The cool girls

Love these photos from Elsie*Cake's photostream! Pictures of the Red Velvet Girls art collective.

Lunchbox Workshop

Here are the pics from yesterday's workshop. If you'd like to register for a future Lunchbox Workshop, please call 403-283-5318 or email us at info {at} uppercasegallery {dot} ca. We'll be hosting another one in September.

Lunchbox Workshop this Saturday

Tomorrow at 2pm we are hosting a Lunchbox Workshop in which participants can customize their own metal lunchbox. Here's the demo that I am working on. The session is full, but you're welcome to email us if you'd like to attend a future Lunchbox Workshop on a Sunday afternoon in September.


Towering Tape

And that's not all of them! Each one has its own specialized purpose...

I think I have a problem.


Karen Gelardi: collaborative book project

I first came across Karen Gelardi's work in Lines & Shapes (top image). She is currently at work on a book and installation project in which book blocks are purchased by "collaborators", used in the installation, and then shipped to the purchaser.

"Assembly is an artist book project where potential art patrons can collaborate in the exhibit content. It consists of a series of three books whose pages are composed of identical black and white drawings of botanical or geometric designs. When participants purchase a book online or in the exhibit, it will be printed “on demand” and displayed in the exhibit, adding to a growing, colorful stack of books (they will be mailed to their owners when the exhibit ends). The artist uses on-demand manufacturing because the scale of production is perfectly in synch with the demand. However, within the exhibit context, the print-on-demand books are sculptural objects, not functioning as books."

You can support this project by purchasing a book from the artist's website here.

Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker is an exceptionally talented person in all things visual: illustration, design, photography and styling. Soon she and Camilla will be sharing a studio space. Can you even begin to imagine the amazing things that will be emerging from their studio?

Super, saturated: primary colours

Film Studies

Here are some views of the film strip projector and opening sequence of the educational film strips that we have on display in UPPERCASE. Thank you to Myles who delivered a garbage bag of discarded social studies film strips — we were happy to sort through moldy sandwiches and orphaned mits to rescue some strips. They have been used in interesting ways...

Leslie Hart's Old School submission, available here.

Judy Lee and Shaun Liu's cafeteria food made from paper. (Check out the bacon strips!)

Powers of Ten

I'm thinking about film strips and educational videos this morning... So of course, this classic by Charles and Ray Eames came to mind. (Shaw TV is on their way to shoot footage of Old School.)

Lisa Congdon

This is San Francisco artist Lisa Congdon's piece for Old School - a dimensional collage of real objects, presented in a black shadow frame. I've been honoured to include Lisa's work in UPPERCASE a couple times. I appreciate her willingness to explore different mediums and themes – you get the sense that she is constantly (and enthusiastically) learning as an artist. You can see more of her collage work here. Her Old School piece is available for sale in the store and online.

Within the Old School book, we have included class photos, report cards, and other personal mementos from our artists. Here is some of the items Lisa sent for inclusion on the Old School book:

Type Tuesday: More Student Typewriters

Type Tuesday: Typed Memories

Type Tuesday: Foxy Ad

"By the time he graduates, the first sentence he learns to type (The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.) will be a thing of the past. But not his Smith-Corona portable. Smith-Corona portables are all guaranteed for five full years—instead of the usual 90 days. Five years of all the bumps, bangs and scrapes a portable may get from a student. This portable is built to take it. The all-steel frame completely encases the heart of each machine for added protection The electrostatic finish defied scratches, burns and bruises. All Smith-Corona portables are made to last. A college education is just the start of a lifetime of service."

Old School Activities & Workshops

Click here to download a pdf of our ongoing activities and upcoming workshops. (The info is also posted in our calendar.)


Type Tuesday: Maura Cluthe

Here is Maura Cluthe's Old School submission, entitled "Six-sided stories". It's a wonderful piece: there are nine vintage blocks adorned with collage and illustrations which allow you to make your own arrangements of type, pattern and image within a larger black frame. It has been sitting on my desk and I find myself easily distracted by it! (Visit Maura's Flickr for more images. It is available here.)

Quit your day job

There's a good interview with Jannick of Neawear over on The Storque. I've been following her posts on Flickr and recently purchased some earrings (below) that are simple, beautiful and very affordable. I always find it inspirational to read about other creative people "taking the plunge" into creating full time. There is such a big leap of faith when you put your creativity out there for all to see.

Lots of new stuff

There are lots of new things uploaded to the online shop, such as these ABC magnet sets and Jumbo clips (that's my hand for a sense of scale!) This sketchbook with an illustrated cover by Marc Boutavant says "Je Dessine" (I draw) is one of our best-sellers so far.

Old School in stores

I'd like to thank the following stores for ordering Old School. We really appreciate your support of independent publishing!

Buy Olympia

Rare Device, San Francisco, California
Composition, Lakewood, Colorado
The Workroom, Toronto, Ontario
Pages Books on Kensington, Calgary, Alberta

Work/Life is available at the following locations:

Pages Books on Kensington, Calgary, Alberta
McNally Robinson in Saskatoon and Winnipeg
Little Otsu, San Francisco, California
Pages, Toronto, Ontario

If you are interested in stocking our books for your store or online shop, they are available for wholesale orders here. Please email Janine at info (at) if you would like more information.

UPPERCASE, transformed

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Old School: art online!