Paperbag Clothing Special Event

This Saturday evening, clothing designer Kathie Armstrong will be launching the spring line of Paperbag Clothing. The event takes place in UPPERCASE from 7pm - 9pm. Tickets are $15 and available at the door. Join Kathie for wine & cheese, music and 25% off her clothing products.

"As far as my own work goes, I feel as if it is still taking shape and finding its form stylistically. The clothes I produce have a rough jagged look that I love. It has a rawness to it that helps the viewer to appreciate it both as a means for communicating clothing design and as a conceptual art piece. I rely on textures and shapes to complete my collections and love to offset a piece with different size pockets, random shaped buttons or contrast stitching.

When designing a collection, I start out with some basic rough sketches. From there I develop a theme and work my collection around the theme because I like when pieces can relate to one another. I usually have an idea of the type of fabrics I want to use, which is also incorporated into the designing process. It can take up to five protocols before I feel I have mastered the fit and look of a piece. I know a piece is done when I can put it on and want to wear it right away."

Kathie trained at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. She has designed high-end couture for New York Fashion Week as well as sports/yoga wear for Lululemon Athletica. "I ended up designing sportswear because it is what i buy and can relate to. I think you have to have some emotional connection with your product or you’ll never expresses your true creativity."


Leap Year Special

I can always use more time, so having an extra day in an already short month is most welcome. To celebrate leap year, orders of $25 or more placed in the online shop tonight until February 29 at midnight will receive a special gift — a pocket notebook by mmmg. (While supplies last. If I run out, I'll include something equally charming.)

If you're shopping in person on Friday — and we're always happy to see you — mention our blog and you'll have a choice of a mmmg notebook or an UPPERCASE greeting card. Leap on over!

NYC Garbage

Pieces of "the NYC landscape" are carefully sealed into clear plastic cubes. More than 700 of them have been sold. Via Moleskine City.

(Did you know that UPPERCASE now carries Moleskine notebooks?) 


Garbage as Art

Emil Norsic & Son are Long Island sanitation experts with an eye for treasures.

Every now and again we come across a discarded item which may have outlived its usefulness to its owner, but which we feel is possessed of a special beauty. Instead of just sending these things on to the oblivion of the recycling plant or the landfill, we decided to dedicate a page to celebrating that beauty. We call it, “Garbage as Art”.


Flotsam & Jetsam

Dimitris Karaiskos is a graphic design from Athens who collects interesting debris that washes ashore. He has recently published his collection in a book entitled "Flotsam & Jetsam".

"It's actually a small part (about 150 pieces) of my collection of around 1000 objects I found washed up mainly on beaches in Greece but also around the world (from Scotland to New Zealand and the Maldives).

Some of them are strange and unusual, some are common but photographed in such a way that you can't really tell what they are (or how big they are, since we decided to kill any sense of scale): Nautical maps and graphs found nearby cargo boat wrecks, pieces from lighthouses, an inflatable sex-doll head, a lifejacket from a US-Navy fighter jet, pieces of driftwood that look like creatures, deformed kids' toys and endless consumer products from around the world in their dilapitated by the sea, sun and oil packaging. We paired these objects together in funny or nice-looking combinations."

In the book's introduction, Ian Jeffreys writes, "Beachcombing is a way of consulting providence. You walk the shore and kick this or that piece of plastic debris and although it might turn out to be no more than an emptied tube of Polish toothpaste discharged by a freighter it might be altogether more intriguing. If we are lucky providence delivers something of value, something surprising and enlivening."


Olivetti via The Nonist

Type Tuesday: Margaret Kilgallen

Type Tuesday: Jim Houser

Jim Houser creates installations and paintings in which text and lettering an integral aspect of his work.

Jim Houser's paintings are the system by which he actively catalogs the images and noises which command his attention. His installations act to create a map of the contents of his head over the course of a particular period in time. His interests include: listening to the cadence of speech. science and science fiction. sickness and disease. plants and animals. sport. time travel. ghosts. the art of children. secrets. radio. codes and code breaking. words that sound beautiful and mean something terrible, words that sound horrible but mean something wonderful. codes and code breaking.


Type Tuesday: Sighn

Chicago-based artist Sighn combines woodworking and lettering in his work. His latest — and monumental — project is to cut the phrase "It's ok" out of blocks of wood, in an edition of 1,000,000. He estimates it will be a life-long project. You can support his effort by purchasing It's ok here. (Watch the video of his process and motivation.)

Type Tuesday: Martin Creed

Type Tuesday: Fred Eerdekens

Work/Life: Evaan Kheraj



Super, Saturated: Wear Colour

A design student is taking The Sartorialist street fashion photos and translating them in colour palettes via the Colour Lovers site. Via Hello You (an instant favourite!)



At Home with William Shatner



Super, Saturated: Rachel Ann Austin

Oil paintings by Portland artist Rachel Ann Austin, discovered via the M & Stetson blog.

Rachel has long been passionate about creating new, beautiful things. She began her career as an artist building tables and went on to study woodworking at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. With this unique perspective, she soon gathered books full of sketches into a growing body of paintings.


Super, Saturated: Amy Chin

Music @ Lunch

Looking for a break from work tomorrow? Ensemble Resonance will be playing during the lunch hour in Art Central tomorrow (Thursday, 21st) from Noon – 1pm on the lower level as part of New Music in New Places presenting music by Calgary composers.


Perfect colours from Perfectbound