Eva Franco: Studio Tour

A selection of photos of my tour of Eva Franco's studio. To see larger images and a few more, please visit the Flickr set.

Bird's eye view

I borrowed the ladder to set up the decor and repair a few lights. It is nice to see the bookcase with its orange glow once again.While I was up there, I took a few aerial shots of the studio since everything is freshly spring-cleaned.It feels quite spacious from up here with a wide angle lens!Ah, my orange couch and the huge coffee table book about Alexander Girard. Two things that I never have time to sit and enjoy. Better climb down from here and do more party prep!


A selection of images from Shedworking.

A link on Diem's blog led to a very enjoyable scroll through Shedworking: a blog (and book) dedicated to the the solo worker or small business working in garden structures. Makes me want to tear down my vinyl-siding garage and install an office, preferably with vines, a vegetative roof, and heating for the long winter months.

A little bit more with Ayumi

Ayumi provided me with so many good images; I wish I could have published them all with the article. Here are some that you won't find in the pages of issue #13.

Her woodstacks are seasonal works of art!

A divine place to live and work

Ayumi Horie's home and studio are located in a small church in Cottekill, New York. Since our article was written, Ayumi has decided to sell the property so that she can move closer to family.

"I’ve had the church for ten years and have loved every minute of it, from the beginning renovations when I would find caches of walnuts in the walls and bats in the belfry to the spiffed up sanctuary it is now. I can’t say enough great things about the New York community either with so many forward-thinking creative people in the area. Ideally, someone community-minded will carry on the church’s art tradition (the owner before me as an artist as well), so I’m putting it out there in hopes that by making a website devoted to the church, the perfect steward to the church will find it and fall in love."

To see more photos of this incredible home, click here

Some of the images of the church that Ayumi shared with us for the article:

Thank you, Ayumi, for sharing your work and home with us. We hope that you find a buyer as sympathetic to this special place as you have been.

Creative Adventure, destination: Morocco

How would you like to sojourn in an exotic land while nurturing your creative spirit? April Meeker (Suaviloquy, Second Sister) and Mindy Gledhill are hosting a creative retreat at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh this October. There are just 10 spots available, so sign up soon!

Fogo Island residencies

Applications for 2012 are already closed, but you could definitely put this on a creative adventure wish list!

The Fogo Island Arts Corporation Residency Program aims to bring contemporary artists of international caliber to live and work on Fogo Island and Change Islands.  The program encourages the participation of artists working in a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to: visual arts, new media, design, music, dance, writing and film.  Four of six studios are already built.  We expect to have all facilities up and running by the end of 2012. 

Subscriber: Vanessa Boer

A peek into Vanessa's studio

Vanessa Boer is a self-proclaimed "illustrator and maker of things." She has a diverse portfolio of creative offerings which include commissioned pet portraits (below), illustration, an etsy shop with prints and interesting chimes made from vintage pencils, as well as styling and custom prop-making for magazines such as Real Simple and Women's Day.

We featured six pages of pet portraits submitted by our readers in the current issue (#10) of UPPERCASE.

Pretty talented bunch of readers, don't you think? To subscribe, please visit the online store.

Emily and Josh's home

We all love to peek inside other people's homes, don't we? Thanks to Apartment Therapy, we can tour the lovely home of Emily (Orange Beautiful, UPPERCASE stockist) and Josh (Sidedown Audio). Look for a great article about Specimen Products by Josh in issue 7.

Nathalie Lété

I was honoured to receive an email from Parisian artist Nathalie Lété recently. I had seen her work on various design blogs and was taken with its unabashed exuberance. Through her website and photos of her studio, I immediately fell in love with her lush, feminine, eclectic style. It is an aesthetic so different from my usual design sensibility and just looking at these images and her paintings gives me a boost of creative energy. I'd love to do a profile and studio tour for a future issue of the magazine. Shall we all go to Paris and pay her a visit?

Nathalie Lété was born in 1964. She lives and works in Paris. She works in many ways, mixing different techniques and mediums, illustration, ceramics, textile and painting… She is inspired by her travels, but also by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colourful, naive and poetic, sometimes strange, to the point of tending towards art brut. Her world is nurtured by popular and folk art. She produces children’s and graphics books, knitted and stuffed toys, glass pictures, patterned dishes, but also postcards, ceramic sculptures, silkscreen printed t-shirts, rugs and jewels in limited edition… both for herself and for commissions.

Nathalie has collaborated extensively with Anthropologie. To view her collection of rugs, ceramics and even painted dresses, visit an Anthropologie store.

The Selby

The Selby gets his share of coverage in the blog world, but this is no surprise. Todd Selby's a prolific photographer who documents interior spaces like The Sartorialist documents street style.

I purchased his new book, The Selby is in your place. His photographs of the unstyled and intimate details of the interior home spaces of eclectic people along with his naive watercolour portraits and doodle commentary is a combination full of personality and voyeuristic appeal.

The Design Files

Here's a great site for Australian inspirations: The Design Files features studio/home tours, Melbourne design and craft, and interviews with creatives. The images above are from illustrator Beci Orpin's home.

