UPPERCASE hearts Composition

Head on over to Composition to purchase your single copy of UPPERCASE magazine! Looks like they still have issue 1 available as well, so make sure that you buy both of them to start your complete magazine collection. Composition also carries the Pantone mugs that we feature in the current issue. (We have the Pantone mugs and wallets here in Calgary, but just for local customers.)

Composition has made a flickr set of more images from the magazine.

My sincere thanks to Jennifer Roberts for her support of UPPERCASE and all its various projects. For those of you in the Denver area, you can look forward to the Jen11 exhibition in Composition next month.

Pictures from Jen11

Some images from the Jen11 show. More on the way to my flickr. The book can be purchased in our shop.

Boxes of Jen

Pardon the boxes in the gallery, but the Jen11 show has arrived! I'm not sure how I'll fit it all in, but that's this weekend's challenge. The Jen11 show opens next Thursday, June 4.

Books for Jens

A snapshot of the Jen book piles I was making to send to all the artists.

The Jen11 book is here!

Jen11 from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo.

Order the Jen11 book in our shop (or receive it as part of our book and magazine subscription)
For more information about the show, visit the Jen11 website. We'll start shipping the book next week!

Jen 11

The Jen11 project is making the blog rounds today! Congratulations to all eleven Jens for their hard work in getting this exhibition together - I look forward to hosting it in UPPERCASE this June. They've also done a wonderful job providing interviews and images for the Jen11 book. The book is in production (I just signed off on the printer's proofs this morning) and I expect it will be shipping the last week of March.


A Cup of Jo

Design for Mankind



Jennifer Juniper

A common experience for many Jennifers. {image courtesy Jen Renninger} The print files have been sent!


Jen 11

The Jen11 book is nearing completion this morning – just working the final files and she's off to the printer! I'll be posting some more images from this book later today. You can preorder the book online (or, better yet, purchase an UPPERCASE magazine and books subscription and you'll receive Jen11 with the first issue of the magazine in early April.) Find out more about the project on the official Jen11 website.