Small Caps

I'm enjoying the Small Caps blog from Berlin. Thanks for visiting, Sabrina!

The Design Files

Here's a great site for Australian inspirations: The Design Files features studio/home tours, Melbourne design and craft, and interviews with creatives. The images above are from illustrator Beci Orpin's home.

The Royal Family

Collage artist extraordinaire Aprile Elcich has a new show opening in Toronto on October 16:

"Entitled “The Royal Family”, this mixed media collage series was inspired by a pair of scrapbooks found at the St. Lawrence antique market filled with newspaper clippings of Queen Elizabeth and her family during the 1950's and 60's. Aprile's collages recreate the scrapbooks, changing the composition and adding materials to give each page a deeper meaning. All of these pieces are created on the actual scrapbook pages themselves, resulting in brittle and delicate collages which further the character and feelings of nostalgia in each piece."

Thank you!

Thank you so much for posting about issue 3 on your blogs! Your support, recommendations and referrals are very much appreciated. These folks are UPPERCASE contributors, advertisers and book collaborators:


Camilla Engman


Scissor Variations/Papier Valise

Heather Smith Jones

Enormous Champion

Jen Gotch

This week, I've been introduced to some new-to-me blogs that posted about us as well:


Compulsively Compiled

Kickcan & Conkers


Destination Unknown

And thank you to these people, too:

Octopus vs Squirrel

Alli Coate



Things Magazine

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And to the many other bloggers and twitterers that sent people our way!

It's all good...

Throughout breakfast I've been joyously scrolling through Cartolleria (surprised and happy to see a few of my images in there!) Enjoy.

Take a tumble here...

Cartolleria: so many good things.


Pug Mug

Mariko Paterson has a new website. Check our her fun ceramics! {Mariko is also a co-founder of Box Social}


Design in the Canary Islands

I received an email about the Tenerife Design Festival that will be happening this October. Located on the small Spanish island of Tenerife, the festival will explore local identity, landscape and tourism.


Love to the Netherlands!

In the past day, we have had many virtual visitors from the Netherlands, many thanks to Good Inc and their BladBlog post about UPPERCASE magazine.

Thank you to Saskia for subscribing to the magazine. I encourage you to visit Het Zomerpaleis; it is a beautiful website.

Victoria Day

Here in Canada it is the Victoria Day holiday, historically a celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday and now recognition of Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Other than the day off and some city fireworks, the long weekend is usually spent outside getting the yard in shape and planting the garden. (That is if it doesn't SNOW today, which is apparently an actual possibility!)

For today's post, I encourage you to visit another Victoria's blog: sfgirlbybay! Victoria has recently returned from a trip to London, so it is quite fitting for the day. {photos by Victoria}

We're very happy that Victoria will be contributing to the upcoming issue of UPPERCASE magazine.

On my desk

1} Thank you Jamie Shelman for the print and samples of your work.

2} A letter from Paris.

3} A typewriter ashtray used for paperclips (ebay find from a while ago).



Here's an interesting way to start a web search. Of course I searched for myself (ie UPPERCASE) first! I like the collage and newspaper influences on the search results. It's fun to see all the UPPERCASE photos and search results jumbled together like this as well.


Help Lisa win a car!

Vote for Lisa Brawn on Hypercube and she has a very strong chance of winning one of 50 cars. She promises to take us all to Peter's Drive-In for milkshakes, so we can all be winners.



Here's a nice-looking design from ilovedoodles on Threadless {via DesignWorkLife }

Burnt Toast Studio

My friends at Burnt Toast Studio are looking for new members to join their studio (image above by James Jensen).

"Three of our members are moving forward and abroad to pursue careers and life-changing trips. The studio is an approximately 1,400 Sq.ft. bay with two levels, located at 215 - 36 Ave. N.E., close to most Centre Street bus routes. We have two silkscreen tables, a 33"X56" intaglio/relief press, a spray washout area, many shelves/paper storage units and lots of desks/work space. We use mostly water-based inks for non-toxic printmaking. Rent fee (based on 10 members) is $130 per month. That covers rent, utilities, insurance, phone, business license, pop in the fridge, 24/7/365 access, and an online portfolio on our website. If you or anyone you know is looking to share a printmaking oriented co-op studio space, please feel free to contact us at"


This, that, and also, etc.

Over the last couple weeks we have been receiving a lot of introductions and suggestions from readers of our online journal. It is really great to get to know you, so keep the suggestions coming.

The imagery above is the work of Dan Shepelavy. Dan impressed us with a lengthy and informative message, outlining his interests and providing links to recent work and his blog. We look forward to following his blog (love this Rexall Cold Cream tin for obvious design reasons) and hope to collaborate on future projects.

Congratulations to Box Social

Congratulations are in order for Mariko and Catherine who have been working very hard to launch their a new project: Box Social, "a new adventure in Canadian art and design." The site went live just a day ago, and it looks great.

"Based in Calgary with eyes on the world, we, on the organizing end are either practicing artists and/or long time fans of finely designed and crafted objects of the eclectic persuasion. While our love for the unusual knows no real boundaries, we are particularly proud of the contributions made to the art & design world by Canada—Wonderland to the North. We have taken our particular interests in Western Canadian artists and decided it’s high time to promote them…"

The artist pages include lots of information from each person and each of their pages has a customized header, which is a nice touch. The site design follows the recent trend of texture and actual dimensional artifacts and scanned textures, but they do it well. If you are a Western Canadian artist and would like to showcase your work with Box Social, you can find out more via this page. Visit Box Social and help this site grow into a great destination for Western Canadian art and craft.

A nice composition

{ via poppytalk }


Christelle Bonnet

Christelle Bonnet's art projects involving paper, ink and time.


Type Tuesday: 26 Alphabets (for Sol LeWitt)

In November of 2008, derek beaulieu approached a number of poets and conceptual writers. He asked each to fulfill a series of simple instructions: "On a single sheet of paper in letters approximately one half inch tall write the alphabet from A to Z".

"26 Alphabets (for Sol LeWitt)" documents the results of that request, and includes work from Gareth Jenkins (pictured above), Lorenzo Menoud, Oana Avasilichioaei, Helen Hajnoczky, Robert Fitterman, Donato Mancini, Gregory Betts, Jonathan Ball, Nico Vassilakis, Mark Laliberte, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, Christian Bök, Harold Abramowitz, Johanna Drucker, Giles Goodland, Ross Priddle, Gitte Broeng, John Bennett, Crag Hill, Peter Ganick, Jeff Hilson, Peter Jaeger, Nick Thurston, Stephen McLaughlin, Kjetil Røed and kevin mcpherson eckhoff.

Produced in an edition of 100 copies, 48 of which are available for purchase at Lulu.