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The Push Pin Graphic

A Quarter Century of Innovative Design and Illustration

By Seymour Chwast
Edited by Steven Heller and Martin Venezky
Introduction by Milton Glaser

Part design and illustration studio, part pop culture think tank, Push Pin Studios made a phenomenal impact on visual culture from the 1950s to the 1980s, representing an important chapter in postwar graphic design. Founding member Seymour Chwast partners with key figures from the design community -- as well as co-founder Milton Glaser -- to provide a visual history of the studio by way of its signature publication, The Push Pin Graphic. Hundreds of memorable covers and spreads culled from each of the eighty-six inspired and imaginative issues confirms Push Pin's vital role in setting the design curve and influencing the direction of modern visual style. The Push Pin Graphic is the first comprehensive account of a design milestone that continues to influence designers to this day.
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Paula Scher Monograph

makeitbigger.jpgMake It Bigger

Make in BiggerMake it Bigger

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Ultraman! Space Giants! It's an invasion!


So Crazy Japanese Toys!

Live-Action TV Show Toys from the 1950s to Now

By Jimbo Matison

When huge alien spiders or ocean-dwelling mutant dinosaurs hell-bent on destruction decide to pay a visit to humankind, they always seem to stop in Japan first. So Crazy Japanese Toys! showcases a cast of totally cool, totally sugoi creatures culled from the most popular Japanese children's TV shows. From early and obscure Japanese shows to programs that have gained mass popularity around the world—including Ultraman, Space Giants, and Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot—So Crazy Japanese Toys! will delight both casual fans and hardcore aficionados. Readers will encounter rubber-clad superheroes galore, kawaii 'n' cuddly characters, high-revving motor heroes, and of course rockin' chicks of both the friend and foe varieties. This book is a must-have for anyone attracted to anime and manga.
(synopsis from Chronicle Books' website)

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The First 24 Months of a New York Design Company

Martin Venezky


It is beautiful... then gone