Featured Stockist: ideal-Carefully Curated Goods

UPPERCASE stockist ideal-Carefully Curated Goods has once again partnered with Western Washington University's Industrial Design on ReMade 2012. This annual design challenge sees students producing innovative products from consumer or manufacturing waste with an eye to recyclability, life cycle analysis and design for production.

Larisa Schulze created the Ouch Cold Compress from scraps of waterproof marine upholstery, a dipped collar and a cork stopper.
Happily, for those of us who don't live in Bellingham, ideal has an online shop.

Featured Stockist: Paper Umbrella

photos by Danielle Tocker

Teresa and Brad were excited when we asked them to send along some information for a profile. Really excited. Really REALLY excited. Like dancing around the kitchen excited.

They explained how they came to be stockists.

"A fortuitous event occurred for us in 2006 when our flight home was diverted to Calgary. That grey winter day offered us the unforgettable opportunity to step into UPPERCASE gallery and meet Janine Vangool. She sold us some of her personally designed Valentine's day cards which we brought home to our then four-month-old store."

Paper Umbrella can be found amidst the creative ambiance of the vibrant Cathedral Village in Regina Saskatchewan. They offer a selection of sophisticated cards, fine writing utensils, beautiful papers, and unique gifts. 

"We have long benefited from the ongoing relationship with UPPERCASE and have engaged in countless conversations about this inventive, clever and beautiful publication. What our customers have also valued beyond the content of this magazine has been their chance to contribute to it. As an independent retailer in an art district, creatives abound. We are often heard telling customers looking for inspiration and encouragement that there's nothing better than a hit of UPPERCASE."

UPPERCASE + Anthropologie Calgary: special event!

Click on the image to see full size.

UPPERCASE magazine is very pleased to be part of Anthropologie's roster of quarterly magazines. (They've even done a nice feature about UPPERCASE and other fine publications on their website.) As a small publisher, their support is very much appreciated.
We've organized a creative event in Calgary's Anthropologie store on Thursday, May 24: a few hours of crafting with UPPERCASE and the visual display team from the store! Space is limited, so please RSVP to secure your spot or get on the wait list (please note that the attendee list is managed by Anthropologie).
It's going to be pretty and fun! I hope to see you there.

type tuesday: sign-painting exhibition at Land

Portland-based UPPERCASE stockist Land also has a show by sign painter Ira Coyne.

type tuesday: sign-painting exhibition at The Curiosity Shoppe

There are still a few weeks left for the current exhibition at San Francisco's The Curiosity Shoppe, featuring the sign-painting and food-inspired art of Heather Diane Hardison. (You can pick up a copy of UPPERCASE magazine there as well!)

Featured stockist: Pink Olive

UPPERCASE stockist Pink Olive is turning five on May 5th and having what looks like a lovely party to celebrate. If you aren't lucky enough to be able to attend in person (they are having s'mores) check out their online shop. With two stores in East Village, Manhattan and Park Slope, Brooklyn they have built a successful business over the last five years. Congratulations on your fifth birthday Pink Olive!

Dispatch from London: Anthropologie

I had a meeting here, but this door and stairwell is as much as I can show you!The Anthropologie store on King's Road, London, is the most beautiful Anthropologie I have ever seen! My photos can't do it justice; here are some teasers. You just have to go soak it up in person—the light and atmosphere cannot be photographed. There was even a water feature.

Thank you to Anthropologie North America for their support of UPPERCASE and other quarterly magazines! Hopefully you'll see UPPERCASE in European stores sometime soon.

Ceramics by Ruann Hoffmann.

This book by India Flint looks intriguing.Headbands look amazing when styled by Anthropologie.

Featured stockist: Sabrina Butterfly Designs

I have been in love with Sabrina Butterfly for many, many years. I would stalk her at local community fairs and amassed quite a collection of her clothing. Sadly, I've never been to the store in Edmonton, Alberta where she stocks UPPERCASE. Her clothes make up the backbone of my wardrobe and are still sassy and funky after all these years. 

Dispatch from London: Ray Stitch (part 2)

I'm home in Calgary again and trying to take it easy since I really pushed myself on this trip and caught a cold at the end of it. Our home's internet, TV and phones were out for the past day so that was actually quite useful in contributing to some down time.

As promised, here are some of the fine folks who attended the Ray Stitch meet and greet.

From top to bottom: Ray Stitch is Rachel Hart's wonderful shop. That's her behind the counter in the teal sweater. / Excellent food for the event. / Lots of people came to say hi! I'm sorry, in my fog I have forgotten some names. Here's Janet Clare with her book, Freya & Fred. / Alex and Pui-Yee browse the latest issues. / That's Francisca Prieto (profiled in issue #12) and me. We look related, I think! / More details of the event and fine folks who supported it by braving traffic and weather.

Dispatch from London: Ray Stitch (part 1)

Ray Stitch is a very attractive shop. Here are some exterior photos before the Meet & Greet event, after (another) rain shower. Fitting, though, for issue #13 which is about how weather affects/inspires creativity.

More about the event and people pictures to follow in the next while. Thank you to everyone who came out and to Rachel and Michelle for their efforts, this great venue to meet my readers and for the all-round support of UPPERCASE. Thank you to Sam for the tasty food.

