Suitcase: Stockholm

Suitcase: Stockholm

This is where we'll hang our hat for the next few days until we return home.

Suitcase: Cafe Engel

Lingering moments in Helsinki's Cafe Engel.

Suitcase: Glen buys a hat

Helsinki, Finland.

Suitcase: Tallinn colour

Contrasts of natural and unnatural colours in Tallinn, Estonia.

Type Tray

Scribble Product Design, a Calgary-based collective (featuring the works of Carey Jones and Anna Mandelkau) and Veer (Anna Coe) have joined forces to produce a stylish new product maximizing laptop computing comfort. An eco-friendly design made from recycled industrial wool felt, the tray features lovely typographic lasercuts of P22 Kilkenny and Cavetto.

For more product details, check in with our friends at Veer.

Suitcase: Tallinn, Estonia

We took a hydrofoil from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia this past Sunday. Tallinn's old town was beautiful and well worth a visit. We have also encountered nothing but beautiful weather on this trip! Sorry about the snow, Calgary... it better be spring when I get back home!

Type Tuesday: Helsinki edition

I know it is still technically Monday, but it is 11pm Monday night here in Helsinki, so I might as well post this now! Here is a selection of the letters and numbers found in the city over the past couple days.

Suitcase: Copenhagen canal tour

We enjoyed the views from the Copenhagen canal tour with sights both colourful and modern.

Suitcase: Tivoli

Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen): an amazing amusement park that is over 150 years old. I shot plenty of video and look forward to creating something to show you when I get home.

Suitcase: pink, grey, brick

Scenes from Copenhagen.

Wild Things to come

An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved children's story, 'Where The Wild Things Are' is coming to the silver screen next fall.

Directed by Spike Jonze, written by Jonze and Dave Eggers, starring Catherine Keener and Mark Ruffalo, and with Arcade Fire fueling the soundtrack and a musical score by composer Carter Berwell and Karen O (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), it has the markings of one very fine family-friendly film.

Click here to watch the theatrical trailer.


Truffaut's Wild Child

 The Calgary Cinematheque is hosting a screening of Francois Truffaut's 'The Wild Child' (1970) tonight at the Plaza Theatre, 7pm.  French New Waver Truffaut both directs and acts in the film, playing the part of an 18th century French country scientist who endeavors to civilize a feral young boy found in a forrest. 

The Cinematheque group feature excellent introductions and q & a sessions contextualizing screenings, and this time out they have scored a newly restored 35 mm print of the film so it promises to be a rare moviegoing event.

To watch a trailer for the film, click here.

I love the grainy look of the film poster featured below. Sadly, my hair is looking a lot like the wild child's. Image found here.


Suitcase: Fabric of the street

Type Tuesday: Arhus, Denmark

See more from today on Flickr! It's ten past midnight in Copenhagen; time for bed.

Type Tuesday: F is for Ferry

Taking the Fjordline ferry from Bergen to Hirtshalls, Denmark.

Suitcase: Bergen, Norway

The city and weather were gorgeous!

Suitcase: Fjords of Norway

A magical tour of the fjords near Bergen and Flam, Noway.

Suitcase: Bergen

We arrived in Bergen in the very early morning. After finding a hotel, we went on a ferry tour of the coast. (Following a night on the train and then some choppy water, I had a small bit of seasickness; for the rest of the day, it felt like the earth was rolling.)

Bergen is absolutely beautiful and we're glad that we had two nights here.

Suitcase: Oslo and night train to Bergen

We had a sleeper car for the overnight journey through the winding fjords from Oslo to Bergen.