Hula Seventy Holiday Home

Regular contributor to UPPERCASE magazine, Andrea Jenkins gives us a tour of her holiday-decorated home. Look for great photography by Andrea in the upcoming issue, where she shares images from her experience at Squam Art Workshops.

New stockist: Collage Collage

Thank you to Erin of the newly opened Collage Collage in Vancouver for stocking our little magazine for the creative and curious.

"Collage Collage is a place that strives to uphold the tremendous creative abilities that children have, in surrondings that adults find equally stimulating, provoking and above all, inspiring. Collage Collage is a store, a school, a gallery and a workshop for children and adults. It's a place to find some art supplies, a story book, a small sculpture or a new pair of scissors." Sounds marvelous!

Their workshops sound fantastic: I want to sign up for this one:

Inspired by Marcel Dzama, Mixing Colors
Drawing and Painting for 5-6 years

Students will experiment with a palette based on Dzama's work. After reading a story book based on his work, and looking at some of the works of his collective, The Royal Art Lodge, children will be shown how Dzama mixes imagery from life and the imagination. Children will experiment with trying out their own dream-like creatures and then painting in their drawings. Ideas will start in a sketchbook warm up, and then move to large paper. Like Dzama, students will start with pencil drawings then layer ink and paint washes.

If you're in Vancouver, go visit Collage Collage this weekend!

Creative Adventure: Squam Art Workshops

Looking for a great creative retreat? Squam Art Workshops looks like the perfect destination.

From their website: "Imagine turning down a long drive that leads you through a grove of pine, white birch, maple and oak trees and brings you right to the edge of a sparkling lake. As you step out of your car, you can see vintage turn-of-the-century cabins tucked along the shore and smell the pine needles that cover the road. It's an ideal setting for a creative retreat and that's exactly what we have waiting for you at Squam Art Workshops.

If you are looking for an experience that will provide you with the time, space, and inspiration to recharge your creative spirit, this might be just the ticket. Join us for an event that is designed to foster a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore a range of mediums. There are a whole range of classes to choose from that include: painting, printmaking, journaling, doll making, writing, knitting, sewing, photography, crochet, sculpture, felting and some classes that combine several of those elements into one workshop."

There are a few spots remaining for the September sessions, including a class being taught the wonderfully talented Andrea Jenkins (HulaSeventy), regular contributor to UPPERCASE magazine.

"Come experience the magic of Through the Viewfinder photography from the ground up! This special technique combines old with new, vintage with modern and is truly the best of both worlds. More specifically, Through the Viewfinder (TtV) photography is defined as taking a picture of any subject through the viewfinder of any camera with another camera. In this workshop, we'll use old twin lens reflex cameras and digital cameras together to produce images with an authentic vintage aesthetic. We'll begin the day building and personalizing viewfinder devices and then, armed with our cameras and newly-constructed viewfinder devices, we'll step outside for an experiential photo shoot. At the end of the session, we'll examine and post-process the dreamy results. Spend the day looking Through the Viewfinder in this wildly wonderful and backwards way and see the world around you with completely new eyes."

[photos by Jen Gray]

Frisco Films

As a strange coincidence, both Harold and Maude and Vertigo were featured in film reviews in the Summer issue of the magazine.

Thanks again to Marigold Santos for her delicately macabre pencil-drawn movie poster for H & M. And to Janine for her colorful interpretation of Jimmy Stewart's fear of heights as pictured below.

City Films

If you can't afford a proper Roman holiday this summer, I recommend imaginary travel by way of these fine city films:

Woody Allen's Manhattan gives the big apple a glorious black & white treatment.

Watch the film's funny, sublime opening sequence here.

Visit the Trevi Fountain Fellini-style in La Dolce Vita, or tour Roma by moped with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.

 Amelie  and The Truth About Charlie offer modern romps through gay or gritty Paris. 

Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire stages a circus-trippy Berlin.

Get lost in Tokyo as Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannsen do in Lost In Translation.

Or feel In The Mood For Love in Wong kar-Wai's Hong Kong.

Celebrate strange love in the San Fransciso Bay area in Hitchcock's Vertigo 

and Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude.

Urban Source

Urban Source is a few blocks away from The Assembly of Text and it was a fun discovery. Offering bits and bobs from various sources such as industrial offcuts, overstock and all variety of remnants and scraps, this is the ultimate in creative recycling. I coveted the empty movie film canisters; lined with some tissue paper or fabric remnants they'd make a cool package for a gift of cookies or candies.

Meet & Greet

The Regional Assembly of Text is a marvelous place! Brandy and Rebecca were so friendly and generous—I am completely inspired by their store, products and approach to business. I've taken dozens of pictures, but you'll have to wait until the fall issue for those!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by; it was so nice to meet you all. This trip to Vancouver was really enjoyable—thank you for the warm reception!

(Photo of one of Brandy and Rebecca's greeting cards.)

Persephone Books

Located on the charming Lamb's Conduit Street, Persephone Books is another great shopping destination for Londoners. Click here to find out more about the history of this small press with the clever mandate to reprint neglected classics written by 20th Century women writers.