Vintage Magazines


Once I'm through admiring these magazines, they'll be made into Eclecto Pouches, Pockets and Journals. 

Meet my Art Central neighbour

Meet Jacqulynn Mulyk, my Art Central neighbour across the atrium. She recently started a blog and website and there's a post of her local television appearance about the painting parties that she hosts. I'm a fan of her wonderfully textured paintings of floral patterns which you can see on her website gallery.


Hey Ugly!



I've been waiting for these for quite some time and at last, these two cuties have just arrived: they're Ugly Doll journals - the covers are wrapped with fuzzy soft Ugly fleece and embroidered appliqués. Come by UPPERCASE this Saturday and make a new Ugly friend.



A rare event: an evening devoted to typography! Veer is presenting a screening of Helvetica, the documentary film about the ubiquitus typeface on Tuesday, May 8. I'm sure it will sell out, so get your tickets today.

Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Doors open: 6:00 pm
Screening: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Q & A with the Director: 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Reception: 9:00 pm (Marquee Room)
Location: The Uptown Theatre, 612 - 8th Avenue SW 

Tickets: $15 each (catering included)

To register, email your name to
Payment to be made by cash or cheque at the door.
Please note that there is limited seating available.

Wallpaper Hockey


Last night, as we were watching the Flames game, Glen was using his laptop. I assumed that he was keeping on top of the latest scores and sports discussions, but he was actually browsing this beautiful German wallpaper website. Needless to say, I was really impressed. What a guy!

Congratulations, Aaron!


Congratulations to one of UPPERCASE's favourite illustrators, Aaron Leighton and his creative team behind The Zimmer Twins. On April 18, they won an international interactive Emmy, presented in Cannes. 

Join psychic twins, Eva and Edgar Zimmer and their cat “13” as they discover the perils of teleportation, fortune cookies, and searching for hidden treasures. Each animated short ends in a cliffhanger that invites the viewer to tell us what happens next online at Using a unique movie-making tool, kids can create their own movies by assembling scenes, characters, backgrounds and even adding their own dialogue. They can share these movies with others as well as post comments about other movies. The best online movies then are produced for television - adding voiceovers, music and sound effects - and broadcast on Teletoon Canada. The Zimmer Twins is unique because the audience creates the stories. The series marries the strengths of television and the internet by inviting kids to use their imagination and drive the story.

The Captain's Blog


We've started "The Captain's Blog" in honour of The Shatner Show. We will be posting frequently in the weeks leading up to the opening of the show and the launch of the book.

You may wonder why we have so much enthusiasm for William Shatner... The project began last summer when my husband and I were driving across Canada and we listened to Shatner's Has Been album quite a lot. We were really quite moved with the emotional range of the album, plus the quality of music is really great. We were brainstorming ideas for upcoming shows in the gallery and The Shatner Show idea was hatched. Later, when I did some research about Shatner and found out he was about to be 76, I set the goal to have 76 Shatner images... In the spirit of all things Shatner, I took the idea to the next level and decided to publish a book as well.

I started the project as an average appreciator of Shatner (and proud of his Canadian heritage) but my admiration has grown as I find out more about him and his loyal fans. His sense of humour about himself is quite an inspiration to me and to our participating artists.

Some Shatner Teasers


I've posted a few teaser images from our upcoming book and exhibition, The Shatner Show. Please click here to find out more!  If you'd like to include these images in your blog to help spread the word, you're most welcome to.

Magne F




I was thinking about the fun eighties music that we'll be playing for tonight's rollerskating evening... one of my favourite songs and music videos was definitely A-ha's "Take on Me". I went to their website to see if they're still around and found a link to their guitarist/keyboardist's artwork. Magne Furuholmen has  developed a successful career as a visual artist and his latest exhibition is in London. His recent work involves text and printmaking on canvas and ceramics.

Furuholmen’s artwork is a constant game with the structures of language - a game in which the visual qualities of words are just as important as the semantic meaning of the words themselves. His signature is to be found across a wide range of media. As a visual artist however, he is particularly interested in working with various printmaking processes. He enjoys the commitment inherent in the decision-making that occurs in the printing process: “Whatever is sent through the printing-press is irreversible. After the artist has made the decision to print, there is no possible retreat.” Nevertheless, it would be wrong to consider him a printmaker in the traditional sense. A closer look at Furuholmen’s production leaves the viewer in no doubt of the systematic way in which he explores a wide variety of printing methods, often pushing boundaries and making use of the untried potential of a chosen technique, be it etching, monotypes or woodcuts. He often chooses unexpected strategies in order to achieve a particular result, best suited to the artistic concept he is working with.

 It is truly gorgeous work, and his artwork website is elegant and rich with images and content.



Please join us Thursday evening as we celebrate the launch of Wheels, a book about Lloyd Cooper and his roller rink. This sort of book is my ideal project: loads of visual inspiration from the rink, its people and historical documents. I would like to thank Paul Grescoe from Tribute Books for wandering into UPPERCASE one afternoon – I am grateful for that impromptu portfolio showing and the opportunities it has brought my way.

Kirstie Tweed is the wonderful photographer who took the cover shot and portraits of the Lloyd's Recreation family. I am happy to once again have her photographs in UPPERCASE. (We hosted her Orange Girl exhibition last year.)  Please visit her photo blog where you'll see some beautiful images and read her thoughts on the project.

Illustration Roundtable


Mike Kerr is organizing and Illustration Round Table, a casual gathering of illustrators and any other interested parties to discuss illustration related topics.

Our most recent crop of illustrators will be leaving the den soon and they are curious what the illustration world outside ACAD is all about. I am hoping some of you would be interested in sparing a couple of hours to chat, your generousity would be greatly appreciated! Topics might include personal histories, business strategies, inspirational stories, or horror stories. I am tentatively thinking the afternoon of Thursday April 12. However if some people are interested, but that day doesn't work I could reschedule. The venue will likely be ACAD and I am sure there can be some refreshments.

Please email Mike if you're interested in participating. wrong ( at ) telusplanet (dot) net.