contributor: Leslie Fandrich

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We are very appreciative of our contributors. They generously lend their time and talents towards making UPPERCASE a visually rich and well-written publication.


Leslie Fandrich most recently contributed to issue #15. She worked as a web designer in New York City before leaving to have a family. Now that her two sons are getting older, she has more time for creative pursuits that include, but are not limited to, painting, photography, drawing, hand lettering, illustrating, and writing 

What creative project are you most proud of? Illustrating interesting talks I've listened to. At Camp Mighty and ALT Summit, I took detailed notes and distilled the main points of the talks into an easy to read graphic. Information design is so amazing, it makes complex ideas simple to understand.

Tell us about a time  your curiosity got you into trouble? I snuck into an abandoned building, an old milk factory, when I was really young. The building was falling down and I could have gotten hurt, but I was really interested to see what it was like behind the boarded up windows. I don't think I got very far actually, I got scared, but my fascination with old, abandoned buildings has never waned.


What is your favourite word and why? Magnificent. It's just, magnificent. The photograph for this is Amanda Palmer crowd surfing at her show in NYC, with a magnificent chiffon train behind her.


What is your preferred creative tool? I love cameras. Always have, always will. Although in the last few years, I have also been enjoying paper, pens, canvases and paint too.


Read Leslie's article about Golden Guides illustrator James Gordon Irving in issue #15.