Cute dogs for your Friday

I had fun photographing Lisa Brawn's studio for the fall issue yesterday. Here's one of my favourite shots of her shop assistants.

From Vimeo

T&S Teaser 3 from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Keep in mind that this is CG! Check out his architectural renderings as well.


Light those Bonfires

Tomorrow is the deadline for your art to be considered for the Bonfire article in the fall issue. We have already received some photography submissions, as well as a painting by Lisa Congdon and a print by Blair Kelly. I know there are plenty of Bonfire works-in-progress out there and look forward to seeing the results of this call for submissions. More details can be found here. (Email me if you have questions or need more time to finish your piece.)


Well covered!

Thank you to all who have been sending your "cover me" album art makeover submissions. The response has been terrific and due to the high quality of your artwork, I'm expanding it to 4 pages in the magazine. (The deadline is September 1 if you plan on sending something.) Visit our participate page for more details.

Illustration: Alli Coate

Some nice illustration incorporating stitching in Alli Coate's portfolio. You'll be able to see some of Alli's work in the upcoming issue—she submitted work to the Album Covers Makeover (the deadline for submissions is September 1.)

Type Tuesday: The Alphabetography Project

Thanks to Nimish Paresh for sending me a link to this project: "The Alphabetography project began among friends and independent artists spread across the country who have an eye for the simple art of letters, fonts, signage and typography. We eat Alpha-Bits cereal, drink alphabet soup and watch Sesame Street for the letter of the day."

Type Tuesday: Alphabeasties

Alphabeasties is a new book illustrated and designed by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss of Werner Design Werks. The initial concept for the illustrations began as “The Wonderful World of Typology”, an animal kingdom made of letters that was used for a promotion for the Type Directors Club’s annual competition poster. Sharon explains what happened next:

“The TDC mailed about 25,000 posters and within a day or two, to our surprise, we received two calls from different publishers saying this would make a great children's book. Would we be interested in writing a children's book based on these animals?

Our first response was "we're not authors" and certainly not children's book authors, we're graphic designers. But as we thought it through, we warmed up to the idea. So we decided to give it a try. We did some initial layouts that in hindsight we realize were too clean, spare and far too sophisticated for a children's book and just not very engaging. The publisher pushed us to make them more fun and playful. We went back with a few revised sample spreads and they said "great! do rest of the alphabet."

The entire book from beginning to end took just under 4 months to get to press. We are currently working on a set of flashcards and an activity book to accompany the book.”

The first printing of the book is already out of stock, but a second printing is in the works. I’ve ordered some for the shop and I look forward to seeing the publication in person. The foldout sections look fun and I love the end papers!

Type Tuesday: More from Ed Nacional

Congratulations to Ed for his typographical illustration that appeared in a recent edition of the New York Times magazine.

Ephemera from Poland

Some great graphics can be found on Above, labels from Polish sewing cotton labels. Below: Jam labels.

And public transport tickets:

The "kolekcja" category contains most of these vintage collections and more. {discovered via Yummy Chummy}

A hint of issue 3...

I'm immersed in the design for issue #3, which goes to print in just a few weeks. Here are a few teaser spreads (Fika written and photographed by Sandra Juto, The Enthusiast written and illustrated by Dan Shepalavy, Living with Vintage written and photographed by Grace Light, Kazam by Carey Jones, Sketchbook by Guylaine Couture, written by Karen Klassen)

If you purchased a single copy of #2 and would like to subscribe starting with #3, click here. We also have limited number of #2 available if you want to start your subscription immediately.

We'll unveil the cover in September!

Kids Trunk Show at The Workroom

I would love to pop by The Workroom, but alas no trips to Toronto are in the near future. If you're lucky enough to be in their neighbourhood this Sunday, they're hosting a Kid's Trunk Show. "While the show is themed for kids (complete with cupcake decorating, button making, and lots of kid-focused crafty things to buy), there will definitely be something for everyone," says Karyn. Looks like fun!


Strelka by Ryan Berkley

Created by Ryan Berkley to illustrate an article is our Summer issue, Strelka the Russian Space Dog is now available as a digital print in Ryan's Etsy shop. I purchased the painting as a birthday gift to Glen, so we're lucky to have the original in our living room. But for just $18 you can have a beautiful 8" x 10" print!

Ryan says, "This little lady went to space with her friend, parachuted back down to earth, and later gave birth to six puppies, one of whom became the grandpuppy of John F. Kennedy Jr. And all I've done today is the dishes."

We've been Kate-consumed!

The ongoing creative obsessiveness of Kate Bingaman-Burt continues, and UPPERCASE was one of the lucky recipients of her consumption! Prints documenting her summer purchases are available on 20x200. The great thing about 20x200 is that you can pick a print size and edition that you can afford. I wish I could afford the largest print, but one of the smaller ones certainly isn't out of reach.

We are the Friction

As soon as I heard about Sing Statistic's publishing project a few days ago, We Are The Friction, I placed my order! The book pairs writers and illustrators: "stories from illustrations and illustrations from stories." Featuring some of my favourite illustrators as well as UPPERCASE magazine contributing writer, Mark Hamilton, I recommend that you visit their website for more imagery and information.

Call for submissions!


Makeover: Album Art

Redesign your favourite LP, CD or MP3 into a classic 12-inch album cover! Please include a brief description (50 words) of your design intent or influence along with your name and website. Files should be 6" wide at 300dpi to be considered for publication in the Fall issue. Submit your files here.

Submission deadline: September 1, 2009

Gumball yarn dispenser

Kyla posted this thrifted and upgraded gumball dispenser in the Work-in-Progress Society pool and it immediately caught my eye. What a fun way to store knitting supplies! {visit her Etsy shop here}


Illustration: Mira Sestan

Some intriguing illustration work over here.

Film Friday: Vimeo Likes

Hauschka - Morgenrot from Jeff Desom on Vimeo.


Infidelidad from Eddy Brière on Vimeo.


Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.


Some moody films for a rainy, grey Friday morning.


Calling all Camilla fans

UPPERCASE is publishing a monograph about Swedish artist Camilla Engman, to be released in early December. Across the globe, Camilla's blog and artwork have inspired so many of us. For a section in the book, we want to see how Camilla has become a part of your life... do you have one of her paintings or prints in your home? Do you sit at the computer with your morning coffee and enjoy her blog? Do you have Studio Violet ceramics or products? Did you create something inspired by her work?

Please send us your images and anecdotes! Images should be at least 4" wide or larger at 300dpi to be considered for publication. Please include your full name and a link to your website/blog, if applicable. We will contact you if your submission will be published in the book.

Deadline: September 15.

Help spread the word and post this on your blog!

Colour Lovers

My little typewriter tins are famous again, this time featured on the Colour Lovers website. When you distill the tins down to their colour palettes, it really does highlight the appeal of vintage-inspired colour palettes.

{I can't believe the typewriter tin set on flickr has been viewed over 26,000 times!}