 miles driving the prototype around the streets of Saigon, Vietnam without suffering a breakdown. Its main drawback is speed - it has a top speed of only 30 mph (48 km/h), with a range of approximately 60 miles (96 km) on an 8 hour charge."

Via Treehugger: "Have we grown so much in fifty years that we couldn't slow down a bit for safety, and drive such cars again?"

{ 1. Cary Grant, 2. 3. 4. }


Jesse Lefkovitz

This gorgeous print by Jesse Lefkovitz is this week's Tiny Showcase. (Jesse's one of the artists in The Shatner Show book)

Type Tuesday: Darren Booth

And my Canadian favourite and illustrator of the Work/Life cover, Darren Booth. (Buy the book here!) Apparently Work/Life is in the current HOW annual, but I have not seen it yet. It is also supposed to get a mention in the resources section of the March issue of Communication Arts.

Type Tuesday: Wise Investments

Free advice at PJ Chmiel via Design is Mine.

Type Tuesday: Linzie Hunter

One of my favourites, Linzie Hunter.

Type Tuesday: Andy Smith

Fun book work by Andy Smith.

Type Tuesday: Paul Thurlby

You can follow illustrator Paul Thurlby's progress as he illustrates his own unique alphabet. A through G are looking good!

Type Tuesday: No worries

Available (for just $15) at The Weekly Print.