Calling Card: Inkello

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Christine Schneider is the proprietor of Inkello. Christine is a fourth-generation printer (she's also a designer and illustrator). 


To print her letterpress goods, completely hand-powered, she uses a press from 1897. It is operated with a foot treadle and is distinctive for a big, blue flywheel. She also prints on a tabletop press with a hand lever from the 1950s.

Inkello has some fun and clever letterpresses items, like these triangular Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Booklets. "Ten pages inside, alternating between grape jelly and peanut butter-coloured papers. Set of two booklets accompanied by a small pencil. Details for curious letterpress enthusiasts: the crusts were printed using wooden furniture, and the texture in the bread was made using BBs glued to a wooden base!."

I'm also fond of their Heart Personalized Knitting Tags, which would be a lovely gift for prolific knitters. The finishing details and textures of Inkello's products are really well done.

What's your "one thing"?

In one of my newsletters last month I asked, "What if you found that one thing that you go to sleep thinking about, that you dream about, that makes you leap out of bed with excitement and anticipation?"

That one thing that brings you into an unknown world full of new challenges? That one thing that will involve lots of learning and test you in ways you can't even anticipate? What's that one thing that might make you scared and nervous, but you still want to see where it takes you?

I'm grateful that I've found my one thing in UPPERCASE. I asked readers, "What's your one thing?"

Dutch illustrator Yvonne Windhorst-Maaskant replied with this great series of images. Please click through to discover her "one thing".

New store for paper and typewriter-lovers: The Paper Seahorse

I'd like to introduce you to The Paper Seahorse, a new shop in Tampa, Florida, that is celebrating their grand opening this Saturday. Proprietor Tona Bell has been a very loyal subscriber for a long time and I had the opportunity to meet her a few years back. 

Tona writes, "We are a Southern Paperie + Makerie. We love all things writing and keeping in touch.  Stationery and writing implements, pens, pencils, typewriter, notebooks and such.  We love letterpress, custom and handmade invitations. To celebrate the creative spirit there all sorts of creative classes and workshops….writing, art, crafts, jewelry, sewing, creative business and making! We offer creative parties and special events. We are home to Tampa Type, the largest collection of manual typewriters for sale in the South."

Put a typewriter on it, Portland.

I'm on my way to Portland later this week and I'd love to see you at some UPPERCASE events this Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11. 

First up is the Typewriter Jam at the Independent Publishing Resource Centre from 4-8pm. See lots of beautiful machines, explore some artifacts, type some letters and connect with fellow collectors at this free event. I'll be there with The Typewriter book for sale. If you are planning on purchasing a book in person, let me know and I'll bring a special vintage ad just for you! I'll have other goodies for UPPERCASE readers, too, whatever fits in my suitcase... which I have yet to pack.

Then, at 7-9pm at the same venue, the IPRC and I are hosting an UPPERCASE party. There's a brand-new issue to celebrate, a chance to pull your own letterpress print, food and drink... and I encourage you to bring your portfolio or crafts or other creative endeavours that you'd like to share with me and fellow readers. I love seeing what people are making and doing! You could be featured in a future issue.

On Sunday at 7pm at Shattuck Hall, I'll be doing a presentation about The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine. Tickets are $10, available here. If you're planning on getting a book on Sunday, if you can let me know in advance, I'll make sure to reserve one for you along with a vintage ad. 

Have a good week and I hope to see you this weekend!

Learn with Molly Hatch

So many UPPERCASE contributors and featured artists are teaching online classes these days so I've rounded up learning opportunities that will enhance the content you've discovered in UPPERCASE magazine. Just go to the "classes" tab in the navigation above to see more.

Molly Hatch has a new online course that launches today! (But you can start anytime.) I'll let Molly tell you about it:

Are you taking ceramic classes for fun and looking for some new surface techniques? Are you an art teacher looking for good techniques to share with your students? Are you new to ceramics and looking for fun ways to create surfaces in clay? Do you own my New Ceramic Surface Design book and are looking for video tutorials that compliment the projects in the book? Then this is the right class for you!

This 5-week online workshop will begin September 29th, 2015 with an open ongoing enrolment. This online workshop uses Molly Hatch's book New Ceramic Surface Design as a text to cover a wide range of surface design techniques for ceramics. Working at your own pace, each week for 5 weeks, participants will have access to an online demonstration video for new techniques, downloads of worksheets, templates and recipes as well as a second video each week featuring an interview with artists featured in the book about their artwork and the techniques they use. This workshop is great for anyone who has clay basics and is ready to make some exciting surfaces! Once you have enrolled in this workshop, you will have continued access, (forever!) there is no end to the learning!

With a basic knowledge of ceramics, this class will help you push to the next level with ways to approach the ceramic surface!

HOW IT WORKS: Working at your own pace, each week for 5 weeks, participants will have access to an online demonstration video for new techniques. Each week there are downloads, artwork templates and recipes as well as a second video featuring an interview with artists such as Lisa Congdon and Ben Carter.  Most of the artists interviewed are featured in my book and will talk about their careers, what inspires them and how they use the techniques demonstrated each week in their own studio practice.

Visit Molly's website for more details. Sign up here.