Jane Lui's year-long one-take wonder

Here's a fun submission I received this week, from Jane Lui a musician in Los Angeles.

Jane writes, "Long time reader and first-time subscriber to your magazine, so glad to be onboard with your empire. I'm a musician/songwriter who likes cardboard as a medium, and have spent most of the year building miniature sets for a one-take music video that we just released. Hot air balloon, forest machine (moves), city scape for aerial shot.... I like seeing evidence of the hand; this is my approach to life in general. it hasn't made me much money, but has made me very happy."

Here's Jane's video!

In perusing her site, I also enjoyed her cover/mashup of Pharrell's "Happy" — bonus that it includes a typewriter! "I'm classically trained, but like the alphabet, you learn it then throw the rules away to make it yours. I like music, but I love sound. It's really invigorating to find musicality in things not meant for music: handmade music boxes, typewriters, service bells, jugs, suitcases, books, glassware. Some will call it a carefully crafted sound, I think it's just obsessive because I know I'm neurotic. I try to make my stuff feel lovable, enduring, and usually think too hard doing so and forget to eat lunch 3 hours ago."

my brother ROCKS!

My brother Marc is an amazing musician and guitar/amp genius. Yamaha has recognized his talents by asking him to demo their cool new amp, the THR10.

From the Yahama website

"The go-to guy for anything guitar-related in LA, Marc's credits include Daughtry (Marc's THR5 made it on to the latest record!), Kelly Clarkson, Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman, Creed, Adam Lambert, Papa Roach and 3 Doors Down and he's as likely to be found modding an amp or building a pedalboard as he is tracking an amazing guitar part or finding the perfect guitar sound for a hit record with his awesome collection of amps (a small part of which can be seen in the background of the video). Suffice to say, what he doesn't now about tone isn't really worth knowing...

And don't be fooled by the collection of incredible amps and outboard in the control room at Bay 7 Studios, everything you can hear was done using only what comes in the THR box (apart from the laptop and guitars)."

You can download the track that Marc recorded here. The product design is cool, too.

Summer Theatre

If you are in Calgary and looking for some theatre to spark up your summer, check out the Mount Royal College's Shakespeare In The Park performances which run July 3 - August 22nd, evenings (7pm) and noon hours at Princess Island Park.

Click here to check the performance guide for a full schedule of plays and dates. Tickets are free or you can reserve special front row seating. This summer's roster of plays includes a street-wise production of 'Romeo & Juliet' scored by the beats of MIA and Notorius B.I.G. as well as the modern pairing of the bard's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' with the music of Queen.

To reserve advanced seating or order a picnic basket from The River Cafe, click here.

Merce Cunningham

Revolutionary American choreographer Merce Cunningham passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Internationally celebrated for his innovative movement studies as well as his creative collaborations with other artists including: minimalist composer (and his long-term partner) John Cage, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, Cunningham will long be remembered as a singular 20th century visionary artist.

Our dance critic, Andrea Jenkins, will be including a special profile of Cunningham's contribution to the world of modern dance in a tribute piece featured in the Fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine.

Click here to watch a glimpse of Cunningham's most recent production, 'Nearly Ninety' with musical accompaniement by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Sonic Youth.