type tuesday: typewriter valentine

card by Nancy & BettyNancy & Betty Studio is the name of the stationery company created by Hannah Bidmead. Named after her grandmother Betty and her twin sister, Hannah's studio is based in Canterbury, England. "Inspiration also comes form the simple and often quirky things, involving subjects such as typewriters and Polaroid cameras—beautiful, functional objects. We like simple graphics and strong colours, with a nod to retro themes," writes Hannah. With typewriters as graphic inspiration, deco tape and fun visual puns, Nancy & Betty is right up UPPERCASE's alley!

Perfect tapeMixed tape

Type Tuesday: Bob's Your Uncle

As a follow up to the typographic seating featured last week, Martin Yeele, cofounder with his wife Michele of the stationery company Bob's Your Uncle, sent me pictures of SIT benches designed for a recent exhibition in Boston.

Bob's Your Uncle's products are distinctly typographic and bold. How fun to design a notebook and just plaster a big A on the cover!

Beautiful Binding

Bookmaker Dennis Yuen has some gorgeous work on his site, as well as many interesting links in his blog.

Upon a Fold in Tokyo

Justine and Matt—the folks behind one of the prettiest online shops around—visited Tokyo recently. They're sharing the paper souvenirs of the trip on their blog.

National Stationery Show: Carta Inc.

Carta, inc. by Angela Liguori originally from Rome, Italy, is a graphic design studio specializing in custom made stationery, invitations, hand-bound and limited edition books. The cotton ribbon line is directly imported from Italy and Carta, Inc. is the exclusive importer of this product in the USA. The paper designs and ribbons are internationally distributed to stationery shops and home boutiques. (Flip through their wholesale catalogue.) Carta is sharing a booth with Albertine Press.

National Stationery Show: May Day Studio

May Day Studio's designs are inspired by (and created from) vintage wood type and printing plates, and soft cotton paper. Owner Kelly McMahon is also introducing a new line of photo albums—the cover papers are linoleum-block printed from her original designs, and hand-bound one at a time. She is exhibiting at the show with a group of other printers under the name of The Ladies of Letterpress.

National Stationery Show: Enormous Champion

High fives, hugs and handshakes? You'll definitely want to meet Jordan and Jason of enormouschampion. I still recall their booth and happy smiles from two years ago when Glen and I met this fine dynamic duo! (profiled in our first issue of UPPERCASE magazine.)

New mirrors from old

I made a fresh batch of pocket mirrors using an assortment of vintage maps. Available in the store and online. Perhaps a nice stocking stuffer to go with an UPPERCASE subscription? Issue 3 ships now for Christmas delivery and we can gift wrap the magazine or include a personal note if you wish.


I found some nice notebooks at Paper-ya on Granville Island in Vancouver and purchased them as "research"—ideas of new papergoods and products to stock in the store.

Cosmic Crochet

The delicate line drawings of Lart Cognac Berliner make me swoon. We have her 'Cosmic Crochet' card (as pictured above) and several other Little Otsu designs in the shop and I can assure you, they make sweet eye candy.


Designer Christmas Wrap

Janine designed her own elegant line of holiday wrap and a stylish, typographically-inspired set of season's greeting cards. To see the full UPPERCASE line of Christmas products, come down to the shop for a visit (we have candy canes & other sweets!) or click on the following link. UPDATE: Thanks, How Magazine, for the mention!

Introducing: Mirrors by UPPERCASE


These 3-inch pocket mirrors are hand-pressed in UPPERCASE. We have a selection of mirrors made from vintage maps from around the world and mirrors with lovely initials. More designs will be introduced over the next while. At just $7 for the mirror and its black velvet pouch, these are perfect stocking stuffers. You can purchase them in our online shop and in person. (Wholesale inquiries are welcome, too.)

If you'd like to make your own buttons and mirrors, drop in for a Sunday workshop!

UPPERCASE holiday papergoods

Our line of holiday papergoods are now available online. We have gift wrap, cards and tags inspired by typographic flourishes and asterisks.

UPPERCASEyyc on Etsy

There are many talented crafty business people whom I admire on Etsy, so I thought I would give it a try as well. Since I already had an account as a seller and my photos were ready, it took a little over an hour to get my shop up and running. Thumbs up! So in addition to being in the UPPERCASE online shop, Eclectonotes are now available on Etsy!


Lots of new stuff

There are lots of new things uploaded to the online shop, such as these ABC magnet sets and Jumbo clips (that's my hand for a sense of scale!) This sketchbook with an illustrated cover by Marc Boutavant says "Je Dessine" (I draw) is one of our best-sellers so far.

National Stationery Show: L2


L2 Design Collective was one of the first booths we visited at the show, and their soft-bound test print journals were some of the most memorable. Although covers made from test prints is not a new idea, the proportions, paper and presentation of L2's sets were quite nice. See more of their products here.


National Stationery Show: Night Owl

National Stationery Show: Stitchable Journals

AMH Design's products combine DIY needlepoint with paper journals. Each kit contains the supplies and instructions required to customize your own journal cover.


National Stationery Show: Yellow Owl Workshop


It was nice to meet one of our Old School participants, Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop (San Francisco). 

National Stationery Show: Susy Jack


SusyJack is Susan Connor's playful line of colourfully patterned notepads and desk accessories. I loved the juxtaposition of all the patterns; it's a lovely chaos. Her blog is one that I visit regularly.