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I always love to see how UPPERCASE pops up into creative projects. Alyson Beaton recently emailed to share images of one of her company's products—flat-packed mini play houses made from recycled paper board. Alyson writes, "I did an installation of the doll houses I developed at grow books press over the year and invited designers to decorate them for a showcase called "mini logan square" in Chicago. This is my office with none other than my UPPERCASE mags on the desk! Thank you for your continued work on your great mag, it inspires me everyday!"

I spy issue #7 on the desk!Grow books press was established in January of 2011 by Alyson Beaton as a publisher of printed matter for curious children. The goal of the press is to publish children’s books, printed matter and toys in limited quantities that focus on teaching current social issues with an urban emphasis along with a commitment to the environment.

Thanks, Alyson! These look like marvelous products.

alt begins

Goodie box all tied with a bowIt was nice to have a day off with no particular schedule. Although I'm disappointed that I will miss all the design camp activities on Saturday (flying home), I think it was for the best to have some down time before Alt begins. If the "Dinner with" and Speakers' reception this evening are any indication, the next few days are going to be intense! 

When I first saw all the girls (yes, the women probably outnumber the guys 50 to 1!) congregating in the hotel lobby chatting in groups or waiting outside for taxis to their dinners, I was a bit overwhelmed with that old highschool feeling... you know the feeling: being shy, awkward, intimidated by the cool kids... But the "Dinner with" event was a nice way to ease into the very social aspect of this conference. There were various groups of 15-20 people at restaurants throughout downtown, each hosted by a particular sponsor. It was nice to meet Erin of Designformankind (at last! she has contributed to UPPERCASE magazine for quite along time now) and to visit with Kate of Chronicle Books (she initiated the Shoegazing Notecard set, see the sidebar for a picture).

Here's a partial list of the folks at the Squatter's Pub dinner, thanks to Christine and for hosting.

Erin M -
Jessie -
Megan -
Kate -
Amy -
Janine -
Jessica -
Trina -
Erin L -
Tyler & Wendy -
Kathryn -

See you tomorrow at the conference (and on Twitter and Instagram).

New stockist: Collage Collage

Thank you to Erin of the newly opened Collage Collage in Vancouver for stocking our little magazine for the creative and curious.

"Collage Collage is a place that strives to uphold the tremendous creative abilities that children have, in surrondings that adults find equally stimulating, provoking and above all, inspiring. Collage Collage is a store, a school, a gallery and a workshop for children and adults. It's a place to find some art supplies, a story book, a small sculpture or a new pair of scissors." Sounds marvelous!

Their workshops sound fantastic: I want to sign up for this one:

Inspired by Marcel Dzama, Mixing Colors
Drawing and Painting for 5-6 years

Students will experiment with a palette based on Dzama's work. After reading a story book based on his work, and looking at some of the works of his collective, The Royal Art Lodge, children will be shown how Dzama mixes imagery from life and the imagination. Children will experiment with trying out their own dream-like creatures and then painting in their drawings. Ideas will start in a sketchbook warm up, and then move to large paper. Like Dzama, students will start with pencil drawings then layer ink and paint washes.

If you're in Vancouver, go visit Collage Collage this weekend!

Type Tuesday: motion graphics

Saturday: fun fun fun

Lloyd Lego

The new Frank LLoyd Wright Architecture LEGO sets are the perfect game for grown-ups.

Read more about the FLW collection in Wired magazine.