Featured Stockist: Room6

I must admit that I have been lost on the
Room6 site for a while. It is a contemporary gift & clothing boutique in Deep Cove (North Vancouver) Canada. I am completely taken with their wall pocket that lets you create a living wall. I'm also enticed by their selection of twine. I love wrapping my handmade gifts in a simple brown paper and string combination that lets my hard work be the focus.

UPPERCASE meet and greet tonight in London's Ray Stitch

Please join me at Ray Stitch, tonight (Friday) at 7pm. Click here for directions. (If you want to purchase a copy of the latest issue (#13), Ray Stitch has the only copies in London.) It's an evening of craft and conversation surrounded by the inspiring haberdashery and fabric selection offered by Ray Stitch. We'll be stringing together colourful bead necklaces, an activity that was such a hit at the Alt Summit. It's a free activity, easy and fun to do while noshing and sipping and talking.

See you!

If you're not in London we have a consolation discount code: meetandgreet for $5 off your order until end of day Saturday. 

Dispatch from London: Paperchase

The Paperchase flagship store on Tottenham Court.

Here I am holding one of a few issues left in stock—I actually had to use some of my samples for the photo. Thanks, London, for gobbling up each issue—I will endeavour to get more available.Issue #9 is still one of my favourites... and issue #10... and issue #....This multi-level store has everything from art supplies, cards, stationery to books and mags, furniture, haberdashery. I was there for an hour and a half browsing. A nice display area for the books. Hopefully someday soon you will be able to find UPPERCASE titles here as well.

A nice chair that I took a photo of and then forgot to go sit and relax on it. Typical.Gorgeous papers for crafting, bookbinding and wrapping.One of three typewriters I spotted on display.

Look! Actual Letraset available to purchase, brand new. We don't have this in any Calgary stores as far as I know. Wouldn't a sheet of Letraset be an amazing insert inside the magazine? hmmm... I'm going to investigate that!A nice cafe to refresh after some heavy-duty Paperchase shopping.

Dispatch from London: Pedlars in person

I had the pleasure of finally setting foot in Pedlars on Saturday during my Portobello and Notting Hill stroll. They are currently all sold out of the magazine (more on the way) so Sarah found an older copy from their personal stash so that I could photograph the magazine in the shop. The items in the Pedlar's brick and mortar shop are all very nicely curated and displayed in vignettes. 

I bought these elastic bands to help corral all the magazines and samples that I'm lugging to the big book fair. You can't go wrong with something in yellow!

Stocking 13

San Francisco's Rare Device recently moved into a new space. They describe themselves as 'simply, good stuff for you, your home and your kids'. And, having just spent a considerable amount of time browsing, I agree! For those of us who aren't lucky enough to visit them in person, they have a wonderful online store.

Featured Stockist: Ray Stitch, Islington

London is lucky this year. The Olympics, The Queen's Diamond Jubliee, and a chance to spend an evening crafting and conversing with Janine!

Ray Stitch in Islington opened back in September and have been stocking UPPERCASE and Dottie Angel since the beginning. They also have copies of issue #13 available now.

I particularly love these Mini-Cross Stitch kits they have created to celebrate the Diamond Jubliee. I am a fan of all things Royal Family and have stashed away a set of matching tea cups from The Wedding last summer.

featured stockist: Athenaeum, Amsterdam

photos by Caroline BuijsIt is such an honour to have the window display at Amsterdam's Athenaeum. Thank you, Dutch people, for embracing my books and magazines!

The photos were taken by Caroline Buijs who has written many articles for Flow magazine which I wish I could read. I trade subscriptions with Flow and it is an amazing publication: really tactile, fun and I am constantly astounded by the special touches such as various paper stocks, booklet inserts, tear outs and more.

Featured Stockist: A Collection a Day at ModCloth

image by ModCloth

A Collection a Day by Lisa Congdon and published/designed by me is the book of the month at ModCloth!

Shop for other UPPERCASE titles on the ModCloth site.

Paperchase has issues #8-12!

Thank you to the excellent people in London who went over to Paperchase's Tottenham Court location and cleared out all the UPPERCASE magazines in under three days. They've ordered more and back issues, too—issues 8 through 12—so their magazine experiment seems to be going well.

Big news: UPPERCASE available at Anthropologie!

instagram by April Meeker, Carlsbad Anthropologie

Anthropologie + UPPERCASE is a dream combination. As a long-time enthusiast of Anthropologie's curated products and beautifully styled stores, I've always imagined my magazine and books as part of their selection of reading material. And now, you can visit an Anthropologie in North America and purchase UPPERCASE (and other indie publications like Kinfolk and Anthology, too!)

Since I do all the distribution and subscriptions myself, it has been difficult to get the magazine out to a greater population. (And from the beginning we have not been part of traditional newsstand distribution since it is very wasteful.) Very happily, UPPERCASE has been available through independent retailers around the world—shops with small staff who take the time to order individual things. A large company like Anthropologie's willingness to work with small makers like myself is what makes Anthropologie such a desirable place. Each shop has its own feel, its own unique displays and local sensibilities... but all very much within the overall brand quality.

So now with UPPERCASE on its shelves, there's one more reason to do something that we already love to do: shop at Anthropologie! And for those of you in areas that don't have stockists, the geographic availability of the magazine has increased substantially! Check the store locator to find a location near you. (The magazine might still be in transit to some destinations; if they don't have it yet, please inquire to make sure that the magazine is ordered to that particular store location.) You can also purchase the magazine through their online store!

Send me a twitter or instagram pic of the magazine in your local store! @uppercasemag