Ping Magazine

"PingMag is a web magazine about art, design, technology, and more. It is based entirely on our own personal likes and interests, and we hope it will be built up, and expanded on, by thoughts and comments posted by you, our readers."  The site offers some great content, such as this interview with the founder of Die Gestalten Verlag books in Germany (one of the publishers that we stock here at UPPERCASE.)

Typography great Erik Spiekermann discusses his career, design techniques and evolution of the typography industry. (Also visit his site, United Designers Network.)


Button Workshop April 15

erintink.jpgErin's buttons (featuring Tinkerbell).buttonpapers3.jpgbuttonpapers4.jpgbuttonpapers.jpgbuttonkatie.jpgKatie's buttons.

More Eclectobuttons in progress...


Covers, covered.


This website offers a place to view and discuss book cover design, as well as interviews with leading cover designers such as Jon Gray whose work is shown above. While you're there, check out the site authors works which will lead you to some free downloadable paper toys that you can printout and assemble.